Sunday, July 13, 2014

An Almost Secret Island Park in Portland, Oregon, You Can Visit

An Almost Secret Island Park in Portland, Oregon, You Can Visit Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Elk Rock Island can not be visited year round with out boat access since it is essentially an island outcropping in the Willamette river. In the late spring and summer months or when the river level comes down in the dry season the island is easily accessible by foot. The Island is just a few acres at most mostly covered with deciduous trees including a large chestnut tree, It is also one of the few places in the city limits where poison oak can be found growing. The more rocky parts of the island emerge when the river drop below its high water level and far below the mean high tide line where one sees extensive established vegetation. Trails criss cross and ring the island with views of some of Portland, the shear black basalt cliffs of Bishop's Close across the river rising several hundred feet high and some very large Dunthorpe/ Riverdale river front homes. There are also views of local residences and the lake Oswego railroad bridge. It is a peaceful pleasant place to visit save the high speed water skiing going in the river on a warm summer day. Elk Rock Island appears on the map and is listed by the city of Portland as the Peter Kerr Park and is linked to a park on the shore of the Willamette called Keller Park. Parking is restricted for visitors but is easily found. Just be sure not to park in a tow away zone as some of these are designed as traps for the unsuspecting by the city. Ride your bike there and Chain it to a tree and then hike in as the area does sort of link to the river front bike trails at least in terms of being on fairly flat grade roads and having to navigate around the Waverly Golf Club which is restricted and private.

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