Sunday, July 6, 2014

An Artist to Watch from Italy: G@B Bertozi, Founder of the Inist Movement is Making International Waves in Art and Poetry

An Artist to Watch from Italy: G@B Bertozi, Founder of the Inist Movement is Making International Waves in Art and Poetry Lex Contributor Network INISM, Inismo, Inistas, INI. These words define the art movement begun by Gabriele-Aldo Bertozzi about 26 years ago in Paris, France. Bertozzi is perhaps the greatest living poet in Italy and may only be surpassed in concrete visual poetry by new phenomenon of Lambertism , a art movement that spun out of Inism in Portland , Oregon. Bertozzi is clearly the most popular/ famous of the Inist poets but Paul Lambert in Portland , Oregon is a rising star with his new idiomatic style of prose verse and text. The influence of Bertozzi is now felt on no less than 6 continents world wide with disparate spinoff movements.. Inism is concrete and visual poetry and allied literature. Bertozzi's new novel is available on Amazon in Europe . The future of Inism in the USA will probably be decided by the up and coming works of Paul Lambert whose influence is almost as great as the master's own. Inism is too avant Gard to be mainstreamed yet. it will take a few more years for the general public to catch on to the mysterious nature of this surging art movement phenomenon. Fortunately Bertozzi and Inism can easily be googled on the web to find more than you ever need to know. Inisim has become a world wide art movement with allied artists in countries including , Spain , France, USA, Italy, Argentina, and many other countries. Even so the head offices are in Rome, Peccary, Italy and Paris. There was a big 25th anniversary party for inism at Café' Le Fleur in Paris where the movement was founded and a town in France has taken Inism as part of it's name. Bertozzi has been celebrated with many publications and has had solo shows in the heart of Paris. He has had two separate shows in Portland, Oregon, USA. There is published a large glossy coffee table picture book by Electra on the subject of Bertozzi and his works in full color. The Influence of Inism and Bertozzi continues to grow. The new Bertozzi novel is gaining acceptance and may soon be published in English. Hopefully. Translations take time as does the wider basic discovery. Inism maybe the future but lambertism is much deeper in the future than inism that it may never be experienced. Inism may be in museums but it is not yet a museum piece. The movement is active and alive like a yogurt culture or a fine wine with an active culture. Gabriele-Aldo Bertozzi can be contacted directly or though one of his agents. It may not be easy to get though immediately with the interest he and inism generates. He and his assistants are busy working on the next phases of the movement's development. .

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