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China Should Be Grateful that 19th Century Looters Took the Ancient Yves Saint Laurent Bronze Animal Heads

China Should Be Grateful that 19th Century Looters Took the Ancient Yves Saint Laurent Bronze Animal Heads Lex Loeb Contributor Network . China ought to put up the money and make the purchase of the Yves Saint Laurent Bronze animal heads sold in a recent auction that they lay claim to as 19th century European looted treasures. The destruction of monumental ancient china was a wholesale reality in the dynasty of Mao and the cultural revolution could have easily claimed them. If it were not for the service of western collectors a lot of material of merit would have been lost melted down to make tank parts and bullets. Chinese cultural revolutionaries had limited respect for all of the countries ancient treasures. Not much more than Stalin had blowing up the Moscow cathedral and many other ancient Russian monuments. China ought to thank Yves Saint Laurent for having safely retained these though part of the cultural revolution. It is a bit like the Athenians demanding the return of the Elgin Marbles when at the time the British took them the Greeks, Turks could hardly care less using the Acropolis as a fortress where they stored live ordinance and then after the British actually save the sculptural Elgin reliefs the Greeks later want them all back when it dawns on them how valuable the artifacts are for attracting a constant pilgrimage of paying tourists. I am for the British Museum where these artifacts are in better hands and less corrosive air pollution. So whats the big deal about national cultural treasures being in distant world wide collections? How does geographic ownership necessarily apply when governments in many countries allowed or even encouraged once what is now called looting? If these ancient bronzes belonged to a particular Chinese dynasty it is hard to necessarily put them in the ownership of 21st century communist party run China any more than they necessarily did or did not belong to the 19th century china that probably put them up for sale as minor trinkets to western buyers? It would be ashame to see all the art works dug out of Pompeii excavations left there to be buried under a new eruption so why not allows antiquities to find distant homes around the world? Since when does every historic collection many of them taken out of ruins have to be complete? Should the looted treasure in Venice be restored to Constantinople? Then should not Istanbul first be restored to Constantinople? And then if so maybe it should be restored to the Vatican of Rome which maybe the last place on earth Latin is still spoken? While we are restoring everyone to its absolute historical perfection it is probably time to restore all of the great master works of master artists from galleries everywhere to their original artist's studios. These famous Yves Saint Laurent Bronze animal heads pieces were offered by the late Yves to China for free if they would agree to return Tibet to the Dali Llama. That does not seem very likely . If the Chinese want the bronzes they should pay the high bid price for them and then maybe someone will offer them adequate payment for freeing Tibet from their looting and plunder. How about an inventory of monasteries destroyed by China in Tibet over the years of Chinese control there? To all the international lawyers who created this log jam of legal national claims to art they should their looting of the present owners. Will all of China's success it could just make countless copies of the originals and make them look just as old . They probably already have . With all of China's big foreign exchange revenues they should be able to afford to pay for what they want to get for free. Maybe if Arizona gives back London Bridge to the British, the Chinese will hand over Tibet to the Tibetans? it is all starting to make sense we should all quit civilization and turn the world back into the hands of Adam , Eve and the Serpent. I would like to make a claim on the Imperial Palace in Beijing if it ever goes up for auction because I would like to disassemble it to rebuild it somewhere in the State of Oregon because Oregon used to be part of China back in prehistoric times. If that is not bad enough we should just return all American Citizens to their countries of origin so the American Indians can have the continent the way it used to be. In that case shouldn't these displaced American Cities Own the countries they are returning to? .


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