Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Conservative Talk Radio Will Not Be Shut Down by the Fairness Doctrine

Conservative Talk Radio Will Not Be Shut Down by the Fairness Doctrine There is a Way to Prevent and Undermine a New Attempt at Silencing Conservative Talk Radio in One Word: Subscriptions Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Conservative talk hosts do not despair. If the democrats want to go with a fairness doctrine you might just have to adapt. New Technology is key and it might benefit the cause of free speech. Some times I turn on AM talk radio when I am driving just because I get sick and tired of the slant on all talk radio PBS and the allied BBC broadcasts. I also have not heard a song for the 500 th time I want to hear again on FM radio most of the time. AM radio with the conservative talk hosts has become interesting now just become i am new to it. Air America is fun to listen to because they name names of people talking on other AM stations that they don't like very much which is How I learned about a guy by the name of Mike Lavin. I turned the station dial to Lavin and find him one of the most irreverent opinionated entertaining people I have ever heard on the radio. I think he is funnier than all the late night show hosts on television. This is why I want to protect his right to say what ever the hell he wants to say on AM radio. I like to listen. He calls the New York Times the "New York Slime" and the Washington Post the "Washington Compost." I find that very entertaining but that is my opinion and you can turn the station back to PBS and listen to a bunch of crap about how great a president Jimmy Carter really was over and over again. Mark Lavin does a better job roasting Jimmy Carter than even Garrison Keillor can do on a radio BBQ spit. Conservative radio hosts are now livid on the air about the reinstatement of the fairness doctrine that seems possible soon but when I listen to Air America they keep telling me that they can't wait to have their show canned. It is possible to love listening to AM radio or at least its better than driving under the influence. I could be a call in guy and tell these talk show hosts what I think about things in general I rather doubt that I can dial my cell phone and drive at the same time. Instead I will share how it is possible to undermine the fairness doctrine if it is reinstated. The solution comes down to one word "Subscriptions." If radio TV shows offer free subscriptions they can increase their audience ten fold and get around the fairness doctrine. There is a way to do it that keeps them all on the air. The best way is to offer free satellite radio service including installation in cars by making a deal with the satellite radio company and asking advertisers if they are willing to pay a little bit more for a much more captive audience. The cost of satellite radio service comes down when there are more subscribers. The trade off to listeners is that they will be subjected to conservative public service messages and a little more advertising than they are used to on AM radio. It is a great way to get free satellite service in your car if you don't have it already. The free subscribers could be limited to stations controlled by the republican party then that free subscribers would have access to without paying more for other stations including music . Church music can be included if that helps the republican cause. The point is that people who opt in to get the free subscription and satellite radio in their car or home join a private radio club where they get subjected to what they want to hear. The democrats can't stop it. If AM stations want to keep broadcasting anything they want they need to scramble their broadcasts so it takes free subscription equipment installations so that listeners who want it can get it. Giving people digital satellite radio for free in return for having to listen to extra commercials and republican propaganda with free 24 hour church music sounds fine to me. If it were free I definitely would bring my car into an installation center. I can get used to church music and then also listen to Mike Lavin say shocking stuff on the radio that puts the hard core a political shock jocks to shame. The new free satellite radio service could be called Radio Free America especially with the fairness doctrine in place to limit my right to listen to anything on the radio I want to listen to. Satellite radio can actually use a larger base of listeners and they too get to advertise constantly the other services they provide for an additional charge. The solution to fighting back against the so called fairness doctrine , which I have personal experience with, is subscriptions. My experience was this: I was running for US Senator of Oregon in the Primary and I got to know other candidates running. One of them was wise to the fairness doctrine, She called PBS television, OPB in Oregon , and told them she was going to sue the station under the fairness doctrine that existed then if they did not put her on. She also told the station they had to give each of us candidates equal time . We each got to submit our own 5 or 10 minute video that they played on the air. I should have done a psychedelic music video but I was new to politics back then and did not know what it takes to run for higher office. Remember this if you are running for an elected office after the fairness doctrine comes back. Oh and the great thing is if conservative talk radio is by free subscription only, I can still demand equal time on the open radio networks. . Close

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