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Debunking the Myth of Chem Trails or Exposing the Real Conspiracy?

Debunking the Myth of Chem Trails or Exposing the Real Conspiracy? The Chem Trails Story Has Now Taken on a New Life of It's Own on the Internet! Lex Contributor Network . This article is not about any formal debunking of chem trails. It is about the nature of conspiracy theories to snowball out of control so as to re-create or install it's own reality in the popular mind and imagination. This is not to say that there is not some core of truth to phenomenon as observed nor to say that the whole effort to investigate chem trails is a hoax and a fraud. Much of what is written about chem trails is obviously a hoax and a fraud. In an effort to appear to be open minded we can attempt to try and figure out why , if chem trails are real, that the conspirators would be doing it. Most explanations of why there would be a top level conspiracy that included the government, the FAA, Airlines, The military and other important entities of society seem to be pretty absurd. One of the most popular assertions is that the purpose of chemicals is to poison all of us intentionally. The problem with that hypothesis is that we don't see the results of mass poisoning due to chem trails anywhere on earth. After years and years of chem trails in the sky who is dying from it and what would be the purpose of the fumigation process? Why would the conspirators spend so much money and take so much time to start killing everyone with chem trail poisons when there are much more effective immediate ways to achieve such results? That popular theory is ad infinitum on the Internet almost being preached as some kind of truth and sermon. Unfortunately for the believers life expectancy world wide is still trending up and not down. Cancer deaths are one example of a statistical probability of dying that has gone down in the general population. Since the most chem trails should be in the skies over the USA where the most air traffic is observed shouldn't the US be suffering the most from the chem trail poisoning? The poisoning theory is then easily discredited as patent absurdity. It brings the chem trails conspiracy to the level of primitive hut dwellers looking up at the sky never having seen a jet plane so not knowing what they are they just invent something to explain the phenomenon from their imaginations. We are supposed to be an advanced society and people who can be on the jury of your peers in your courtroom trial are convinced that government and other conspirators are causing chem trails in the wake of commercial planes just to kill us all or maybe just those of us who are no given the antidote to the poisoning? Maybe there is a co-conspiracy that government puts the antidote into our food and water supply so we are immune but others explosion say Canada are the ones intended to be doomed? Life expectancies are up in Canada too! Other theories that can be debunked pretty quickly. Use of chem trails to cause infertility or birth control. Now it is true that we have nut cases in the whitehouse who have used their teaching positions in universities like Harvard and MIT to suggest putting birth control drugs in our water supply and the water supplies of countries all over the world. Crazy it is . In the water supply it might actually be fairly effective for large populations but putting it into the atmosphere up between 30,000 ft and 60,000 in elevation just makes no sense. That is the same thing with the piso theory. First of all a fine aerosol or particulate mater grade of poison or birth control drugs would take a very long time to filter down to the lower occupied atmosphere where the people are. The Chem trails become extremely diffuse over time and don't have sufficient concentration that it would work like crop duster which flies much closer to Th ground over fields where employed. The physics and chemistry involved at high elevations makes virtually no sense nor does it allow any place in particular to be targeted. Canada is probably safe from chem trails efforts to depopulate it! An other theory is that silver and bromide compounds are being sprayed as aerosol into the upper atmosphere from many different types of planes including military planes and commercial planes to somehow change weather patterns or to make for better weather , to make it rain etc. unfortunately chem trails are everywhere and not just over target areas where cloud seeding might make sense. China has been more active than other countries attempting to seed clouds for rain with very limited effects. Yes maybe it is the USDA that wants to put pollution dust up above the could cover just to help deliver more than the average amount of rain the bread basket areas of American that are not irrigated. That hardly makes much sense without any particular country being targeted. There would seem to be enough pollution in the atmosphere already to seed clouds. An evil conspiracy to create the el nino conditions in and over the pacific ocean are just as silly and absurd. Geophysics have found that dust from the Sahara desert blowing over the Atlantic is a required precondition for the formation of hurricanes that strike the gulf area and east coast of the US. How much more dust can small planes put in the atmosphere than the Sahara desert automatically does already? Again the theory is nonsense and should have died long ago. Is someone then trying to create global warming and raise sea levels with chem trails or maybe doing the opposite to save us from global warming? Just as absurd and unlikely. Circulating on the Internet are photo images of chem trail making equipment in use. There are also stories about various governments around the world investigating the phenomenon or trying to make the practice illegal. These pictures and stories seem convincing enough on face value.. Chances are they are just a hoax mind trap for people who really have better things to waste their Tim thinking about. The conspiracy theory that government does create and foster conspiracy theories just to confuse and waste your leisure time so you don't question other things they actually do comes to mind. Nevertheless trying to keep an open mind and assuming there is even some fine grain of truth in the conspiracy theory there are ways to look at the physics and chemistry involved according to what is being reported in truth or mythology and come up with explanations of what an actual conspiracy would be. Against weather transformation and poisoning are pretty easily debunked. That leaves a possible military explanation. Thinking is already out there that the purpose of putting relatively heavy metals and other substances in the upper atmosphere on a regular basis could help protects us all from holes in the ozone or protect us from radiation or cosmic rays from outer space. The thinking is that we need surface protection from solar storms. Unfortunately those theories are easy to debunk just because he amount of material left in the atmosphere at those high altitudes would serve almost no purpose as they would not be able to screen out but a tiny fraction of the incoming radiation storm or cosmic rays.. Maybe the best theory so far might be that chem trails if they exist as a conspiracy theory is the US military and the federal government FAA using commercial aircraft to put particulate heavy metals and other elements in the upper atmosphere that help allow us military jets and other aircraft to pass more undetected because of sort of cloaking effect with the metallic aerosol left in the atmosphere by chem trails. Somehow the cloaking would only be something to help conceal US planes not including commercial planes from radar detection. Military planes could have a coating of a similar chemical on their outer skin so that their precise location would blur on a radar or other detection screening devices of enemy forces. That would be on explanation for chem trails that might not be as easy to debunk as the others . It is is still problematic because of the diffusion of gases to low concentrations. If one wanted to test the theory once could easily do so and see if a low concentration of heavy metal dust or bromide compounds would have an effect of making a larger metal object harder to see or locate and less detectable to radar. The US military does do something using sound to help cloak submarines in the ocean. Subs are designed to be extremely quiet to avoid attention . As there still are noises a way to conceal a sub from the enemy is to reflect sound else where and bounce it around surfaces underwater so s to appear that the submarine is scattered around in different places at one time. Sonar cloaking devices also probably exist but it would be unlikely that they need to pollute the ocean with chemicals to accomplish this. It is possible that fast dissolving salt aerosol would work to create an in instant artificlal higher density sonar confusion for remote detectors. Miltary jet aifcraft cloaking assistence chemicals is also absurd but maybe a better explanation than to poison the population. I actually could design a system that would work but would expect a leader plane flying ahead of other planes to put the arisol spray in the atmpshere for the to others to fly though in enough concentration as to do the coaking or at least fog the images of radar detectors. The only other viable explantion for chemtrail conpiracy would be as a chemical with long life span in the upper atmphere where planes fly put there percisely because at those altitudes there is lower atmosphric pressure and a much more diffuse unbreathable atmosphere. If there really was the applciation of chemtrail going on the only reason besides military aircraft cloaking would be to assist air travel by making it more efficient. Because of the low concentration of atmospheric gas at higher elevaitons planes that fly at those altitudes lose air lift and gain less air resistance at the same time. Less air resistence allows planes to fly faster as more stream lined but the side effect is less lift. If the purpose of a chemtrails conspiracy existed it might just be to make commerical and military air flight at high altitudes more efficent. by introducing fine particulate mater in diffuse concentrations there is some phsycis involved where when moving at 400 miles per hour to super sonic speeds that there could acually be some added airfoil lift assitence especially if planes skim over a layer of atmosphere where a sort of inversion line forms where the dust is. If the dust is fine enough it will do no harm to engines or the jets. Very small particles and cases can and do have enormous effects on much larger objects. It is also possible that in sunlight certain chemicals would become more activated than clear air and would add to the under wing lift assitence for high flying planes with adding as much to drag as found in the lower more concentrated parts of the atmopshere. That is also a viable theory but only if it were to turn out that a chemtrails conspiracy is in fact real. The whole argument is along the lines of cause and effect and form following function. These are still completely absurd theories until chemtrails are proven to be factual and in existence. Cloaking arisol and lift assistance dust are theories that can be tested if not in use and probably effectivly put in use in some form but on a targeted basis where the planes are like to be from the wake of one ahead of others flying along the same recent tracks accorss the skies. .

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