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Don't protest too much the government always knows what is best for us and better for them. Why Washington , DC Does Not Seem to Understand What Makes for the Real Wealth of Nations? Do you know what the US Dollar would be worth if there were no rich people or corporations to tax?

Why Washington , DC Does Not Seem to Understand What Makes for the Real Wealth of Nations? American Eyes Wonder Over to China and Dubai Where Economic Growth Cannot Be Ignored , Feel Envy , but Can't Seem to Process Why American Growth is so Slow Lex Loeb Contributor Network . There is no reason that a giant already successful and wealthy economy cannot grow as fast or faster than the most successful developing counties on the face of the earth. This is in spite of having higher wages and generally higher prices. There is no scientific proof that a fully developed economy has to enter some senior citizen status and fall into economic decline or grow at anemic non double digit annual rates. The reason for slower growth rates has everything to do with the friction of taxation which is the government taking a cut of production and existing wealth and not with business being unable to compete in the international market place. To many observers it seems apparent that bigger more fully grown economies do act deliberately slower than faster developing countires that is usually because of taxation and regulation or because of industiries that have run their course and maybe entering the obselence phase of their life cycles. Vitality is a characteristic of the young. It is true the developing countries with younger active populations tend to have higher growth rates than more senile population centers. That does not necessarily count all the international links in modern economies. A country that uses overseas resources including labor can reap high benefits and growth rates from overseas. To discount this reality is to loose track of real attributes of an economy. Countries with very fast activie economies and the tendency to collect substantial quantities of foreign currency cash flow streams are doing nothing that the USA can't challenge and beat them at as a game. It starts to become absurd to count some production by us based multi national corporations as foreign growth and not as part of the national growth rate just because of the distinguishing factor of a national boundry running in between. If Exxon Mobil corporation produces more than 70% of its products overseas starting from drilling and ending in processing and distribution then to start defing the 70% as not part of the US economy just becomes absurdly arbitrary. The statiistical restraints of definition can limit how much international growth is attributed to a country that has opperations overseas. There are periods of US growth analysis that lead one to believe that the actual growth rate is lower than it seems since off shore factories do actually benefit the national bottom line. .


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