Monday, July 14, 2014

having An Expensive Divorce? Hire The Attorney Who Always Wins.

You Are Getting a Divorce and Your Wife Hires a $2000 an Hour Attorney to Represent Her. How Do You Protect Your Assets? Lawyers Are Getting Damned Expensive. How Come the Obama Democrats Want to Give Us Government Health Care and Not Major Government Legal Aid? Lex Loeb Contributor Network . One couple getting a divorce ended up in two separate poor houses just because the wife hired an attorney charging $2000 an hour. The husband had to settle for an attorney friend of his who gave him a break and only charged $350 an hour. It could have been worse and the two of them would have been in debt for 400 years and not just 30 had she gone for the very best in town whose going rate is $5750 per hour. She got the house and the business and they both got the bill for $160,000 for her lawyers 80 hours of service and his bill for $12,600 for 36 hours of legal services. those legal bill totally wiped out the equity in their home which they her lawyer took in a quit claim deed as payment after the $24,000 retainer ran out. One of the older children sought legal advice and added an extra $40,000 in legal fees that wiped out her college savings fund. The wife is adamant that it was a very satisfying divorce even though she now has to work a second job as the late night Burger King drive in order taker because she can speak Spanish allowing her to communicate with the chef. The more legal advice costs the better it is likely to be. Our laws are incredibly complicated because lawyers write most of the fine print so that eventually they will find employment helping the rest of us figure out the law really is verses what we thought it might be. The worst lawyer you can ever think of hiring is a free Internet lawyer. If you are in trouble with the law or have to answer a complaint against you or address a claim you need a good lawyer and that means finding one who charges enough to be taken seriously. Ever wonder why Michael Jackson went broke after paying his defense dream team? They were not just ordinary lawyers charging $1200-$7000 an hour! They gave him the major law firm treatment which is to hire virtually everyone in a large law firm which can run between $40,000 an hour and $750,000 per hour depending on the size of the firm. Those rates are usually only extended to billionaires and major corporations. Isn't it funny how so many people are worried about what is fair and unfair for doctors and corporate CEOs to earn but no one in the major media ever complains about what the lawyers are charging. There is everlasting out cry against share owner sanctioned bonuses paid to public corporation managers. What people don't realize is that usually these same managers are force to hire $3000 an hour lawyers to write the legal proxies that shareholder vote on to give them their bonuses. If you are a CEO in a major corporation and you see your what your company's lawyers charge you want an even bigger potential bonus. Why isn't the major media dancing around telling us that we need a law that limits what lawyers, who happen to be officers of our public courts, can charge? The Constitution guarantees us all equal access to the courts but we can't all afford the going rates. Want your civil rights protected? Well you had better be willing to pay a lot to prove you actually have those rights in a court room as need be. Only a quality attorney charging the going rate can actually do that for you. One would think that there would be lots of talk in the liberal media about containing legal costs the way there is about containing health costs but there is none! One might also think that the obscene fees charged by lawyers would cause at least a few big mouth liberals to complain the way they do about corporate management payola. They don't. The mass media has elevated the legal profession to a higher level of public respect than that they even give to religious figures. Why? Maybe it's because they don't want to be sued? I personally think that lawyers should be able to charge anything they want to charge. When you hire an attorney look for one who puts their hourly rate on their stationary: Perry Mason $4,250 per Hour Attorney At Law Suite 666 13th Floor Armageddon Building Acme, Oregon 97201 .

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