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Is a Global Warming Inquisition Moving from the University into Everyday Life? These goons want to count the miles you drive and charge you for every one at exhoribitant rates because you have too much freedom.

Is a Global Warming Inquisition Moving from the University into Everyday Life? Signs Show an Inquisition Began in Geophysics Programs, Spread by Poets into National Politics Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Having friends who are environmental indoctrinates, I already know how they see me: as a person who is basically evil because I don't agree with their new-age morality. They certainly won't call it new-age morality . They say it is green. The grass is sometimes green, and sometimes brown and sometimes yellow. It turns withe and the black when it gets reabsorbed by the underlying soil. I am not someone who necessarily sees the green where they do. Others who believe in green have told me, point blank, that I am evil and immoral for not believing what they do. I am wrong and they are green . They are not religious . It is not a religion. They are scientific. Their science is by consensus and not by any personal observation or experimentation just by reading articles on the subject or seeing the movie. That is the root of what looks like a new Inquisition coming. There is no Inquisition that will not be dangerous. It is not like the Consensus of many important people in Europe at the time of the inquisitions that were still going on during the "renaissance" that burning heretics alive was saving no one. Those people felt relieved and refreshed watching their fellow citizens burned to death alive and someone got to keep their property of the damned. People have not changed very much since then. Who does not love watching someone burning to death alive as an important part of having one's religion? Inquisitions hide their real motives. How many grand inquisitors actually went to heaven? Most people have no clue that the inquisitions of old Europe killed more Christians than any religious minority. The inquisition started in a similar manner as the global warming hysteria. Someone someplace created a book of rules to prevent the perceived dangers of not having an inquisition. An inquisition was required to stop heresy even before it ever had any evidence of tangible harm. The inquisition addressed the fears of the population and the greed of those who wanted to gain a great deal of property at little or no cost. The new environmentalist elite are not exactly people who are giving away their own property or their rights and privileges. They are seeking to take those possessions from others. No one is expecting Al Gore to become a poor scholar who becomes a hermit and goes out into the wild lands to live with wild animals . Al is too important for that saving the planet for your benefit so he goes and flies around the planet preaching that you give up your refrigerator and automobile. That is just the beginning of the coming insanity. Are you ready for an Inquisition? I wonder what the environmental kooks will be using to burn abject evil heretics like me with when they have the power? If they use petroleum or coal that might exacerbate global warming? If they use trees and logs they might be destroying sacred trees? Maybe they will try to bury us all alive? The history of humans leaves little reason to be trusting that the environmental kooks will not warp to the extreme once they have the power to abuse as they feel fit to do so. Already there are plenty of signs that they want to punish people they believe use too many of the earth's 'resources'. No one with existing water rights, property rights, mineral rights will be safe from them, Fishing rights will also be reassessed in the coming Inquisition power grab. The right to just be out of a densely populated city in the country will be under attack. People who own invasive species pets will probably suffer. And what if carbon dioxide continues to go up and up and up with the development of India and china even after major cut backs in the USA and Europe happen? The environmental kooks will rig the data to say they did something to prevent worse from happening. When there is no global warming and nothing dire happening in the next four years or thereafter the kooks will take all the credit for the success they had nothing to do with. Beware of people who cannot tell the difference between a theory and reality. These are the people for whom inquisitions are necessary. .


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