Monday, July 14, 2014

Mystery "Do Not Litter" Telemarketer Phone Call

Mystery "Do Not Litter" Telemarketer Phone Call 1-517-931-2416 Automated Caller Says, "Please Do Not Litter Portland Streets." Call Comes from Lansing Michigan! Lex Loeb, Yahoo Contributor Network . The garbage man came the day before and as usual drops trash on the street all over. Its the neighbor's garbage not just mine. Today I receive the mystery call, pick up the phone and get the please do not throw litter in the street message. Huh? How do they know there is litter in the street? Not my fault and I put the garbage in the can and its the garbage man who drops it all around on the street every time he comes. Quite the coincidence to get the call? NO. I am not guilty. The Garbage man is guilty of the litter here and he gets paid well for his services. Who else is getting this public service announcement call? Everyone in the Portland area or is this a nationwide phenomenon? The do not litter call from 1-517-931-2416 may be coming to you soon! I am not sure if the automated message would have been recorded by the answering machine if I had not picked up. The caller ID on the phone said: "Do Not Litter 1-517-931-2416" yes "Do Not Litter" is on the caller ID. So it is quite the mystery automated telemarketing calling service.... I called the number back to check and this is what the answering machine on the other end said, "Mail box number 835710 please leave a message at the sound of the beep." beep beep.

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