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New Space Weapons Make Nuclear Weapons Obsolete. Better Simple Ways To Deliver Mass Destruction.

Nuclear Weapons May Already Be Obsolete-- New Space Based Weapons of Mass Destruction Are Simpler and Just as Lethal Nuclear Weapons Are Expensive Complicated Weapons that Have a Short Shelf Life Span Where They Need to Be Disassembled and Replaced If Not Used. Already the Technology Exists that Makes These Weapons Obsolete Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Get high enough in the sky and drop a massive object or accelerate it in advance of having it hit the earth's atmosphere and you have the awesome power of a guided asteroid that can pack the punch of a nuclear weapon without much of any radiation contamination. If you wanted to blow off the top of a mountain on earth to make it ready for mining purposes you could also use one of these tools to get an instant crater. These space based tools could also be used for creating lakes or digging canals almost instantaneously. There is a possibility they could also be used to prevent earthquakes by helping to release ground energy in advance by aiming along faults. Nuclear weapons as the weapons of mass destruction that give governments deterrence against war can quickly be replaced with a space based kinetic gravity space based system possibly saving money on the maintenance and disposal of weapons, the maintenance of nuclear fabrication plants, mining operations and environment degradation perceived to go along with the nuclear weapons industry. The new system does however have high maintenance expenses too which include lifting heavy massive objects into space and getting them and their launch platforms into stable reliable orbits or somehow harvesting metals in space and fabricating the weapons there. Very expensive at the moment but maybe not as expensive as making and maintaining nuclear arsenals and ballistic missile delivery systems. With enough heavy mass sufficiently far away from the earth's surface and the right design it is possible to make the ultimate bunker buster ground penetrating projectile imaginable. Say you wanted to target a dam like the Aswan Dam in Egypt or The Three Gorges Dam in China to decommission either one in the advent of war. A nuclear bomb might not do very much good at causing any damage to these giant concrete/ steel structures because they are designed to take such forces. The best a military planner could hope for might be to send the water damed up behind the dam over the top with a nuclear explosion. Dropping a weapon with the force of an asteroid concentrated at a hard pencil point tip could not only take out a big chuck of a concrete dam structure but it could undermine the rock on either side of such large dams. Calculations by those doing the research shows that a fairly large object in the right shape to concentrate the kinetic energy at a point of impact and not discharge much of that energy as it comes down though the earth's atmosphere in a fire ball with heat treatment surfacing, could ruin cities just as much as a nuclear bomb can without all the radiation contamination. That way after dust clears, days or weeks later, an invading army can march right into ground zero without nearly as much hazard to the troops as a nuclear blast. This weapon can be sized up or down by the size of the target to spare off limits monuments in cities with pin point accuracy that no bomb blast would be able to match. The whole thing is based on the physics of gravity and collisions due to acceleration. Gravity provides enough acceleration if you have enough mass far enough off the ground to maximize kinetic energy release at a point of collision at the surface. The guidance systems that bring a falling or a gliding ballistic missile down to it's target is all that is required to pin point the selected targets. These weapons could easily be lifted into space in various rocket payloads including in the space shuttle bays. Chances are some have already been lifted up maybe even by foreign carriers that did not know they were transporting potential lethal weapons. One way to build a platform to rev up the initial acceleration of the heavy rod like weapons would be to build massive solar energy farms that would feed into some large fly wheel battery's that could be used to create an electro magnetic field that could almost instantly accelerate a massive object before gravity took over. A magnetic launch means that no fuel has to be lost in the trip so that momentum can be maximized. This weapon not only has the power of a smart asteroid but it has amazing precision and a real simplicity that makes the nuclear weapons trade seem silly and obsolete. There certainly would be dangers including human error, launch/ lifting accidents, failing orbits. There is also an advantage of being able to scale down so that targets can be mapped and all disposed of at once or in waves. Smaller weapon can be independently launched or dropped just to hit individual factories, communication systems, power plants avoiding nuclear plants and just disabling the transmission lines using the best of high resolution spy satellites and military grade GPS for targeting. Unlike a nuclear bomb attack, here thousands of vary small targets and some large ones could be hit simultaneously with as much accuracy as pin pointing places on satellite maps. So finally the space program really has paid off for the military. A single kinetic gravity assist weapon could be put in space to target Russian targets if that is where the US still is doing the targeting or just have a smaller one aimed at certain areas of the Kremlin. Hypothetically No reason to blow up all of Moscow anymore if the US had to return the favor after a Russian nuclear strike on Los Angeles. The Russians ruin Los Angeles. We can send them to live there and take Moscow as an uncontaminated city ready to occupy. That is a military advantage that nukes don't have. It might be possible to aim an objects no bigger than a jack hammer from space with some acceleration assistance and take down a fairly major target without having to fly though hostile air space, risk a submarine becoming visible after firing a missile or being in any position to take fire back. It is also possible to program the systems in space so the weapons could be automatically set to target weapons that might target them by retracing the origin of the offending weapons. Or if the potential attackers are known pre-program the weapons to hit pre-chosen targets in case the space platform is attacked. Systems like this are probably already being tested. It would be a great way to eliminate underground Iranian nuclear testing facilities without having to fly any planes or send missiles over Iranian air space or over neighboring country's air space. The enemy would not really know what hit them because the delivery system is the projectile coming down out of the sky. Made of hardened heavy metal these things would not be easily deflected with missile shields at least not initially. Unlike a vulnerable missile that is hollow metal with fuel inside of it these are solid heavy metal objects with a lot more momentum and possibly a redirecting guidance system operating flaps or louvers to correct for deflection. Another more advanced system might have a number of objects accelerated to even faster speeds by sending them around the sun or moon using gravity assistance and then keeping them in orbit at those high speeds until ready to send down to hit a terrestrial target or a lunar target for that mater (perhaps for a mining operation) The faster an object is moving before it's collision with a part of the earth landscape the more lethal it can become. It is possible to accelerate a heavy piece of metal send it down to earth where it completely annihilates itself , digs a huge crater proving it self as lethal as a nuclear weapon without the radiation contamination and better reliable pin pointing of targets. One day in the near future the spaces weapons race is probably inevitably on the verge of happening. It might take a war of some kind for the technology to be tested. There are no shortages of wars. It was just 2009 that a similar bit of technology was launched at one of the poles on the moon for a scientific experiment. This was a less massive object not intended to maximize destruction but just to kick up a plume of dust and debris for remote analysis. That may have been one of the first real tests of the real technology that will quickly come to make nuclear weapons obsolete. There are other uses too. An example would be to send down bowling ball size "pellets" from space into large industrial smelting chambers to allow kinetic energy fire to smelt masses of raw aluminum and other un processed metal without having to hook up giant electric grids. Finally NASA would have a space industry that could pay for payloads of bowling ball size pellets that could generate more heat at lower cost than burring coal or diesel to get the same results. If metals could be found in space either from space junk debris or mining on some asteroid or the moon then kinetic energy from space could beat using microwave beams to send solar energy back to earth. The technology has more peaceful uses than it does for warfare. Those who really don't like nuclear weapons should probably prefer this system a little more. It will never please anyone who believes that all weapons are bad. . Close


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