Monday, July 7, 2014

Obama Care Will Eventually Fail Utterly And Compltely :When The Cure Is Worse Than the Disease

The Cure May Be Worse Than the Disease Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Frankly, I am a little skeptical about the proposals for a national heath care system, a "single payer system, or any system based on "Each according to his need." creed. Over many years I have had a lot of fun experiences dealing with the government. There is no other experience quite like dealing with the Government. Dealing with exiting health care companies, hospitals, insurance companies and doctors is definitely an ordeal but compared to what I have experienced in court houses which are universally run by the government and in department of motor vehicle offices and many other public access agencies, the whole idea of a national health care system scares booth the life and death out of me. I really have trouble understanding how running the nation's health care system as one universal monolithic program is going to be a better model system than the decentralized one we already have. Since the founding of Amtrak for nationalized passenger rail service, do you suppose that the agency running it runs it at profit? Do you suppose that Amtrak is efficient and reliable? Would you have thought that they would have expanded passenger rail services over all their years in existence? No. Amtrak has bled red ink since its founding and passenger rail service is more and more limited and certainly there is nothing subsidized to the consumer in the cost of most services provided. The United States Post office, They are semi autonomous from the government and do appear to have gotten their act together at the moment but most of the history of the US post office since the 1930s has been that of an UN caring out of control expensive to tax payers, monopoly. The Post office has improved since it did start acting more like a private company but if it ever happened that UPS or FedEx could legally deliver mail, I rather sense that it might be bankrupt in couple of years. The Pentagon already runs a nationwide health care plan for veterans. Care at veterans facilities is often top notch, but most Vets would happily transfer their health plan to a private provider if they could and The Pentagon has just as few cost controls with Veterans medical benefits as it does when it pays $5000 for a plastic toilet seat. It could be worse, National Health Care could be modeled after the IRS tax code. It just seems to me that the American Success story is about people not given the chance but having the right to take their own chances and make their own decisions , and especially economic decisions with out Government deciding for them. Having the the right to make mistakes can lead to both sad and happy accidents but do really want layers and layers of government officials making the same mistakes for everyone? Some people suppose that the French National Medical Health Care System is better than the American experience and it maybe at the moment but Americans are not used to paying tax rates as high as French nationals do. We are even told the Cuban Communist health care system is better. Do Cubans who are unhappy with the communist plan usually go out and criticize the government when they get bad service? There are many reasons to be very skeptical about the proposed health care fixes. Almost everyone in the US Congress is an attorney at law or at least acting as a legislator. Why is it that you feel the government should provide you with free health care when the US Constitution does not mention any such right but it does give you a rights in a court house. You go to court and you always get charged a bill for having to defend your rights. You access to court very often demands paying for the services of an attorney or having one appointed to represent you in a criminal case by the court or in other circumstances having to hire one on contingency. We never hear about any plans for nationalization of legal services do we? Good competent lawyers representing us are supposed to cost a lot in courthouse given to you by constitutional law but your health care not covered by any existing law is supposed to be free. What Washington, DC never tells you about health care is why costs seem out of control. Both major parties neglect to tell you that all medical products and services in private sector are taxed and that these taxes compound though the distribution system. Corporate income taxes paid by HMOs are passed on to consumers as are income taxes paid on all products and services not provided by government. There are some non-profit hospitals of course but most of their professional employees pay income taxes. A better solution to containing health care costs if that is what nationalizing the system is really all about, is significantly reduce the tax burdens on the industry so the consumer does not end up covering for those costs when passed on. The United States is sitting on a lean mean medical machine if it just cuts taxes to the industry. Many States have Sales taxes most of these states exempt food, medical expenses and other necessities from the sales tax. So why is that when you need health care you cannot be quoted a tax free price, as set by the government for a particular product or service your health requires? There really is a very simple solution to what otherwise seem a daunting problem requiring a major expansion of government.. A government health care committee that decides what the medical goods and service rates should be so as a maximum cost to consumers that would be free of taxes can do more to hold overall costs down and not end up passing high and higher costs to some new Medicare like program paid for by what will have to be a new sort of medical income tax like the existing social security withholding. Legislators and bureaucrats love the idea of taking power by having all your medical premiums taken out of your income the way your social security payments presently are but you have to think about what is really happening to the social security money and that system which in reality virtually has no assets on deposit anywhere in your government administrations. Social Security may already be broke and going bankrupt with the coming surge in baby boomer's retiring en mass. Set maximum prices for tax free medical goods and services will do more good than all the single payer nonsense ever can because it is a proven fact that the capitalist incentive based economy work magically compared to the countless failed well meaning social experiments that have universally failed. There is no incentive in the market for low cost health care and there are plenty of other taxes like the malpractice defense system for doctors having to pay huge annual fees to insurance companies they necessarily have to pass on to their patients. The mystery is why attorneys like Edwards who ran for president is so keen on socialized medicine for the US when he made most of his money suing doctors for malpractice. Will these attorneys be able to sue doctors if they are all government employees? .

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