Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Test Your Knowledge in the Communist Manifesto Quiz

Test Your Knowledge in the Communist Manifesto Quiz ...Or Find Out If You Are Already a Communist and Don't Know it Yet Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Karl Marx published the original Manifesto Of The Communist Party in 1848. The influence of Marxism is everywhere in every day modern life and not everyone is aware of it's presence. Few Americans have even seen a copy of the communist manifesto let alone read it. If you believe you are a progressive liberal you are even more influenced by Karl Marx than most other Americans are. The whole idea of progression in the Marxist sense is a sort of dialectic determinism where positive and negative forces is schism would generate what Karl Marx thought would be an unstoppable progression of society toward social utopia. Some of us are convinced that Karl Marx was more of a science fiction writer than a social scientist especially given the terrible turmoil and downfall of every communist experiment that has been attempted. The inevitable quest to achieve a worker's paradise tends to end up where labor unions themselves find themselves at odds with the communist party as is what happened in Soviet Poland. Here is the quiz. Pick you multiple choice answers as you go down the page and at the end of the article you will find the correct answers. 1. Which of the following is both a major plank of the Communist Manifesto and a key plank in the political agendas of most main stream environmental protection groups? A.. Creating Utopian agrarian suburbs where the people can live up close and personal with nature on a daily basis. B. A system of national parks virtually everywhere. C. Abolition of private property by confiscation and the application of all rents of land to public use. 2. Which of these types of taxes does the Communist Manifesto call for? A. A value added tax. B. A Progressive or graduated Income tax with the highest rates on the biggest income earners. C An Excise tax. 3. Whose property does the Communist Manifesto say the state should confiscate? A Rebells that include those who are against the communist party. B. All emigrants. C. All of the Above. 4. Which of the following is something that the communist manifesto seeks to abolish: A. The right to bear arms. B. The right of inheritance. C. The right to free speech. 5 How does the communist party seek to improve the banking system? A. Make banks give away money to all of those in need. B. Tax banks on transactions and make them hold capital in reserve for emergency situations. C. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state by means of having a monopoly state owned bank 6. Which of the following does the Communist Manifesto Propose? A. Centralization of all communications and means of transportation in the hands of the state. B. Cultivation of wastelands and the improvement of the soils. C. Ownership of all industrial facilities as an extension of the state. D. Having a common economic plan. E. All of the above. 7. What kind of conscription does the Communist Manifesto call for? A. An Industrial army of all laborers being liable for government service especially in agriculture. B. A national guard to defend the state. C. The peace corp. 8. What kind of land use planning does the Communist Manifesto call for? A. Planned cities built around a central park. B. High density cities to protect the environment from human intrusion. C. sprawling suburban existence that eventually abolishes all distinctions between towns and cities to mix agriculture with manufacturing. 9. What does the communist manifesto call for that has to do with children? A. Free public education for all children in public schools. B. A structured indoctrination of children in communist ideology as an important part of public education. C. Free Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners at Public Schools because single mothers on welfare can't afford to take care of their own children. 10. Why Are Small And Large Business Owners Bad In The same way Marx defines the 'Bourgeois"? A. Because they have too much wealth they do not share. B. Because they are employers of wage-laborers who have to work to earn their living. C. Because they are oppressors of wage laborers. D. Because they exploit wage -laborers. E. All of the above. 11. Which Modern American Political Party Platform Most Closely Seems To Be Based On The Communist Manifesto? A. The Republican Party. B. The Blue Dog Democrat Party C. The Ultra liberal green wing of the Democratic Party. D. The Libertarian Party. E. The Tea Party. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ The correct answers are: 1-C , 2-B, 3-C , 4-B, 5-C , 6-E , 7-A , 8-C , 9-A , 10-E, 11-C If you agree with all of these answers in principle you are probably a communist even if you did not know it until now. If you got the right answers then you know what the communist manifesto is all about. . . Close

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