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THE POLITICS OF ADVERSE PROCEDURE: Secrets the Democrats Will Not Tell You About Their National Health Care Reform Plans Until After Legislation is Passed and Signed into Law

Secrets the Democrats Will Not Tell You About Their National Health Care Reform Plans Until After Legislation is Passed and Signed into Law The Devil is in the Details and Legislation is Designed to Evolve into Something Entirely Different Than it Appears to Be when Created Lex Loeb Contributor Network . The Democrats in Congress and President Obama are in a frenzied state trying to get a new health care plan passed within the President's first year in office. None of them really seems to care what gets passed just so long as they can get their foot in the door with nationalizing health care. The nationalization plan is being sold to the public as "health care reform" and a solution to a problem health care system but never is it sold as the gigantic power and money grab which it is really all about. People really actually believe that when someone offers them something for nothing that the people offering it to them are warm hearted individuals who want nothing at all in return. Most of the same people offered something big for nothing by someone on their street in their city will wonder if who ever offering such a great deal is a con artist. The reason con artists are called confidence men is because they do offer to take care of you and put your interests ahead of their own. It never turns out that way in reality at least after you become a mark once having taken the con artist's bait. Congress and the president are busy constructing a national health care plan reform bill or a series of bills to lull you into thinking that it will cost you less. The congressional budget office quickly blew that lie out of the water by warning that the plan initially sold as costing around 600 billion dollars would likely zoom to be over a trillion. The real cost is far more than just one trillion dollars it's a trillion dollars the first year and much more than that in subsequent years. The national health care plan is a bigger social welfare program than the entire pentagon's budget. In a year when the pentagon costs the country less than 5 percent of GNP, national health care reform will cost at least ten percent and maybe twenty or more by the time it is formulated and evolves. How do we know this? Health care is expensive. Health care is a major industry in the United States and many companies in the US lead the industry worldwide. These companies have the competitive advantage worldwide. If the government controls 30 plus percent of their out put because they control the national health care system then not only will the national health care plan reform cost money it will cost tax paying jobs and income that can be taxed. It is very hard to believe costs will go down unless the government starts to ration health care services. Every One Becomes A Welfare Recipient: People who live in the people's republic of Portland, Oregon have had a chance to see how the state's great medicare waiver plan has worked there. The State went to the federal government and asked that they get a special medicare waiver which it did. The results are rationing of health care and a board that decides who lives and who dies. Not only that the state has made assisted suicide, one of their social goals, a cornerstone of medical treatment in the state. Assisted suicide saves hospitals money and makes expensive terminal disease cases a lot less expensive. The state has worked fast to integrate assisted suicide into the medicare waiver plan as fast as they could once the assisted suicide referendum passed in a state wide election. Early in the life of the medicare waiver there were newspaper reports of young patients being denied funds for life saving medical care and yes these patients were left to die just because of the way the medicare waiver was set up to ration care. One young woman was lucky to get some private individual or individuals to donate money so she could have the life saving operation she needed. The great doctors on board the state health care plan were not going to relax the rules in her case no matter what. Our governor himself was a medical doctor who worked to get the waiver. The Hippocratic oath is now unrecognizable in the State of Oregon. It is no longer "do no harm" but hard to figure out because it is sometimes do no harm and other times to promote assisted suicide or just to deny medical services based on cost and statistical effectiveness. Time Is Money: The Oregon Health Plan is a time related disaster. People will have an appointment to see a doctor at the main hospital in Portland and they will wait two hours or more to see the doctor, or rather a doctor since beggars can't really be choosers and then when they finally get into see the doctor they will get a ten minute appointment or less. In some cases the doctors won't even have time to look at their medical history or charts. In the mental health field the doctors won't even take a patient's history . There is no time for that. The doctor will probably instantly prescribe something and then send the patient out of the hospital as fast as possible. The hospital is the largest employer and money maker in the city. The faster in and out the more money they make. And you thought your private doctor was bad! What about getting tests or a second opinion? No way not with out some kind of hearing before some committee. You can not complain about a government doctor giving you bad service any more than you can about a department of motor vehicles case worker. The same hospital has plenty of time and tests for private patients. The City of Portland is a wonderland at night . One can go downtown and see people sleeping in wheel chairs in doorways. You guessed it-Oregon health care plan victims. The First Thing They Do After The New Law Is Passed Is Build An Expensive New Office Building With Showy Expensive Furniture: Living in the people's republic of Portland Oregon one learns all about this. The public library starts closing the library 3 days a week because they want to put a ballot in the election giving them more money to spend. Immediately after the bond measure passes the first thing they do is build a fancy new office annex on top of the old library building. Every time a bond measure passes you name it, fancy new office with fancy new furniture springs up somewhere in town. It is not only in Portland that this happens. It happened in New Orleans before hurricane Katrina hit. The Army Corp of engineers that badly neglected the levees down in New Orleans for more than 20 years in spite of many warning of a likely catastrophic category 5 hurricane hitting and in spite of knowing the old levees had subsided built a big new splashy office complex for their regional offices. The levees and most of the old city went to hell but the glory of the office building survived the storm intact. The secret of the democrats plan is that people never before seen in hospitals will start appearing there . They are the new administration of national health care, maybe even more than one agency. You might remember the Hillary Clinton health care proposal under President Bill. It was outrageously complicated and a flow chart was shown to the congress and the American people. No one wanted any part of that nonsense once they saw it. Hillary was going to turn the medical system upside down and then host a circus there for half a century or more. The health care plan the democrats failed and the country lucked out thanks to Hillary's honesty in presenting the administrative mess she was planning. In Oregon we already get to see the mess that is coming. Yes as soon as the medicare waiver went into effect the fancy new offices started to appear some of them in Salem, the state capitol. When the national health care plan passes existing hospitals won't be big enough to house all the new bureaucrats who will permanently descend on all the existing hospitals as permanent additions. How can a health care system cost less with all these new middlemen ? It probably won't since most existing hospitals will have to have special new budgets to build the office complexes required. Anyone who missed the federal courthouse building spree in the past 30 years knows exactly how government budgets excessive funding for new offices. The old federal court houses were impossibly small to house all the new personal required as the federal courts expanded. The same thing has to happen with the medical plan but it will be worse, far worse. The reason it will be worse is every government employee wants to have at least one employee or more working under their leadership because it means perks and a bigger more special office. In the capitol of Oregon we are fond of saying we have no government workers we have government employees! It is true. Any time the state needs to do any real work, like having someone fill in a pot hole in a road or doing some accounting, the state needs to hire an independent contractor. Part of the reason independent contractors are required is that the state employees cost far too much by the hour. An independent contractor can hire ten dollars an hour worker, The state only has $80 an hour employees and so many of them that it is always complaining it has a budget deficit. The state of Oregon is going to be as much in the red as the State of California sooner or later. It is only a mater of time before the bottom falls out. The same thing is going to happen under a federal take over of the health care system. The Obama administration is acting to make it gradual once they get their foot in the door with any plan to start. After that it will build up and build up at exponential rate. What All Those Extra High Paid People Will Do In The Health Care Setting: Once again we have some idea here in Oregon where we have gotten a foretaste of what the democrats are planning! An elderly man checks into a health plan hospital because he has the symptoms of cancer. The first thing that happens before he sees a doctor is a social worker appears . The social worker has a check list of questions. "Is anyone abusing you at home?" "Are you willing to consent to assisted suicide if your case is terminal and you have too much pain?" "Would you like to see a state attorney to donate some of all of your personal property to the state of Oregon or this hospital if you are to become deceased ?: Or if it is a mother about to give birth she gets hit by questions like, "were you raped? "Do you want to keep the baby or donate it to state adoptions services where we make extra money for the hospital? " Would you be willing to donate the body of your child if still born to medical science?" "Who is the father and what is his tax id number?" Its no joke they already do it. Some hospitals are selling patients on the idea of assisted suicide before they schedule a testing regimen to make a diagnosis! State medical services is about social engineering not about putting your health first but about putting society's health first. The fist thing that happens in a nationalized health care plan is thousand of new social workers , psychologists and empty suits get hired and they are deemed to be indispensable. In Portland, Oregon this sort of thing gets so bad that public arts funding run on the same principle of every campaign worker for the politicians who get elected some cushy job somewhere. Budgets bloat and the fancier offices get fancier and fancier. Portland publicly funded art has become a bureaucratic playground and if that is a work of art that is worth appreciation then I guess it is. Do you think we need empty suits running around everywhere in hospitals where very few can be found today? If you are in favor of the Obama democratic party plan you really don't understand what it is you are going to get. Expect to be treated as if you are a welfare case. Everyone , almost everyone will be treated the same. Social engineering will grow into an art where government officials in hospitals will be monitoring what you eat for your own good. They won't be doctors or even nurses. You will start to see Fung Shua practitioners in your hospital stay either helping to re-arrange your inner organs during surgery or doing mind Fung shua on the patients. Everyone in the hospital will treat you with concern not for you as a patient but you as a member of society. To check into a clinic or a hospital you will probably need to bring your tax accountant with you under the obama plan once you read the fine print because an IRS agent will be on hand to review your eligibility and to see if you might have spent money on health care over seas to avoid the dreaded mandatory tests required by law in the US. Your tax accountant may not be enough because there will be different classes of medical service once the government gets involved. Do you think that you will get the same level of medical services Hillary Clinton or Ted Kennedy get as honorable senator with their special senate medical plan? You have got to be kidding. Hillary Clinton's multi million dollar plastic surgery face lift regimen will not be something likely included in your health plan the way it is in hers. If you think you are going to get the best surgeons in Mass General like Ted Kennedy had to remove his brain tumor watch out you might have to wait 6 months like Canadians do to get into have an MRI or a Cat Scan. Senator Kennedy won't have to wait. There are limited resources and scarcities in the program that will only become worse over time once the free market to health care system breaks down. The profit motive keeps the present day existing health care system humming. A better solution than national health care, unless you are hoping for all the social engineering, the waiting lines, the favoritism and the rationing, is to make the health care professions and the goods and services manufacturer s tax free. The reason why is the more incentives people have to get into health care the more competition there will be and the lower prices can go. Government could set reasonable price level up to a point where the amount is tax free for health care goods and services and do more to get more health care to more people. The government could also just change the law to get the tort lawyers out of health care so doctors can afford their medical liability insurance premiums and not have to pass that on to patients. Guaranteed the ambulance chasing tort attorneys will not be disappearing from the hospital and clinics. President Obama and Hillary and Kennedy and Senator Edwards are all heavily backed each election they win by the society of tort attorneys. No under the new federal take over of the health care plan those attorneys will have offices built into the hospitals and money will be put on tap for them. Doctors will have to become government employees as a way around paying high liability insurance premiums and the ones who don't go to overseas hospitals to work will be the sort of people you love to meet at your department of motor vehicle offices. In England there are not enough young physicians in the country to staff their clinics and hospitals because who wants to spend that much time in one's life getting a medical license to become a bureaucrat and paid like one? England has to import physicians from India as a result. Canada too! There are some other solutions including the one of making the present system tax free the same way state sales taxes exempt necessities like food. Isn't medical care a necessity? Economists have discovered that it does not mater whether the buyer of a good or service or the producer of the good or service is taxed. If you tax a doctor he has to pass the cost on to the patient. If you tax the patient you get the same result. So why do we have a congress and a president who avoid the obvious real solution? Because they want power and they want to grab money power and give their friends jobs no one needs. Clearly people should be able to spend pre-tax dollars on their medical care. The tax system does not allow that unless your employer plays for your medical insurance at the moment. Everyone in congress and the President's cabinet knows this little fact! They also know that doctors and health care goods and service providers need to pay their income taxes out of funds provided by patients and by insurance companies that represent those patients. Why patients think it is ok for their medical care and drugs to be taxed as if they are other than necessities just shows how uneducated most Americans are with the media and public schools education they have. The government is collection taxes on the health care industry as they call it coming and going. Did you know that the health care industry in the USA is one of the top industries left in the USA? Yes drugs are actually still made in the USA and not china! Yes Medical technology is created here and taxed to hell at all levels. The government wants it's cake and to eat it too So what the hell are they offering us for free? A free medical lunch? You have to be a fool to believe that! You can trust Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton and John Edwards and President Obama when they all agree to give up all private access to private health care themselves, give up their private medical insurance and their government leadership medical benefits and you see them walk into a veterans hospital the next time they need to see a doctor. Do you remember the last report that came out about health care at our veteran's hospitals? It was substandard care and abuse. Some things never change except the big promises. But wait there is more to tell you about the secrets of the Democrats big plan for a health care take over. Its Obama Happy Pills. You see once a political party takes over a health care system you risk what happened in the good old soviet union. Some one like Rush Limbaugh would be likely to end up in a state mental hospital for daring to be a detractor. Yes politics would enter the field of medicine for the first time in US history and not just something like the legality of abortion but politics of condemning those who might criticize the government as being lunatics. It is still happening in North Korea and in Cuba ! Obama happy pills might be prescribed for virtually everyone in the country to keep everyone satisfied with democratic monolithic party rule. If you don't take your daily mandatory happy obama meds you could risk being put in jail! This is not just science fiction it happens in communist countries on a daily basis but is already happening in our public schools. In Oregon teachers can already force parents to put their children in public school on mind altering drugs. Teachers are public employees not doctors and not nurses so who gave them the power to put so many kids on drugs for bad behavior? Not every one agrees that these are just normal hyper active kids and there are plenty of pill pushing doctors in that profession too., but when schools turn teachers in to primary physicians the way they already have started doing here in Oregon and elsewhere, you can start to imagine the horrors that await what used to be our professional hospitals and clinics. Pill pushing is the fastest cheapest way to reduce costs of health care. Patients taking happy pills might still be quickly dying from cancer but they won't complain about the pain. There are real reasons that health care is expensive. It is labor intensive. Doctors nurses and others in the field are highly trained individuals. There are no ways to cut corners without putting patients at risk. Taxes are one of the main fundamental reasons there is a health care cost spiral. Artificial scarcity results when it is so hard for competition to enter the field and incentives are reduced to attract more players in the industry. In Portland, Oregon the city decided it wanted people to live in high rise apartments and condos to promote high density living. So city made a special deal for certain developers in certain parts of the city allowing property taxes to be made artificially lower. An unstoppable condo / apartment building boom started until the real estate crash happened when the bottom fell out. The result is a wonderful free market in housing that produced some now affordable housing without having the government go out and build failed public housing the way they famously did in the past. So why knowing this would anyone go for the stupid Obama/ democratic party plan to destroy the US health care system instead of add to capacity in the industry by lowering taxes? The word is con artist. Their motive is not to improve anything about the US health care system but to take over and make money off of it and to put their friends into jobs that they will get nice retirement benefits from by the age of 55 or less. Its all political power and no substance. Ambulance Chasers who work in hospitals are guaranteed. Buy who will they be suing under the Obama plan? Kellogg for putting sugar on your frosted flakes that gave you diabetes? Yes the lawyers have a secret plan to make money on socialized medicine! Why would they just give up their big fat contingency fees to push someone like Barrack Obama into the office of the presidency with unlimited political donations. Don't be a fool they intend to improve their income. It is interesting that in a country with a constitution that guarantees us all due process of law and not medical care that we don't hear doctors screaming and yelling how we need national socialized attorney services and major cost effective social legal reforms! If And When President Obama signs into law a new horrible plan-What do? Write it off as lost. Buy high quality medical catastrophic insurance that gives you access to the best hospitals in India, China, Mexico or Thailand. Yes they do have western trained doctors and hospitals for what is becoming the booming trade of Medical travel. The services at the best facilities overseas are as good as some of the best US hospitals now and will become better than anything in the US once the democrats take over, except for the clinics and hospitals for congress and the president. The cost will remain lower even if the US experiences double digit inflation rates to pay for the Obama plan with printed money.-somewhere in some country. By the time the obama plan becomes law, major airlines like United will probably start figuring out how they can make money with intensive care planes staffed with overseas doctors so your ambulance will take you directly to the airport and you will go on the plane to an offshore location or just down to a major new airport hospital in Tijuana and Calexico. Your insurance will cost less and your intensive care flight on a hospital plane even if it cost 5 to 10 thousand dollars will get you directly into a doctors office without having to wait in line with lawyers , social workers and pill pushers as your primary physicians. The difference is just like what your congressmen and senators in Washington , DC find out when they send their kids to private schools there and not to the public dc school system-that the extra cost, even though you already paid too much in taxes for your government benefit is worth it! .


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