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Time Travel In Real Science. Did you know your atoms are always ahead of you?

The Real Science Time Travel Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Dynamic time travel is one of the great new developing technologies. The extreme dangers inherent in the process so far are proving to be over-rated. The science is not very advanced yet. Going to too many science fiction movies will necessarily give one the wrong idea about what to expect. Travel back in time your time so far has not yet been proven possible. The isolation capsule or chamber in the achronological reactor device. must take into consideration the changing position of the earth as it revolves around the sun and of the earth's rotation. This becomes problematic especially for the potential to send living animals /humans though achronological time. Time capsules are designed to reconfigure relative motions automatically but often Murphy's applies. Research shows that predicting future coordinates is much more complicated than setting an H.G. Wells style analog dial and this is because it turns out that there is more than one pathway though time. There is no chronological lime line, sequence or order that is necessarily preserved just because you want to revisit a time in the past or to have a glimpse of the future. The existing Xian kit in Dr. Wong's office is a bulky 125 million dollar apparatus called the Fulon Gong Achronological Reactor (XIAN KIT)Because of where it was first developed. Substantial private financing for the project brought it to the USA from unknown sources although there is talk of a Chinese professional gambler or casino owner. Dr Wong appeared on the scene as the coordinator of the Fulon Gong Xian Kit Project which he says he named as such to bring harmony back to an otherwise unbalanced universe. Dr Wong speaks Chinese and several other languages fluently. I would guess he is about 35 year old. Wong may not be his real name. He is very concerned about not having his picture taken. Wong says he was concerned letting the project develop in China as much as he is concerned about letting the US government have any access to it because he explains the Chinese might use the technology to prolong the cultural revolution or recharge it somehow and just imagine if the American Government had a time travel device and let the IRS use it in audits. The project is essentially built around a high velocity accelerator with a "isolation chamber". This chamber is no bigger than the standard microwave oven though the entire machine takes up three floors in a not to be revealed make shift lab building. There is no chance of sending humans with this prototype time machine but the prospect exists to send animals the size of chick and mice because they will need radio active shielding and maybe life support systems in transit that will take up most of the space in the small isolation chamber. Success so far has been to send Chinese sesame seed coated donuts into the future and recently a bowl of soup. There is no success with going back in time or having success or returning objects sent foreword back to the past. The reason seems to be that we exist already in a foreword chronological mode and not one that is regressive so fast fore warding time seems to be much easier than going back even in the smallest temporal increment. The XIAN Kit just does have the architecture that allows chronological regression. Considering that fast forwarding time leads to what are probably unpredictable future results in the same way the future is already unpredictable it is questionable if regressive time travel will not be a trip back into known history but a trip though time to an entirely new sequence of events that have no bearing on the reality of recorded history in our own present sequence. It could mean that if going back in time were possible that one would never be risking suffering though a time halting paradox such as never having been born but rather finding that the random disposition of atoms and molecules on the planet will not be some scripted version of history but an entirely random new experience moving foreword. When the first time traveling Chinese donut was sent into the future it just re-appeared on Dr. Wong's desk top and he ate half of it before testing it for radiation exposure and other factors. Skeptics in the lab thought that the professor might have faked it . That proved to be false when he let others operate the machine and send other donuts one by one into the very near future. A week later the won ton soup was sent as a means of seeing if the hot soup would actually remain hot after two days in time transit. It did and the professor ate half of it leaving the rest for further analysis. Dr Wong was showing his colleges that kinetic energy itself can be a marker. The next experiment could be a tray of ice cubes or a bag of frozen peas into the near future with in a few days just to see if temperature considerations remain in tact. The Earth is too large for encapsulation so you cannot take it with you. It is wise to invest in life support equipment including a high radiation barrier before risking an accident. Moving into the future makes it much easier to track anticipated earth motion expectations. There is always a temptation to change advance plans in the process. There is no simple way to set a clock to a time and place because of the disorientation that occurs in transit. Atoms and molecules do not stay in place over longer periods of time and as interchangeable they don't leave reliable milestone markers. Be prepared for the need for 3 D transportation to a particular spot in space time. Configurations of sub atomic particles means there are not any time travel paradox problems as some scientists postulate there are. It is possible to go back in time and deal with a fictional character played by an actor in a movie who is clueless about who he might be in real life. The Won Ton noodles in the bowl of soup seemed to disappear for a period of days before re appearing on the desk. Video cams recorded that the won ton noodles were not exactly in the same spots they originated but the soup was still hot. It appears there was time for rotation and maybe some acceleration of the soup in the bowl, More testing needs be done. Dr. Wong believes that going back in time is still with great potential but just now with the Fulon gong Xian Reactor. There are still revisions in the design that will need to be made with a lot more attention to computer modeling. Professor Wong voices other concerns about not publicizing the advent of the Achronological Time Back Machine because of expressed interests of military powers. He had once shown his plans for the time machine reactor experiments to Chinese military officials and they did not take it very seriously and laughed at him , "If we had such a time machine--The whole world would be speaking Chinese now and we would not be wasting our time learning English." Later and before he got private funding from the gambler or casino owner he had gone and briefed American officials after he was stopped at the border and had his computer files searched by US custom agents who were concerned and suspicious about the complex plans for the Achronological reactor which they saw and could not understand. Dr Wong spent a few days in custody at risk of having the files confiscated and himself deported. The American military people came and laughed , "If we had a time machine like that we would take a hand grenade like this one pull the tab and put it in your isolation chamber and send it directly to Adolf Hitler." Dr Wong now considers having any military people in the lab dangerous and unnecessary. They laughed at the idea of a time machine and probably still think the professor is a kook and he did have a letter from Colleagues at Berkeley on hand to show he had sponsorship. The Military people don't really understand time travel to interpret all of the permutations of possibilities. They believe in causation because war can be a cause and have prolonged effects. Traveling in time is different because causation and effects are not necessarily linked. It is virtually impossible to kill Adolf Hitler unless every millionth of a second of his existence is erased from history. It is impossible to do. History is not necessarily altered. There are no paradoxes that unwind historic reality and one can virtually clone oneself ad infinitum using a time machine once it is possible to make them allow time travel back in time as if in reverse. The cinematic trick , one of the oldest since the invention of motion pictures, is to re-record the film playing back wards though the projector. That is not the way time travel will work just an analogy. speeding up the film and making it go faster only means you have passed the time faster as a result of higher rotational speed of the projector wheels. That is also just an analogy. Turning the hands of a clock in fast motion or putting them in reverse is the exact same visual analogy but it is not the proper understanding of the developing phenomenology of time travel. Dr Wong points out that some of the most recent Hubble telescope photographs shows what appears to be areas of time dislocation that are clearly visible in the images. He still cannot explain them because there is not yet enough background information in most of the observed events which are extremely slow motion requiring many more years of telescope observations with higher resolution scopes. Right now it is all conjecture Except for the Won Ton Soup and the donuts that is unless Professor Wong is not just creating a show by faking it. More reports to come. The Fulon Gong Machine has just been operating in test mode for one month now. There is a lot more research to do. Dr Wong says, "We now have a lot more time to work on this project now that we know the machine works." .

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