Monday, July 14, 2014

Welcome to the Great Obama American Tax Slave Plantation!

Welcome to the Great Obama American Tax Slave Plantation! Read the Writing on the Walls. the President Wants Much More of Your Personal Freedom Than Ever Before. He Says He is Doing it to Save You! Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Pss...This neighborhood is a dangerous place to park. Give me $20 and I will watch your car for you....The guy who says that is often the same one breaking windows of parked cars just so people see the broken car window glass on the pavement when he comes around offering his services. Pss...This country is going to suffer a great depression because we foolishly borrowed too much so the government needs to go into debt for twenty trillion dollars or more to save us. kind of beginning to feel like you are the next spotted owl gettting saved by Uncle Sam Obama? President Obama gets up and grand stands about all the "investments" he is going to make and we check his history and he has never made a real investment decision in his personal life before. He got a special house deal from a chicago con artist who went to jail. That is the only industry this guy is known to have created. Its gives on the feeling that the investments are in creating the great Obama American slave plantation because you will be paying for what really looks more like Louis the 16th style spending. You can no longer take care of your self you need the government to take care of you because even if you are still paying your mortgage you are foolishly using gasoline to run your car. Obama who is not a scientist and is said to be a shrewd lawyer is a great fan of every sort of promoted junk science. Global warming was caused by spotted owl breast implants we all know it. The only thing all the new government programs are designed to produce as proposed by obama and the congress are new taxes on American citizens. That is this country will definately become an American tax-slave plantation. The more you work the more you will pay. There is not one single government program in the obama package that will yield lower taxes in the long run . The long run is what president Obama is after. He plans on becoming the Abraham lincoln who makes the USA into an almost equal opportunity tax slave plantation but as always there will have to be masters. He says it in his secret college writings how Americans need a dictator of the proletariot and a politbureau giving us regular 5 year plans so that our country can become as successful as the soviet union. By the time Obama succeeds Americans will have to be crossing the border in desperation to get to Mexico to find 3 peso an hour employment which is why the Obama adminsitration wants an even better border fence built with east berlin towers to shoot anyone who dares try to leave the tax plantation. Why are so many people telling us that this man in the White house is something more than an idiot?

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