Monday, July 7, 2014

What Would Happen If the Federal Government Took Over Walmart, Exxon and General Motors?

What Would Happen If the Federal Government Took Over Walmart, Exxon and General Motors? Big Government Always Wants to Get Bigger. the Way it Thinks it Can Never Be Too Big. Big Corporations Have Been Vilified for Years by Government and Now There is Talk of Nationalization Lex Loeb Contributor Network . A friend of mine got life long government services provided free of charge because an official misdiagnosed her as mentally ill as a child. The people who get the full cradle to grave service program from big government either go to jail or become a ward of the state. Not everyone on life long welfare is going to recommend it as a life style change for others. Once the misdiagnosis was recorded on a procedural form it became permanent. The evidence is that if anything made my friend crazy it was not being mentally it but becoming mentally ill after the government treated her that way for most of her life. Any time any government official comes near her she gets paranoid. No one else makes her paranoid. The strange thing is that as a disabled person government people do often beat the crap out of her. She does what the government officials tell her to do and one day she gets a certified letter in the mail tell her that she and a care giver have a warrant by mail for their arrest for welfare fraud. I saw the warrant for arrest and read it twice. It came from Multnomah County. I could not believe it! I told my friend not to go down to the county court house and turn her self in in her wheel chair but rather to call an attorney first but she got totally paranoid screaming, "they are going to kill me , they are going to kill me." She went down town , in spite of what I told her, and was summarily arrested and put in Multnomah county jail. Then I get the call from the jail house for me to come down and talk to her thought the prison visitors window. I am telling her. Why did you go down and get arrested? "They were going to kill me." I think she spent about two weeks down in the jail and her care giver friend never got arrested because she had an attorney respond to the crazy warrant by mail as an intermediary. Later it comes out that the County Jail was forcing her to take medications that were never prescribed to her and no allowing her to take her regularly prescribed medications. At that point I agreed with her that maybe they were trying to kill her. Try as I might taking a story like that to the local news media, as she asked me to do, I could get no where. In the local press you just can't say bad things about Multnomah County no matter how bad they get! I am not writing that story in this article just using it to illustrate what will happen to Walmart , Exxon and General Motors if the Federal Government decides to nationalize them and other big business in the USA. What happened with my friend is the welfare fraud warrant by mail was a federal bounty program sponsored with federal money and Multnomah County wanted as much of that bounty money as they could get and my friend had happened to fire a caregiver at the wrong moment. The ex caregiver was fired for I don't remember what but she told prosecutors at Multnomah County in a vengeful way that my friend and the caregiver who replaced her were using welfare check money to run an illegal local drug and gun cartel. Of course Multnomah County was going to believe all of that especially since the ex caregiver is the only one that had a criminal record. The story makes me paranoid just remembering that it actually happened! And I think my friend got sick from the unprescribed drugs they gave her passed out and ended up in a hospital before going back to jail and then later getting out without much of any government apology that they made a few mistakes. NO. Everyone is just doing their job. Remember that and beware when Walmart is to become a government agency! As soon as Walmart, Exxon and GM are nationalized the government officials running those corporate institutions will be saying that they are providing government services to the American People. It is for your own good that you will be shopping at Walmart, filling your tank with extra high price tiger gas and driving a some new version of the Yugo. When government owns major industries profits do not mater as the industries can operate as money loosing operations for years as a public service. Workers are converted to government employee, status their wages go up as the hours they work is inversely proportional but income taxes paid by public employees will necessarily be higher to pay for the service. Friends of politicians with the most political power will get to appoint the people who are in charge of running the new state enterprises and chances are they will pay themselves anything they want since they no longer answer to shareholders or any sort of corporate board of directors or trustees. Running state enterprises is not about being profitable but is definitely about working to attain set government goals that have nothing to do with manufacturing , industry or retailing. Walmart might have new mandates to protect the publics health and welfare rather than to meet consumers needs and satisfy their desires. General Motors could be a social program to prevent unnecessary transportation and Exxon could be transformed into an organization dedicated to public happiness as measured by taxation. As I understand it, the reasons the government needs to control Walmart is because Walmart does not have it's employees in a union. I am not sure why they would need to nationalize already unionized Safeway but they can find a reason for that later. The first thing that happens with a Walmart Nationalization is the existing owners have to be relieved of their ownership as cheap as possible. The USA still has a constitutional amendment requiring just compensation for the taking of private property and Walmart is private. The first thing the government needs to do is to make it hard for Walmart to do businesses so the government will not have to pay the shareholders and especially the Walton heirs the full 20 plus billion dollars each has in Walmart Stock. The US Forest Service already acquires private property in such programs as wild and scenic rivers and for in holders in BLM national park zones. Giving a shareholder ten cents on the dollar is just what they try to do with timber acres in parts of Oregon and Washington when they arbitrarily designate someone's land as an "Open space zone." the down zoning devalues the land before the forest service comes into make the only offer they will ever get and the only one they are allowed to take. After that the government can raise the capital gains tax to 90 percent so the Waltons and other shareholders net virtually nothing from their forced sale to the government. This is all being done in the public interest. Walmart gets it's union and is renamed to America-mart with the slogan, "The Only Place America Shops" The employees get paid more than Walmart ever paid them with even more generous benefits and so the prices have to go up. The prices go up so much that the new America-mart cannot compete with Safeway and Kroger so they need to be nationalized and merged to become a part of America-mart. The share holders of Safeway and Kroger will get the same treatment Walmart got. Now there is fairness. Everyone who shops for groceries in America, including Alaska and Hawaii, is paying the price the government sets for what they are allowed to buy and only what they are allowed to buy. So I get in my car and I drive to America-mart and when I get there I check my speedometer and I see the chip in my federal mandated speedometer charged me $4 road taxes for the miles i drove to get from home to the store and sent a cell phone radio signal to the government so it will automatically come out of my pay check at the end of the month. Then I get to the entrance of the store and one of the employees of the airport security asks me to take my shoes off and stand on a scale while I get an eye scan for identification purposes. I get on the scale to be sure I have not shop lifted after I come out of the store because I will be weighed again on my way out. The America-mart computer checks my weight against my height and my weight record to be sure I am not overweight because that will limit how much food and what kinds of food I could buy on my visit. I came to the store to take something back because it was broken and I know I could be arrested for complaining about anything so I try being really diplomatic about it until the federal employee tells me that nothing has ever been broken and sold to customers at America-mart and I need to sign a form apologizing for the misunderstanding or might face a court hearing. I go in and buy eggs and find out that there are only 7 in a dozen because of a law congress recently passed called the New Dozen Law. I buy a gallon of milk and because of trouble at the nation's collective farm congress just passed a law called the New Gallon Law. I buy a pair of America-mart shoes because only public employees are allowed to shop at the only other store in the country Americana's. I am not allowed to shop there because it is only open to class A federal employees and I am a class C employee making America-mart my only choice. The shoes are total crap but there are only three choices and 4 sizes to choose from and I aways buy the same ones but when I get to the cash register , the alarm goes off and a supervisor is called. The America-mart computer is saying I have already bought my quota of 3 pairs for the year and the 4th one is treason. I concede that I forgot the rules and sign another state apology form. The supervisor is suspicious of what I have in my cart and takes over for the checker. I have a can of pringles in my cart and she is looking at the computer screen and it says that I am not permitted to buy pringles because of my record of buying too many potato chips. She takes that out of my cart and I sign another customer apology form. Then she find that I attempted to buy contraband in the form of a European made chocolate bar. I protest that it can't be contraband I found it on the America mart store shelf. I offer to sign yet another customer apology form but this time I have gone too far. She calls the police and they take me to the back room of the store and interrogate me for 4 hours until I realize I forgot to ask for an attorney to be present. Unlike my national health care, The attorney comes with a legal taxi meter strapped around his next because even though the constitution guarantees me due process and not medical care, attorneys get paid by the minute for anything and sometimes you have to be careful if you get in an elevator alone with one of them even if you don't look at them or talk to them. After running up a $70 bill for legal representation the let me go with a court date but my car is towed from the parking lot because i parked there longer than the 2 hour shopping limit. I sign another customer apology for picking out contraband on the store shelf in the store entrapment program sponsored by the US department of confections. The next day I call about my car that was towed trying to get it back and I am told by a robotic answering service that my car was confiscated because it does not meat department of environmental quality standards for carbon emissions even thought it runs on liquid hydrogen. I am told the carbon is coming from the tires and because of that my vehicle has been destroyed and that if I want a new one I should go to my local General Motors of America Dealership. GM was also nationalized and they only make a car called the Yugo for class C federal employees like myself. The dealer tells me I have the choice of two colors., Dark Grey and Light Black. I can hardly tell the difference of the colors one looks like asphalt at dawn and the other as asphalt at dusk. I took too long making my decision so I have to sign a national car company customer apology. The dealer gives me the one without automatic transmission. It gets 150 miles per gallon equivalent efficiency but it is 100 percent electric and only carries a charge for 2 hours before I need to recharge it at a service station with a top speed of 22 miles per hour. The Federal miles act made a mile 4 kilometers while the new federal hour act gives us 13 hours in the day with the 13 hour a federal holiday to celebrate national great leader day. It is great having a federal holiday once a day where one can celebrate greater leader day that is equivalent to 1.61 hours which occurs every day during the official 2.78 work hours required of all class C federal employees. The GM dealer garnishes my wages in amortized payments for about $1200 a month but thanks to inflation I am earning $90 an hour where I can easily afford a new gallon of milk for just $75. I drive my new light black Yugo off the dealer lot and realize it has not been charged. Oh no, how could they sell me a brand new car with almost no juice in it? If i go back and complain i will have to sign yet another customer apology form so I decided to drive down Fidel Castro Boulevard, formerly 82nd street, to the nearest Exxon-American Station. They can charge my car fast and efficiently. I stop the car and see that the speedometer has charged me $50 for the new car out of juice fee plus a $3 charge for driving a quarter of a mile. I park the car on the recharging spot and the State of Oregon public employees, four of them, plug my car into the recharging machine with the retractable three prong cord that comes out of the back of my new car. I wonder why it takes three of them to do that because it seems that I can charge my own car. It looks simple enough, but thanks to Oregon law, the state automobile recharging law it takes three state employees to deal with this delicate task open only to people with proper graduate school training for public safety reasons as someone could accidental plug into the wrong outlet. The State will also have a law requiring 7 people to change a light bulb by then because a PhD program will be available. My new car is charged and the speedometer tells me that $500 has been charged to my wages including a $300 tax to support national alternative reality. There is also a national news media surcharge. I have never figured out what it was for so I ask one of the PhD gas station attendants and they tell me that this fee is to help pay for Exxon-America Advertising on TV. I don't know about you, but I can't wait for this kind of future! . Close

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