Tuesday, July 25, 2017

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

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If the Universe is one big electro magnetic disturbance.?

All of our senses and the senses that we create or observe in other species are at some level a mater of electro magnetism.  Our whole sense of observing the universe at all wavelengths and in touch, smell ,sound etc are all transferred to our mental apparatus by electromagnetism.    The electromagnetic spectrum , the means of finding the individual elements in the periodic table and the mass spectrograph spectrum are all related to electro magnetism as are our or responses to the stimuli . The common denominator then does look to be electro magnetism

Secret Steroids beyind high sucide rate in ex military?

  1. The truth is coming out. When Lance Armstrong got caught having used steroids to win the tour de France. The US military took note, They wanted that kind of performance and devised a way to put steroids in food of combat troops and others in the military to build up the effect of steroids gradually. President Obama ordered a higher elevation of steroid ingestion for the troops hoping to end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq sooner. President Obama dodged a bullet when Edward Snowden failed to release this information by chance. Now we know what the ex military suicide rates is beyond comprehension.... The troops never knew they were ingesting steroids and when they leave the service something just no longer feels right....

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Finding Missing Energy in The Universe.

Someone's calculations based on certain assumptions says that there is missing mass and missing energy in the universe.  These unfound properties of the universe go under the names of Dark Energy and Dark Mater.  Finding dark mater is actually easy to do.  We know we can't easily see non reflective objects with our telescopes at a distance when they are also not self illuminated by any wavelength.   We find possible planets just by observing wobbles of distant starts and make assumptions that something unseen is planetary. We know that asteroids and comets in our own solar system are dark sooth black encrusted objects that reflect less light than we might have expected. We fantasize that comets are bright white ice balls but reality shows with up close views that they are black body mater until they develop a coma in proximity of the sun.  Same is true of asteroids and speculations is that if Pluto was not an active planet it too would be darker in color than it's surface appears.  Dark mater is easy to accounted for and so is Dark energy.

If there is dark energy in the universe  we should already know what it is.  A massive object gains velocity relative to other objects in space and if it becomes a projectile that can hit another such object in space their collision reveals a lot of energy that is not otherwise immediately visible. They can be dark cold objects at absolute zero temperature and if traveling at hundreds of thousands of meters per second and colliding at double that speed they can vaporize each other because they have so much unseen energy.  A car going 70 mph on the freeway in collision with one coming in the opposite direction going 34 mph crashes with the energy of 104 miles per hour force.  It is not very pretty a crash like that. Head on its not fast enough to vaporize either car but it does release unseen in felt energy.  To stop a car going 70 mph the brakes need to be applied to drain the car and everything and everyone in it of that dark energy.  The energy cost of breaking is a significant amount of fuel . People riding in a car at 70 mph might as well feel as if they are sitting still in their seats. If the car was perfectly quiet and the windows covered  with no vibrations the passengers might think they were sitting still except maybe during acceleration and deceleration ...  Dark Energy is everywhere were everything is moving.

When we relate dark energy defined as the momentum of mass with velocity and we judge distances in astronomy with the speed of light than we actually start to re-equate our notions.  Clearly if light across the EM spectrum  has anything to do with definitions and assessments of dark energy than we might want to reconsider what we think light is and is not.  Light if having a known set velocity then would have to be interacting with mass as it does not by transmitting energy though space but by tapping into those invisible reserves of dark energy of motion.  It sounds astounding and unbelievable until you start looking the actual phenomena of light and how it interacts  Light will be found to be just a electro magnetic code sent for short range purposes in matter itself transmitting no actual energy and actually finding and utilizing store of  energy from that momentum . effectively showing down sub atomic particles relative to the rest of the object.  The way to understand it is the collision of sub atomic particles of atoms with photons.  photons also carry no mass, just an analogy of mass, The collision then between mass and energy is what is important.  light at it's phenomenal. speed of light being a constant than makes some more sense in collisions.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

It turns out that the unifying field Einstein was looking for is actually the radiation sphere with the properties of inverse square outward.

Yes the unifying theory that puts the force of gravity and electromagnetism into a predictable relationship happens to be the inverse square outward propertied sphere of radiation.   Radiation is simply the dark electromagnetic disturbance signals of material state masses emerging into an outside vacuum.  It is sort of like light pulsing though a fiber optic cable and then out into a vacuum.  Photons act to signal at a distance then, though they are not going to transmit the original message necessarily they have a negative energy effect in the signal as to drain subatomic particles of energy of momentum. That leads to the radiometer proof of gravity I discovered years ago.

When it comes to the sun, though , that is not the whole story . Although photons radiating from the sun at  various percentages along the electromagnetic spectrum including gamma they do not carry energy and they do not carry any mass.  The Sun loses more energy and mass in the form of actual momentum and that is from the solar wind.  The wind can include any parts of atoms, whole atoms and possibly molecules too. Each individual particle projected by the Sun is actually a miniature rocket having the escape velocity to leave the sun's gravitational field which is amazingly powerful, as I recall some 500 times that of the earth's gravity.  Each of these particle rockets can have the ability to travel straight out of the solar system if not deflected by some planetary magnetic field and these tiny rockets can also be trust forward by the radiation field.  If you are looking for real energy from the Sun it is not the  photons. Photons draw from existing hidden momentum.  The cosmic wind is mass and energy ....that is real mass and energy.  The relationship of the cosmic wind and the radiation sphere "field'  is just the origin being the Sun and some possible trust reactions.  going out into the more distant universe we expect to see huge spherical photon fields and much larger solar wind phenomena than we find in our own solar system.  The bending of light from other than refraction, reflection and diffraction never happens but the solar wind and cosmic rays do react to sources of magnetism/ electro magnetism  and to the coding of the photons because mass is  there.