Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Lydia balanced the salt shaker on grains of salt. Amazing. It is not moving but balanced on the diagonal...not falling.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Believe it or not: Electric Generators are frame of reference warping machines.

What if Electric Generators  just distort frames of reference to create electric current? They do.  I always wondered about how angular momentum worked out the way it does to churn out an electric current.  The electric generator takes a frame of reference point of view and warps it.  Yes it does take energy to do so .I know that is so because I used to have a small electric generator that powered a flashlight size light bulb as a kid and also have an original Morris Code magnet generator that requires force and resistance to the force applied.  At the atomic level though  the distortions of frames of reference are what produce the current....and no energy is 'transmitted' down the chain line of atoms and molecules in the conductive conduit.   Its like repositioning electrons in several places at the same time by altering the frames of reference in coincidence.

Still working on showing how the electric generator is really just a frame of reference confusion machine.  What a generator does is take that dynamo kinetic energy of motion to produce what is an unsustainable irreconcilable incoherence of frames of reference that have the coincidence of unity of cause and effect. It is like having an electron fly off  a million miles away and still be the same electron  spinning round on the surface of the wheel.  generators only seem to produce electricity as current in one obvious frame of reference  in reality they are just generating a magnetic disturbance as code.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Finally Solving The Problem Explaining How and Why an Electric Current Causes Resistence As It "Flows' Across A Conductive Surface.

For years and years science has misunderstood the cause of resistance due to the transmission of an electric current.  It has always been assumed that the electric current is agitating atoms and their electrons as it is transmitted.  In reality what is really happening is that Atoms and their electrons are themselves agitating the electro magnetic current transmission.  like photons an electro magnetic current is a 'disturbance ' that has no mass , carries no energy and is merely code that interacts with some types of materials and not all others.  That's why some materials are more conductive than others.   When the electromagnetic current transmission goes along the outside of a conductive wire it is actually just  coding that taps into the latent underlying energy of momentum of the material as it hurls with the earth though space at perhaps more than a million  meters per second.  That slowing of mater giving the type of susceptibility  in the photonic code  then causes the outer most electrons to seem to hurl away. which is resistance. It is a frames of reference misunderstanding that we see current as carrying energy.  It does no such thing.

The latent energy of momentum of all things is what causes the disturbance to be transmitted with the repercussions of  resistance giving us new detectable photons including infrared that is most associated with what seems like a release and loss of energy from the current it self as resistance or even a kind of material interference with the flow of the current.  No such thing is happening.  The latent energy is already on hand and being tapped as the current flow. It is slowing down the outermost easy to influence electrons using photonic code that is measured the way we define an electro magnetic current  and this slowing causes what are energetic reactions as electrons are activated  by just being slowed down and then having to catch up with the underlying momentum to go back to the norm.  So yes the apparent energy is real but it is not coming from the electro magnetic disturbance or the current but rather from latent energy of momentum.  photons are merely electro magnetic disturbances  that leave the material interface and lose value as they radiate and have less potent code unlocking value.  In sun or the earth electro magnetic disturbances cause variable slowing of susceptible mass but when these code baring signals reach the exterior of  a mass they radiate and diffuse and become less meaningful as code though they do carry the basic quantum potential we assign to photons....no mass no energy transmitted only code and with the diffusion and radiation they only tell a story for a distance though they can affect a single atom's electron as in an old fashioned photo meter.

Like photons electro magnetic current , a disturbance, just is coding that unseals latent energy of motion by slowing down electrons at the edges of mater first where there is the least resistance to being slowed down because these are most often the electrons furthest from the mass center that retains the latent energy of momentum.  Solves all the problems of understanding the characteristics of the analogy of photons having both properties of mass and properties of  energy....even though they have none.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

South Korea Olympics Considers Bringing Team Sexual Harrassment To Winter Olympics.

Nations will build teams from their top sexual harassers.  Hillary Clinton and a completely innocent 22 year old woman named Bambi will be dropped into a padded  walled rink.   Teams like the US Team lead by world champion Harvey Weinstein  will enter and compete.  North Korea's Kim Jung UN could also directly compete.