Friday, July 11, 2014

A Bigger Caffeine Jolt from Portland Oregon?

A Bigger Caffeine Jolt from Portland Oregon? It is Not Usual that I Have a 12 Once Mug of Coffee at 6 Pm and Stay Up to 9 in the Morning. I was Not Aware of Anything Unusual to Make Me an Insomniac Other Than the One Cup of Stumptown Coffee Lex Loeb Contributor Network . When I was younger I had no tolerance for caffeine. Just one cup of coffee was enough caffeine to have me bouncing off the walls and jittery. I only started drinking coffee relatively recently after having my artwork in cafés which gave me an excuse to hang around the café to watch my artwork sell. My tolerance grew so I can down drink more coffee and it no longer makes me jitter. But then there was that one cup of coffee at Stumptown's café's; on SE Belmont in Portland, Oregon last week. I ordered the medium size cup of coffee for $2 and the Batista told me to order the mug instead for $1.50 and if I needed more to order a refill after that for 50 cents more. This stump town café is owned by the roasting company and in the back of the store is a large roasting machine on display. Stumptown coffee shops tend to have a deep roasted coffee smell in the air. When I smell fresh roasted coffee I think it smells better than it tastes. I can take more satisfaction in smelling coffee than actually drinking it. I need to add milk to get rid of the bitterness. When you buy fresh coffee beans it is always a good idea to smell them. At a Starbucks you can squeeze the pack to get sense of which beans or ground beans smell best. At stump town when you order a prepared coffee one of the first things you notice is that is has an elevated smell that I am told comes with being more freshly ground. The smell by itself is a pleasure. The taste is also stronger at stump town coffee cafés and there can be more of a grittiness in the texture. Stump town has the reputation for buying expensive raw coffee and at one point paid a record price per lb. It took me more than a half hour to drink the small mug of coffee I ordered at the Stump town on Ne Belmont while i read 5 or 6 news papers and magazines I had saved to read. It was then closing time for the café/ The Batista was right that small mug was all the coffee I needed. Later that night I consumed some green Chinese tea at dinner and then went back to work. I was working though the night and realized that i was still awake at 6 am and went back to work. At 9 am I started to wonder why I stayed up all night and part of the morning too. Tea does not do that to me. I can drink tea up to 10 pm and still get to bed at a regular hour. I thought back about what kept me up so long and then it occurred to me it must have been the one cup of Stumptown coffee. Maybe what happens is the caffeine is not absorbed by your body till it reaches your intestines. Maybe there was a delayed reaction. That was quite a jolt from one small cup of coffee if it was the Stumptown coffee? This is not a late afternoon coffee coffee but an early morning coffee because it takes a long time for the caffeine to wear off. I won't be drinking it late in the day again unless i plan to stay up all night till noon the next day. In which case I should have two cups. Stumptown is doing something rather exceptional with coffee. I have met people who came to Portland just to visit Stumptown and learn to do what ever they are doing. Apparently even coffee giant Starbucks is working to modify the way they prepare coffee to make it closer to immediately fresh roasted because of the popular Stumptown phenomenon. I am not sure if the Stumptown coffee has more caffeine or maybe just delayed reaction caffeine because of a thicker brew or because of larger coffee particles diffused in the water that break down later in delayed reaction releasing caffeine? If you live in Portland have experience with Stumptown coffee maybe you know if it has a bigger jolt or if I am just imagining it? The coffee I tried there has a burnt charred accent to it that I am not necessarily fond of and I have been told that dark roast or more burnt coffee has less caffeine than a more toasted brown roast. I am not a coffee expert but having had the experience of staying up all night and half the morning with nothing else consumed out of the ordinary I think I can point my finger at the one cup of Stump town roast. Unfortunately I was not in the store at the hours when they are roasting coffee with the café display machine. I would have liked to watch and smell the process since I like the smell of coffee better than the taste. Down the street from the cafe's is the main roasting plant. I am not sure if it is open to the public. I have passed it and seen some of the machines and sacks off coffee stacked and littering the floor. It might be worth exploring. Stumptown cafés can be found in various other places in Portland including in the Ace hotel building on SW Stark street and in the Powell's Book Store on SE Hawthorne. Chances are you will notice something is different about the fresh brewed Stumptown coffee. .

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