Monday, July 7, 2014

A Brief Glossary of Contemporary American Political Debate Terms and Euphemisms

A Brief Glossary of Contemporary American Political Debate Terms and Euphemisms Not in Alphabetical Order Lex Loeb Contributor Network . "I am for public private partnerships as the solution or part of the solution": --Crony Capitalism is not just a good thing it is a great thing especially when I am in power and get to appoint my friends. "We need higher taxes for more and better services to Americans" --Yeah I am really going to take care of you the way Jon Corzine Took care of M&F world wide investors because if I say this you think I am really going to care. "I am as green or greener than anyone." --"This green thing is so popular there's no way I can't at least give some lip service to it even it often makes no sense." "I am for alternative energy and we need a government energy policy that works."-- This always works to help get elected even though alternative energy government energy policy is the real cause of the Fukushima nuclear melt down disaster. "The United States National Debt is out of control and we have to do something about it Now"-If I really say this and mean it to be true not only will we have to raise taxes on everyone we will have to confiscate property too or we will have to lower taxes sufficiently to get the economy to grow so fast tax revenues will go up and even then it will take more than 20 years to pay off because debt can be the cheaper option when the government can print all the money it wants. "Everything about our poor present market conditions can be blamed on China." ---If it were not China we would find a different scape goat to blame slow growth on and of course if we raise tarrifs on China that is the same thing as huge tax increase for the American people they maybe stupid enough to go for. "The US defense budget must be maintained for the sake of world peace and prosperity." --Hey when was there a 30 year period in American History without some kind of war. Lets keep the military industrial complex going it is very lucrative in spite of the cost of having to pay for war. "I am for the little guy and against the big rich super rich"-- Well I am really not like you little guys even if I am not rich now I will be after I am elected so believe me I mean to share my present and future wealth with you guys. Yeah right. "Americans should be proud to serve their country." --It is nice having volunteer slave labor because we have no intention paying them the way we always intend to pay off our corny friends. "Social Security can not be touched."-- I will wait till a crisis causes its collapse before working to adjust the system so it will work. When people have the choice of going over a cliff or accepting new terms for their government promised entitlements you just have to give them a little push. "Illegal Aliens need compassion ." -- Amnesty will get a lot more votes in certain voting districts and who gives a damn about your citizenship there is nothing scared in that. Yeah try getting amnesty being an illegal alien in any other country except for maybe Canada....Not Mexico. "We must raise taxes on the rich because the top one percent is disproportionately richer and that is not fair." --The rich will find away around the surcharge and it just so happens that when we in congress define rich as people with $200,000 a year in income or more we are poor by definition because congressmen get 185 and 195 thousand dollars a year just short of our threshold number. "We are concerned about your health and health care." --That is why we in congress are not going to make all citizens eligible for our special congressional lifetime medical health care benefits that are worth over $20,000 in premiums per year. We are not going to share our power or benefits with anyone who does not win an elected office. "Increasingly there are two separate Americas one very rich and one very poor."-- You cannot put a price on the value of my political power if I am elected. There is Us in elected office and the rest of you. "Wall Street and the Banks are vile and evil." -- Except for our friends. Insider trading laws don't apply to those of us in power. Elect me because I scapegoated high finance. "You need me as opposed to my opponents because I give a real damn about you."--To get great self service you have to pretend like you are giving someone Else's money away. "We need to fix the economy by regulating it."--When elected I will find a way to get my cut. "My opponent is too cynical."-- There is no such thing as irony if necessary I will flip flop on the issues after the election. "You can trust me."--you can trust me to say one thing and do the opposite once elected. .

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