Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Home Stove Top Alcohol Distillation System You Can Buy

A Home Stove Top Alcohol Distillation System You Can Buy Have You Ever Wanted to Own a Home Distilling System? Now You Can for Around $160 Plus Possible Postage Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Ever wanted a home distilling system? Now you can get one for about $160 not including postage if you are out of state. I met the creator of these small stove top systems selling them in the street one evening on a card table behind his parked car. The units look like they are made of copper and steel.. They are designed to sit on the stove top. It is definitely illegal to distill alcohol for human consumption but this machine is not designed to do that it is designed to distill all kinds of things including fuel, distilled water, or alcohol for fuel by paying a $100 a year permit fee from the federal government. Being a farmer with too many pears and apples that go to waste every year I was interested. I had a long discussion with the device manufacturer. The nice thing about the device is that it is fairly compact and fits right on top of the stove. Besides having to get a permit to distill your own ethanol for fuel you can just buy one of these distilling devices and make not for human consumption Methanol with out a permit. You can start from scratch with yeast and sugar and brew your own concoctions to distill or you can just put in store bought beer or wine. Home brewing stores have all kinds of supplies that will complement your purchase of the distilling unit. I was concerned about the energy use for making fuel because according to the purveyor the unit would have to sit on the stove top with the heat on about 24 hours to do the job of capturing the distilled alcohol from the water base brew. For more information you can just Goggle "Tree Top Distillation." Another use that maybe possible is to use the device to distill essence oils from herbs or maybe even chocolate or vanilla. You could potentially save money distilling your own vanilla if that is a proper legal use. Having tried soaking vanilla in water and not having gotten a quality essence I wonder if that might be a viable legal use because it might be useful. You can use this device right on your home stove. It is not under pressure and is unlikely to blow up like some pressure cookers have. You never want to drink methanol because it is poisonous even if it is legal to make without a permit. You can distill safely without any formal training. The device is very simple to set up and use. The cost is relatively affordable for the small stove top model and maybe the owner of the company has a larger version if you are in the fuel business or want to work with gasoline alternatives. It is questionable how using stove heat with an energy source is going to give you much more than a battery in the form of concentrated fuel because of the laws of conservation of energy unless you are using scrap wood on a home wood stove in which case the conversion process maybe better than letting the wood rot. The process of distilling is really simple. It is also possible to use your freezer to distill alcohol but no simple device is available to maximize the alcohol content. I think i could invent one that would automatically start spinning to separate the alcohol once the ice crystals started to form in the sludge because the trick is separating the components and a simple refrigerator does not give the results that the still does. Since people leave freezers on with empty space in them my centrifugal force freezer still might work even better than the home still depending on the speed and time it has to be spun as per the energy input. The way to design it is to have a thermostat that automatically turns on the centrifugal force as the water begins to freeze so that the alcohol content is better separated and does not get encased in the molecular ice structure. The question is if enough battery power will fit in the freezer to make it work. It might be possible to design a really small unit that would distill alcohol from less than half a cup of liquid containing alcohol. The Stove top unit already is known to work another place where a distilling system can be set up to utilize waste heat might be on top of a heat sink platform mounted on the exhaust pipe of a gas water heater or a forced air gas heating until to recapture lost energy efficiency from the exhaust heat discharge. If you ever wanted to experiment with distilling you now have an affordable way to go about it with the Treetop home distillation systems. They also happen to have a face book page. .

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