Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Nancy Pelosi Reveals How the New Obama Economic Order Will Work! According to Nancy Pelosi, and of Course Supported by the Obama Administration, Every Dollar Spent on Food Stamps Results in $1.79 Of Economic Stimulus to the Economy! Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Thanks to Nancy Pelosi's revealing look at how stimulus spending on food stamps can give us the most bang for the spending of federal government bucks we can now understand the new economic model that the democratic national party has in store for us. This is not entirely a new economic model. It is a pure American Progressive Movement form of Marxism that is far beyond the initial incubation state. This economic system is not just theory because it has been practiced for decades. Anyone not listening to the democrats in power have missed their strong reaction to one person in particular--Ronald Reagan. When President Obama went to the site of the former Berlin wall to apologize for America having destroyed Adolf Hitler and East Germany he was being less of an internationalist than people thought. He was saying in clear terms that after decades Ronald Reagan had failed. That of course brings us to Nancy Pelosi and the New Improved Never ending Utopian Obama Economy that she has just revealed. Yes is it high election season and the people need to know what makes democrats different from Republicans and tea party candidates. Nancy Pelosi candidly told everyone the difference. Pelosi taps government economists to attain the figures she uses to illustrate how every one dollar in food stamp spending results in $1.79 in economic stimulus to the economy. It it not necessarily easy to get welfare in the USA nor is it easy to get on the exclusive list of food stamp recipients. The fastest easiest way is to be an unemployed single mother. For most men on the food stamp dole out train they probably have to be certified crazy or have a disability that is on the list. When it comes to getting food stamps men are more often discriminated against. It makes no sense that everyone should not get food stamps including the unemployed and over employed because of the math. Turning $1 in spending into $1.79 of value in the economy instantly cannot be matched by most places people invest their money hoping to get 5% interest or less per year. With Nancy Pelosi's discovery we could compound interest in the economy at the rate of 79% not just one time a year but up to 12 times if food stamps are issued monthly. With that kind of return what is the point of anyone wasting their time working or investing? Nancy has discovered the bottomless cornucopia of wealth and we all need the government to issue each of us a food stamp ATM debit card. In Oregon we have just that. It is called the End of The Oregon Trail Card. Every month food stamp recipients magically receive their quota of funding thanks to the state of Oregon putting their food stamp money on the card automatically instead of letting people wait to receive food stamps in the mail directly from the federal government. The State of Oregon also gets to earn interest on the funds deposited to each account before the welfare recipients have spent it. So even more Thai 79% can be earned. Best chance of getting into the Oregon program is to be a single mother or to just get out of jail if you are a man. The Pelosi -Obama plan for the new economy might best work this way to maximize the economic activity of the nation: Everyone with a social security card will receive a food stamp ATM debit card called the National ID Card. Anyone earning more than the poverty level, lets say now at approximately $23,000 in income a year will pay 75% of what they earn over the $23,000 level to pay for the national feeding stimulus program. So some family earning $80,000 a year would get to keep $37,250 and someone earning 20 million dollars a year gets to keep $5,017,250. That way as many dollars will be available for food stamp investments to make the US economy the number one economy on earth. Immediately one can see why the super rich support politicians like Pelosi and Obama. They take a major pay cut to get their food stamps but they never get harmed anywhere as badly as the middle class does. Actually the super rich can find ways that their businesses can merely act to collect the taxes for the government to pay the welfare benefits by simply passing on more costs consumers. You see the secret of the Pelosi calculations is that the government that gives away the food stamp money ultimately gets to tax it again as most of it goes to giant corporations who control the US food supply and distribution Chanel's. Of course while we are doing this kind of math, we might as well double the tax to pay for universal health care. That means the $80,000 family gets to keep $18625 per year but they have their food paid for up to $200 a month and they get a rationed national health care benefit. It is no wonder the middle class is so excited by tea party nonsense. The average American just does not understand that the government that could not have levees ready in New Orleans to resist a major hurricane nor able to run FEMA effectively can run and micro manage everyone's lives better than they can do themselves. It is not the nanny state Pelosi has in mind but the Italian Jewish Mother State because government is supposed to be idiosyncratically enough neurotic that it believes it has the chicken soup recipe to cure all our social ills. What the tea party stupids don't understand is that basic math Nancy Pelosi has discovered where quickly and easily every dollar in the economy and all the dollars we can print over that can quickly be turned into $1.79 each! We are all going to be rich! No we are all going to be super rich. It is no wonder Warren Buffet and Bill Gates support this kind of government for America. They simply are looking out for the rest of us because they understand the dynamics of compound interest better than anyone else being multi- billionaires. The fact of the mater is government only has to be pretending to take care of us and things are swimmingly better. Just look at Newark and Detroit. No where has progress been better thanks to years of government intervention and some of the highest pay outs of food stamp dollars. If that is not enough proof we have Oakland California home of Jerry Brown , East St Louis, The South Side of Chicago and the Bronx to illustrate the power of the new economic thinking going on in Washington DC. It does not mater if people don't work or cant find a job. Washington is working to make it more and more difficult to employ people because employment results in economic destruction of the environment. Government labor laws including the new costs associated with Obama care mean all businesses should be shedding as many workers as possible as fast as they can. That is a good thing because we have food stamps and food stamps return a phenomenal $1.79 on the dollar. How can we argue with that math? The Pelosi/ Obama democrats also are promising to bring us a sustainable economy with cap and trade. That will have the effect of shutting down most of the economy the way the president shut down deep water drilling in the gulf as soon as he found an excuse to do so. A sustainable economy means low economic growth . We thus must need to get around the idea that the economy always has to grow. The answer is clear! Food stamps! After that we need to listen to the radical environmentalists who put out that TV commercial where the teacher euthanizes students in her class room by blowing them up because that will save the environment by controlling population and it will allow their food stamps to go to more deserving children who live "sustainable lives." Now you understand how the cradle to grave food stamp economy of Pelosi Obama is supposed to work and you understand that it makes perfect sense. Government should decide who gets what, how much they get and who lives and dies. It only fair. Just do the math! ...........................................................................................................................................................................(ps this is satire unless you are Cass Sunstein or Paul Krugman) . Close

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