Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Alternative Doughnuts for the New World Order The Place Where" the Magic is in the Hole" Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Voodoo Donuts opened it's second outlet at the corner of 1501 N.E. Davis @ Sandy Blvd in a free standing building that may have once been a used car dealership or some kind of fast food pavilion on the sandy strip. Right across the Blvd is a shady bar called something like the Sandy Shadow or the Sandy Hole. It sounds better saying it this way because I can't remember the name of the place but I do believe it is one of the few bars on sandy that is also not some sort of strip club? Voodoo donuts is famous for its odd shaped donut confections. The most noticeable one is phallic shaped. The shop specializes not only in donuts but also has legal and non legal wedding services available and the brochure also mentions funerals or that donuts are available for consumption at funerals. I did not see any black donut boxes. I believe their donut boxes are pink. In the store across the river, The store is famous for selling 5 gallon buckets full of day old donuts at a certain time for an extra low discount price. Apparently the five gallon buckets come with baking supplies and the shop has found a cheaper way of disposing of the buckets by giving them away filled with the day old rejects. The phenomenon of day doughnut bucket people is well documented on the other side of the river. The new store on Sandy and Davis is a vast improvement especially for those of us who love our automobiles since there is plenty of free parking space behind the shop. The parking lot overlooks the freeway and there is some sort of ivy monster growing up on the fence in the parking lot that is worth taking note of. The shop has odd hours of as I remember it 6 am to 3 am ( call 503-235-2666 to be sure. The brochure does say to call ahead. photos of the brochure with the strange names for the donuts available is attached to the article. have a look because It does no justice to the aura of the place to try to paraphrase what they already have in print. .

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