Sunday, July 6, 2014

An Important Message from the Aliens

An Important Message from the Aliens Adapted from a Very Strange Poem Published in 1980. Inspired by Aliens? Written by William Shakespeare and Still Incomprehensible Unless You Know How to Break the Code.Don Lex Loeb Contributor Network . I tasted the forbidden fruit and it is delicious. Are you hungry? You really should try some. Systematic is beautiful, the sky is blue, Keats felt as if he wrote poetry, It tasted like beauty on an infinite time scale between the senses. Know before you think. Know very well. It only costs three million dollars in annual dues to join the Bilderberg Society. It is no secret on the facebook page open to members only. Not everyone can join nor should join. Artifact is it's own construct. Always seems to rhyme. Use extreme caution. Twin minds have seven mothers. All number like. Nothing figures. Don't be fooled by prime numbers. Pi is as arbitrary as 360 is by definition. Seven and one half is a magic number because it is divisible by all other magic numbers . The yellow tailed spotted black incoherence might be tax free depending on your level of civilization. What is your facebook status? Is it a memoir? Can a great library be a bottomless pit? A great infinite hole for falling?" Try dialing your social security number on your telephone with a one or a zero at the end of the number. Make a note of it. Dangerous to search for it on Google which may remember your numbers. Learn about originality. Do Not speak in Ordinary words. There are soft corners of indefinite time. Thinking simultaneously in two separate minds at once. All art is a matter of inventive arrangement . Imitations of nature are no different than the real actual thing. The yellow tailed black spotted poem is the key to finding salvation one of the birds less valuable left alone in the bush. Once the beautiful was found it was never abandoned. It cannot be because beauty is love of life. Lovely is supersaturation of what ever might be beautiful or should never be. Mass is Motion the rhymes. Facts are deliberate falsehoods. A force is what is equal and opposite in any reaction or forward motion in empty space. Considering all the actual perceived frames of reference the universe must be a pineapple upside down cake for mountaineering cake walkers. Expectation is yet an other hypothesis. A set of seven and one half living mangoes watched by the left evil eye will turn the most absurd theory into an instant science fiction fact. It is classified and only on a need to know basis. The ratio is less than one.

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