Monday, July 14, 2014

An Inexpensive Vietnamese Oriental Grocery in Central Portland

Nam Phuong: Inexpensive Vietnamese Oriental Grocery in Central Portland Better Prices Than Some of the Larger Oriental Markets in the Area Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Nam Phuong Market is a bargain mini-super store located at 6834 NE Sandy Blvd across from the Safeway store at the intersection of NE Fremont and NE Sandy. It is a nice counter point to the new Whole Foods Store going in on Sandy Blvd in the Hollywood district because this store carries goods not likely to be found at the bigger local stores at such affordable prices. The store specializes in canned and bottled import foods, fresh vegetables and more. It is open every day between 10 am and 7 pm. The store is sandwiched between two separate Vietnamese restaurants. There are other Vietnamese markets in the vicinity. This one is one of the favorites. Some advantages it has over some of the bigger oriental markets in town is that it specializes in Vietnamese tastes not Chinese, Korean or Japanese . It does carry products from all those places and more. It is jam packed with brands. Space is still limited. The store carries affordable house and kitchen wares. Nam Phong is a good place to buy basic ingredients for oriental and Vietnamese dishes without all the distractions of the larger stores. It is a fast place to get in and out of. Chances are if you were going to shop elsewhere you will find what you might buy at some other larger oriental store cheaper here. The store also has shredded vegetables ready for making Vietnamese salad and spring rolls, bargain produce limited by refrigeration space. There is limited freezer space but some frozen items. It is usually easy to go in and get personal assistance unlike the larger stores if you have questions because it usually is not crowded . There are rarely check out counter lines since there is just one check out counter. There are other Vietnamese grocery stores in the area to explore. Some have better produce but by and large they seem more expensive. It is a mom and pop size store so it does have limitations. If you happen to be driving by it is worth stopping and having a look. Parking is easy there. Definitely worth stopping. .

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