Sunday, July 13, 2014

Artists Apply to Redesign Statue of Liberty Under New Obama Stimulus Plan

Preview Artists Apply to Redesign Statue of Liberty Under New Obama Stimulus Plan In Memory of Ted Kennedy , Who is Not Dead, the Obama Stimulus Plan Ear Marks 124 Billion Out of 500 Billion Dollars for Plans to Memorialize Ted Kennedy Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Who says the United States of America is not turning into the New Roman Empire? George Bush Left office giving his dear banking friends a cool 700 billion dollars . It is strange that old W does not appear listed in the Forbes 400 richest Americans as the richest now that his bank accounts have swelled to a whopping 200 billion dollars of unaccounted for tarp money. None of that matters we just elected America's first Pharaoh, Pharaoh Obama. He just signed into law an "imperfect stimulus package that rewards Ted Kennedy with 124 billion dollars of stimulus money to build the Ted Kennedy Memorial. We all love Ted Kennedy which is why we agree that 124 billion dollars is justified spending to remake the Statue of Liberty into the Statue of Ted Kennedy. Money is not what it used to be. $124 billion won't go far so why waste it when we have quality earmarks in place for senior senator power? One might think that Pharaoh Obama might be a little embarrassed but not likely . Pharaoh Obama comes from Chicago Land of Al Capone and Richard Daily. I actually like the idea of the New Statue of Liberty in the Likeness of Ted. It is definitely realism in a country founded on the principles of government restraints to show its true colors. That is why I am going to apply as an artist designer to the project to re-design the Statue of Liberty in the likeness of Senator Ted Kennedy. For 124 billion dollars it should be more than 100 times it's present size. The whole world should be able to see this beacon (i mean bacon) from a distance so it should be 40 miles tall. That could actually be possible with the 124 billion dollar budget. It should have elevators that travel from the toes to the head of Ted in less than 7 minutes and that way when tourist ride the elevator to the top inside his sculptural head they can pretend to be the cancer tumor that was removed. Without Ted Kennedy we would never be free. The bigger the Ted we get the better. Vice President Biden was talking about how nice it was that a supreme court justice would be dead in a few months for President Obama's first supreme court justice appointment, thinking of Ted, That won't even cost a million let alone one of 124 billion dollars in stimulus spending. I am so thankful the Senate believes the artist who redesigns the Statue of Liberty in the contest will get $124! How to design a colossal 40 mile tall 124 billion stimulus package statue in memorial of the living Ted Kennedy? I have been thinking. It could be gold plated and diamond studded and it could even contain low rent new York apartments? I am thinking of a ground floor casino, offices for the port authority to floor 600 , a swank super luxury hotel from floors 600 to 9000 and the a free hospital for victims of Medicare to the th floor . After that rent controlled apartments up to the neck. The head should be the observatory open to the public with a bridge toll for those who desire to drive all the way up to the top on one of the President's new stimulus road rebuilding package deals. Should Ted Kennedy ever die there should be a refrigerated replica of Lenin's tomb in the colossal martini glass that will replace the Statue of Liberty's torch. It is so exciting being alive in such corrupt times! Chances are that the actual cost of the Statue of Ted Kennedy will cost ten times the estimated $124 billion. Remember the final cost of the big dig in Boston compared to it's original estimate! Because I want to win this contest I am switching my party affiliation from independent to democrat . Some will say this is a colossal waste of money. They must be kidding. This is in honor of Ted Kennedy! .

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