Monday, July 7, 2014

Bad Junk Trash Art Manifestos

Bad-art, Junk-art, Trash-art, Con-art, Km-art and Walm-art One of These is an Art Movement Born in NYC, the Rest Were Founded in Portland, Oregon by Me Lex Loeb Contributor Network . This could be an auto-biographical piece as I am the founder of all of the art movements above except for Trash-art which was founded by Rolando Politi in NYC late in the last century on the lower east side in squatters housing. I founded all of the rest of these art movements in Portland, Oregon during the last quarter of the last century except for Walm-art that replaced Km-art around 2001. For an art movement to become realized it first requires a printed manifesto. Documentation is important. Every art movement once established with the manifesto necessarily takes on a life of it's own. Both Rolando and I were two of the four original founders of the Transformation movement that was more international in scope since the other founders were Taro Kimura in Tokyo and Roger Petersson in Stockholm. Inism is a movement I joined and with in the context of inism I helped to found INI USA. I also joined Trash Art under the guidance of Rolando Politi who later founded Garbage Land in the Bronx and Gave himself the title of "Trash Pope." I urged Rolando to start Garbage Land in the New York area instead of going foreword with his grander plans for a similar recycled trash amusement park in Sicily. Garbage land unfortunately was short lived and my architectural proposals were never realized because 911 caused it to be shut down when the NYC water front became a security issue. It was rather funny that an amusement park built out of garbage next to a garbage dump would become a security issue but it had. 911 was an unusual time in American history with the color coded alert system , no fly lists and garbage dump security measures. Bad-art was one of my first movements. It was partly inspired by the Hall of Art Horrors at the Where's the Art Gallery run by legendary Stevie Pierce who later founded the 24 hour Church of Elvis. The Hall of art horrors was a pitch black room with mass produced bad art pieces that required visitors to bring a small flash light into the dark space to catch a safe glimpse of the bad art display. Included were prints of ballerinas painted with string and colored rocks , cats with big eyes,and many other varieties I am happy I have forgotten. Unfortunately the Hall of Art Horrors was in existence before Thomas Kincaid's works became popular. My thesis founding Bad-Art was that artists should strive to make bad art because all art is bad. All art is schematic in nature its descriptive or allegorical and much of the greatest art historians praise going all the way back to the ancient Egyptians is merely glorified cartooning. Having founded bad art I wanted to produce works worthy of being in the hall of art horrors and sometime after that realized that I could make works of art that could compete with mass produced bad art. I discovered that it was possible to paint on acrylic instead of canvass and found used dax frames perfect for packaging art pieces. These I began to call KM-art because my work was cheaper than KMart art specials and each piece was entirely original. While I was doing this Jeff Koons was doing Saks-art and Barney's-Art. Rolando actually had his floral arrangements displayed in the windows of Barney's on Madison Avenue. The problem with having founded bad art is immediately it got no respect. Km-art , however , soon became a best seller and I almost entered mass production. I produced more than 15 years worth of KM-art until I renamed the movement Walm-art. I had a break with Bad-art because I rightly found my place in the hall of art horrors and started looking for a con-artist to represent my work figuring that only a con-artist could sell my bad art and KM-art at a high price by somehow marketing the long term investment value of my work. About that time a new gallery opened in portland . I noticed it under construction in a shop front and slid my business card entitled "con-artist wanted" under the door. A few days later I went back over to the space and saw a friend of mine was already having a show there having beat me to mean the new dealer. Not to name names, The new dealer turned out to be a true confidence man and able con-artist. He would get his prospective clients drunk and then close the deal to sell them art. He often sold artists works and never paid the artists. There was no honor among thieves. I was not too worried about my work because I made him give me a written inventory and my art being bad-art really did not mater much.if he stole it. He did sell a few pieces but the real virtue of having a real con -artist as my art dealer was because I had asked for it in the beginning. I had just founded my Con -art movement and in order to make con-art a reality I needed a genuine con-artist and suddenly, as if by magic ,I had one representing me. The objective of Con-art was to use con-artist tactics to make people buy bad art and to appreciate it. The con-artist part of con-art turned out to be a mistake. My dealer turned out to have just gotten out of prison on parole when he opened the gallery and he was swindling lonely middle age women to get the money to invest in several galleries with wine bars to make bad art more palatable when he needed to make a sale. Nothing was safe from the con-artist. It was a mistake after he swindled a friend of mine out of $4000 of art sales selling the pieces with no commission added and keeping all the money for himself to gamble away on booze and playing the state lottery video poker machines. I took the rest of my remaining art and left the gallery. Shorty there after the gallery was gone for good with the art dealer deep under ground hiding from parole officers, creditors and artists who wanted their art back he stole mostly be selling and keeping all the money for his bad habits. That experience led me to found Mind-control art movement. The manifesto states that Mind -Control art sells itself.. It did' not and my art sales fell sharply to next to none . That is when I was forced to write off KM-art and switch to Walm-art .

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