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Being "Out of Phase": A Chapter from Tips and Trips for Time Travelers: I am already out of phase with reality so time travel is no problem.

Being "Out of Phase": A Chapter from Tips and Trips for Time Travelers "Out of Phase" is the Time Traveler Terminology for the Most Enjoyable If Not Entertaining Historic Time Travel Methods that Avoids Almost All Interaction with Historic Beings Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Out of phase time travel is in simple terminology usually going back in time and not foreword that would be analogous to being between the frames of a motion picture in such a way that the audience would not see or hear you but you would be able to watch both them and the film. Out of phase would allow you to be a witness to history with some limited means of interaction. You could actually be seen by others in other times if they were given special glasses to wear but you would only rarely want to do that. Being out of phase allows the time traveler to remain virtually invisible in almost any scene replaying in history completely un-noticed and it prevents most direct interaction/ interventions. The physics of being out of phase works the same way the invisible spots in interference patterns do. What really happens is your realization in a historic time period is you canceling yourself out. Most physicists do not really understand the cause of the interference patterns of cancellation observed and would thus have difficulty understanding how the process is applicable to the time space continuum. It is rather linked to the Doppler effect not just by analogy but in terms of the acceleration of time-space which is why it works best in the historic realm and not the future. It probably will work in the future but there are dangers of bringing out of phase technology to future times when time travel touristy becomes a major economic industry. One can travel back in time and walk directly into a lions staring man eating lions in the face and the lions will not know you exist and cannot interact with you though with some specialized new technology you can switch to in-phase temporarily to kick a lion if you want to and then go back to out of phase for safety. The implication of out of phase technology is that History will need to be re-written and some historians are furious. When it was discovered that Emperor Caligula mental break down was caused by his finding out that he had long been deceived by Tiberius who adopted him as a son about what actually happened to his parents he snapped. The person who finally had him believe the obvious totally wrecks the contemporary historian's version of the story and makes fools of thousands of years of historians. Every lie and misunderstanding of history is about to be corrected as the out of phase program proceeds with more field researchers going back in time to find the answers to most of the most persistent mysteries of history. George Washington did actually cut down a cherry tree and it is not a myth at all. George Washington was willing to become the King or Emperor of the United States but because there was no money in it opted out of that and settled for president with limited powers. The American people were not ready back then for their imperial presidency with no trillion dollar bail outs after the revolutionary war. Out of Phase time travel is an asyncratic Doppler effect of the time-space continuation. Right now it still just a lab experiment and everything still speculative. No video or camera shots have been released to the public yet from true real time history but it will be. Hubble Telescope photographs have completely changed our view of the cosmos just wait till history rolls over in it's grave. Angry letters from historians keep coming into the in box at the lab. Many are livid because they already spent a life writing or re-writing history that they do not want any video taped proof of what actually happened. They don't want to know that Cleopatra was kept as a sex slave in the palatine hill palace in Rome and that she did not commit suicide and they don't want to know that the Mayans were just a ruthless cannibalizing civilization. The proof will be coming in photographs and video taken just when it happened. Time travelers in the out of phase mode will have the ability to act like ghosts because they can interact without being detected once that technology is perfected. Time travel ghosts and ghosts in history might be what the process will be called in the future. Knowing the past too well may also be dangerous. The life and times of Jesus Christ are completely off limits because some of the funding for the project is coming from a religious university that does not want any changes in religious doctrine to be the result of interference in the new testament stories. The university wants to be sure that only the proper biblical scholars make the trip and they see the danger of travelers acting as if they are angels from the future interfering with history. History cannot be changed by the process of any time travel because as earlier stated there are separate lines of historical process that result from time travel interventions. You can recreate a new line of history that will never affect the line we are commonly on until there is some new advance in the technology. The asyncratic Doppler out of phase technology also has a few draw backs. Once the technology is perfected for the future it is possible for the police to use it as a monitoring device and they can prevent crimes before they happen but then academics will cry foul because of the whole discussion of free will. Someone cannot be arrested by law because they are going to commit a crime that there is no evidenced that they planned to do it in advance. So If investigators were to have gone to the site of the OJ murders and OJ really was the murderer (which we now already know he was not) and he did not intend to do it in a premeditated manner than police will have no unwarrantable reason to stop it. Out of phase technology already shows us that OJ was completely innocent and the cops did indeed plant evidence because the real killer was after Ron Goldman and killed the lady because she was a witness. At the time that that discovery was made there was no video camera on hand to record the events so someone will have to go back and do it later. The researchers do not want to be pressed into service of getting everyone out of prison who was unfairly convicted for crimes they did not commit so it may never be released anyways. It costs over a million dollars just to send some one back in time for a period of 60 consecutive minutes of present lag chronological time. Until the cost and energy requirements go down for the use of this technology these time machines are reserved only for important historical discoveries. One example might be the JFK assassination. The problem with an out of phase study of what transpired up to cause the JFK assassination is then to figure out what key points and time in history to visit. Do you have to follow Lee Harvey Oswald or President Johnson or both? At over one million dollars an hour to run the achronological accelerator it becomes a hard decision to make and ancient history can be more rewarding and easier to pin point dates than a possible conspiracy but even then we are finding that the past 2000 years is plus or minus 2019 to 2100 because of some lost historic dating discrepancies and that is problematic enough. There is a problem with meshing one historic calendar with the next and then coming into the unrecorded dark ages. Asyncratic out of phase technology is going to prove to be a favorite technology. The specs on the technology are patented because that would cause the technology to come into the public domain. .

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