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Bernie Madoff Action Figure is Now Available Online!

Bernie Madoff Action Figure is Now Available Online! Not Long Ago Washington Mutual Bank Had Bank Teller Action Figures. Collect Them All Lex Loeb Contributor Network . I have my Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfield Action figures and my Dr Sigmund Freud that Goes nicely with my back and white ninja action figures. Now I can get the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Action figure . I also want to get the Secretary of the Treasury Paulson with a mini roll of trillion dollar bills right off the printing press. The benefit of buying a Bernie Madoff action figure is that one can use it as voodoo doll. The plastic maybe too hard to press pins into but that wont top one from power drilling holes . I sold my buddy Jesus action figure but maybe should have held on to it? To Find the Bernie Madoff ponzi action figure online just google it! How can there be a world economic depression when Chinese factories workers have jobs making plastic Bernie Madoff action figures? Do your part for the economy and buy one or you can wait for the Animated Bernie Madoff Movie when the cheaper knock off comes out. Soon Bernie will Join the Obama administration as a financial specialist to the US Treasury and he will have his own reality show on TV to host training young con artists to follow his method.


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Best Kept Secret Park in Lake Oswego

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