Monday, July 14, 2014

Best Middle Eastern "Spice Market" in the Portland Area

Preview Best Middle Eastern "Spice Market" in the Portland Area Bazaar Market Has the Best Selection of Middle Eastern Spices and Other Mid East Goods Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Looking for authentic middle eastern spices and other food and dry goods? Bazaar Market located at 10255 SW Canyon Road in Beaverton maybe the best choice with the best selection in town. The store also has an attached restaurant. Spices to help create everything from an authentic fatush salad to shish kabob are available at this store with several different brand lines from the mid east and elsewhere. They carry a variety of middle eastern breads , dried chick peas, fava beans lentils, canned goods and more. There are other middle eastern grocery stores in the area but this one is a little more friendly than others and has an expanding selection with a relatively large square footage. It is not as well stocked maybe as what can be found in Dearborn, Michigan but it is on it's way. The store is clean and well organized with easy parking. Looking for sumac spice for cooking or seven spice mix , large bags of dill , a complete line of pre-prepared curries spice mixes from India this is a great store to visit. The meat department is small and ignorable which becomes unpleasant in some of the other stores. Looking for Indian incense at a reasonable price it is available here. If you want to make dal with various sorts of lentils and have trouble finding the little red lentils elsewhere in town this is a place to find them. Exotic tastes from the middle east , north Africa and India are found here especially in the spice aisles. Pomegranate sauce and stuffed grape leaves are available . There are also now dry goods like trays and serving utensils. Try some of the spice mixes like a tandoori mix or the seven spice at your next BBQ and you will find your food has the same tastes as the best of the Lebanese restaurants. Add fresh lemon and extra virgin olive oil to get that desired result. Try finding those same spice mixes elsewhere in town and it is hard to do. There are other middle eastern stores but were not as well stocked as this one. This store also attracts a colorful clientèle in native middle eastern and African attire that you may find difficult to find elsewhere in town. Unlike Dearborn Michigan stores there were no fresh dates, fresh and not dried, and no memorable fresh fruits and vegetables. For those there is the Japanese department store not far away on Beaverton Hillsdale highway or the Korean super market further down SW canyon road under the freeway interaction overpass. The big Fred Meyers is not far away in central Beaverton. Spice packets are generally cheaper than spice mixes by the pound or once found at American style grocery super markets so you can buy several and try them out to see if they work for you and if not give them away to your friends. The spice combinations are excellent for BBQ and for fresh garnishes and salads. There are likely spices there you have never seen before and others you already have but did not know you could buy cheaper like ginger powder. Stop by and have a look. One does not need to be a great cook to make some new culinary discoveries here. The address is: Bazaar Market,10255 SW Canyon Rd, Beaverton, Oregon 97005 .

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