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Beware of the New World Currency George Soros Passionately Says He Wants to Replace the US Dollar With!

Beware of the New World Currency George Soros Passionately Says He Wants to Replace the US Dollar With! All George Soros Really Wants to Do is Move the Printing Press . Does that Make Any Sense? Lex Loeb Contributor Network . It is pretty certain that the US dollar will continue to be devalued the way it has been due to inflation for the foreseeable future. There has been an obvious compounding effect of the dollar being debased over the years that may have averaged a compounded rate of something like 3% devaluation over many years. Some of us were around when a refrigerated bottle of coke was 10 cents. The same bottle of coke today is between $1 and $1.79 depending on where you go to buy it. We have all lived with devaluation of the US dollar over the years . One of the forgotten reasons people borrowed so much money to buy homes and everything else was they learned to have the expectation for inflation. They also know that property has appreciated more than the rate of inflation in some places where a home that may have cost $100,000 30 years ago may now be worth $300,000 to $600,000 and maybe twice that in places like San Francisco California.. There was a risk of not borrowing money with economic dynamics of real estate appreciation and inflation. The risk of not borrowing money has not totally gone away even as we have a whiff of actual deflation in the air. The whiff of deflation we all have had is an indicator that the US dollar is at least temporarily appreciating verses buying physical assets. So what is the big George Soros concern about the US Dollar? Why is Soros complaining that the US dollar needs to be replaced with some international agency world currency? Why is he complaining there should be an "orderly collapse " of the US dollar? Probably because the US dollar is not in collapse. It is the currency of choice though out Latin America, eastern Europe and much of the rest of the world. The only currency that tends to appreciate on a regular basis is the Swiss Franc and Soros is free to keep his finances invested entirely in Swiss Francs more than everyone else since his business is international trading. No one has to accept US dollars and that even goes back to the Marshall plan and subsequent US foreign aid paid out in us dollars over about a century. Alan Greenspan said he worked to flood eastern Europe and Russia with US dollar resources when the soviet union collapsed because there was not much alternative and it does not seem that the Euro or pre-euro currencies played much of any role in preventing a bigger economic meltdown than occurred. There is a lot of good will associated with the US dollar that no other currency in history has ever accumulated mostly because of foreign aid and the Marshall plan. The dollar has its weaknesses but it also has many strengths. The US dollar is a sovereign currency controlled by the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank. Many commodities are priced in US dollars chief among them Petroleum.. When the dollar declines the price of oil and gasoline tends to go up in the US . Elsewhere in the world a declining dollar can mean lower oil prices. Is there something wrong with that? Why should oil be priced in Euros and Yen or French Francs? To be sure Americans should have to pay more for oil? Is that what Soros wants? Why? The US produces most of its own oil and other energy resources. It makes no sense for the largest economy on earth to give up a successful currency that it controls that benefits it. Why would the US Treasury or the Federal Reserve want the us dollar to collapse? They can make it collapse anytime they want just by printing more dollars than anyone can use and putting them into circulation or by buying up bonds and notes and filling bank accounts with digital cash. Why would it be better to give say the Chinese or the Swiss more control over our economic future? For that mater why not just give control of the US economy and it's currency to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela? That is how stupid the Soros proposal is. Hugo Chavez is doing everything predicted that he can do to destroy the economy in Venezuela. This is important to this expose because Chavez recently devalued the currency in Venezuela as an oil exporting nation such as to make the US dollar more valuable! Soros knows how all of this works. So what is it he really wants when he talks about the need to collapse the US dollar on a wholesale basis? Soros only wants to make money . That is one theory because his proposal to replace the dollar and have an orderly collapse for it means making the US more like a Latin American banana republic with massive devaluations like Venezuela and other Latin American states that cause whole sale losses to the economy and make fast recovery impossible. Soros just wants to move the money printing presses to some expensive to maintain organization like the United Nations. What is the benefit in that to US citizens or people around the world who presently own us dollars or securities and notes priced in US dollars? NONE. Why? Soros is not suggesting the new replacement world currency for the US dollar be backed by gold, silver or any other commodity . No Soros just wants to move our sovereign mint and printing presses to some vast bureaucratic organization like the United Nations. When you think of that you think of the goodwill of the United Nations over the years and compare it to the US over the years, the United Nations is a wasteful money pit and unlike the US it has no major land holdings or resources to back up the value of any currency with. The United Nations can just start printing a currency anytime it likes. Maybe it already has a UN dollar in circulation. Would you want to put your money into that? Probably not. The United Nations was unable to stop the last 4 genocides. The United Nations has needed the US to almost exclusively finance it over the years! The United Nations is a joke and a corrupt joke at that. So what is Soros up to? Does he want the World Monetary Fund to print the new currency? Soros has control of assets well over his net worth. He probably could just go out tomorrow and start his own alternative currency . That is what securities are essentially is a convertible form of currency. Soros knows that too. Soros could buy up gold and establish a mint if that is what he has in mind for money tomorrow. Why bother when you can find several gold ETFs to invest in which is the exact same thing as backing your currency with Gold. Soros is not popularizing those ETFs but seems to have been buying into them at the same time he was telling everyone in the financial world that gold is now the ultimate financial bubble! Anyone who thinks moving the US dollar printing presses and mint to the United Nations or any kind of new world order organization is going to stop inflation is fooling themselves. Just look at how well the Euro has preformed over the years only to crash worse than the US dollar recently. Maybe Soros lost some money on his euro holdings and is going broke that he wants the dollar shot down? Soros is concerned that Americans consume too much because he is an environmental kook? It seems to me that Oil is scarce enough that people seek to buy efficient cars that burn less gas even without laws promoting the use of such cars . Why shouldn't US citizens consumes as much of the world's resources as they want to? Is it better that the Chinese may soon consume more than we do? If you look at the cost of socialism in Europe you see higher chronic unemployment there and lower annual wages than the USA. Why should anyone want Soros to impose that nonsense on the US? Why? Is Soros a clown ? An Anti-American clown? Maybe. It is like he believes in economic treason trying to collapse the US economy for no good reason. All he wants to do is move the printing presses and then flood the world with Soros dollars? It makes no sense. Maybe Soros is just old and demented? Knowing US history it seems the USA has been less imperial than the history of any other nation and it has a better reputation around the world. Why would anyone want to put china on a world currency board when they help North Korea keep economic criminals in death camps? What a country to trust with our currency. Or how about giving Iran or Saudi Arabia a bigger say on how we print our money in the US to control our appetite for the world's resources and wealth. Do African Countries run by brutal dictators or those nice guys running Burma need to have a say on a one world currency? They would if that is what "Soros has in mind with his internationalism. Leaving the dollar alone sounds like the better solution even with the horrible tendency of the US government to use inflation to debase us dollar savings. Countries like China and Japan that have hoarded US dollars can sell their treasury notes anytime they want and use the money to buy stuff made in America. It would result in some inflation as goods left for offshore ports creating scarcity here but that would give us full employment almost immediately because that is what happens when the orders for goods exceeds what can be quickly produced or is stock piled. Soros does not seem to like that solution. As the premier futures and options trading house he should be able to make money no mater what the dollar does. The Soros plan just make no sense. It is probably just a way to try to stir up fear in US markets to get people to make the wrong financial decisions where he can later take advantage of them like a wolf. A wolf that crys wolf! Who says you have to believe Soros? It is dangerous. It is possible he is also demented in his old age but not so likely because his financial house knows better. One solution might be to have the US congress ban Soros from using the dollar in transaction so he can show us all the better alternative before we take his advice and are all forced to switch ! Soros has to produce a monetary alternative to the dollar on his own instead of supporting political nonsense like , He puts enough money into his political contributions. Soros show us the new money! If you want out of the dollar there are plenty of alternatives already. Maybe you are thinking twice about the Euro after after what we just saw happen in Europe. Maybe you remember the way the Russians devalued the Rubble a couple of times? Maybe you wonder why China is limiting capital investment in that country because of Inflation when their government is fully responsible for printing all that 'stimulus money'. Why not just go to the Swiss government give them gold and have them print out more Swiss Francs as convertible paper? Isn't there inflation in Switzerland too":? If Soros does not want to be a US Citizen and does not care for the US having the power over it's own currency he can buy his own country and ask other countries to join because he has the ability to create a world Utopian currency. Show us all before you try to elect us politicians that will force us to join! Prove your currency is better. Why not just a Soros ETF commodity based currency exchange unit? The ETFs already exist if you want that currency to rid your bank accounts of dollars You can even buy a whole world currency EFT already! The gold EFT is approximately what a gold exchange dollar used to be. You can buy the units and convert to gold or dollars or any other currency anytime you want to. Soros is not being honest about his true intentions? What are his intentions? What are the evil crimes of the US financial empire that Soros aims to correct? Maybe he is just demented. The growth of the EFT markets for commodities , securities and all kinds of hybrids has been an explosive growth area in us finances over the years .It means that a lot of Americans have discovered the use of alternative currencies. already. It is a sign that people are already protecting themselves against the possibility , i some cases going over board with the obvious emerging gold bubble and parabolic silver prices, but how is replacing the dollar with some other printed currency going to make any sense what so ever? There is no way most of us want to have united nations dollars in our bank accounts and we certainly don't want the united nations taxing us at some progressive rate where we in America are at a higher rate of taxation than poor countries around the world. There is no way we as Americans want to give up any percentage of our popular sovereignty to support a band of garbage two cent third world dictators and thugs who send their representatives of the United Nations. An even better solution for George Soros is for George to fund the United Nations with his own money and let the US off the hook for having to fund it. Then he can be in charge of the new UN currency. Put it in circulation and let us all see how worthwhile it would be to trade our dollars in for those. The problem is that dollars don't necessarily disappear when you trade them in for an other currency. Does Soros just want us all to burn all the US dollars and then ask for hand outs form the United Nations? Who knows? Soros may not be a threat at all just a completely demented old man? One more thing to think about when it comes to US history and the US dollar. When the US built the panama canal it did so with a lease from Panama. It did not come in as sovereign wealth investment fund . You can compare US foreign aid which comes to countries for free as wasteful, which it is, and give higher marks to the Chinese building rail roads and dams in third world countries as a primary investor in those projects. The US has given away more dollars for development projects and programs around the world or has allowed private us companies to make their own contracts. It is hard to imagine the United Nations or the world monetary fund ( which was always paid for primarily by the US too) to be more giving than the US was with the dollar! China is giving a whole lot less away. Maybe the Chinese idea makes more sense than the foreign aid gift idea? What Soros seems to have in mind is a coercive means to force the US to give up it's greater wealth to lower common denominator economic failure countries that sealed their own doom with corruption or socialism the way Hugo Chavez is systematically raping Venezuela. Soros had better just show us all how it is done before trying to force us into his new financial system. When Paypal started out they actually gave people a few dollars to demonstrate how their account system worked and it paid off big time for Paypal! Everyone using paypal currency and banking does so voluntarily. That would be the way for Soros to get started going about tempting people to see things his way for a new currency but that is not how he operates. No Soros wants coercive legislation anywhere he can find it!! Soros is almost sure to stay super rich whether the US dollar collapses or not so why does it mater to him that he makes such an issue of it? It seems Soros is just attempting to cause harm something like a computer hacker. Hard to say. He certainly is not looking for a voluntary solution based on advantages given to others. Its seems Soros wants to steal your lunch from you if he can get away with it and that maybe the best explanation of all? .

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