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Big Government, Promises, Accountability , Priorities, Real and Fake Benefits, the Propaganda Mill and Social Service Programs like Health Care

Big Government, Promises, Accountability , Priorities, Real and Fake Benefits, the Propaganda Mill and Social Service Programs like Health Care Oregon Department of Human Services Gets Hit with a 32 Million Dollar Lawsuit for Two Children Horribly Abused in a Foster Family Favored by the Agency Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Got the dream of free health care for everyone with a big government take over? Government is going to take care of you. Right? In Oregon and across the nation it was not very long away when the US Congress and the state Capitol in Oregon decided that Government had the duty to go out and protect children from abuse and neglect as a major national and state priority. The money spent already is an enormous sum. In Oregon it is an annual sum in the billions of dollars most of it imported grant funding from Washington, DC. This is multiplied across the country by the number of states. The money is so good that is all that seems to mater to the state social service agencies. The whole system instantly became a racket where children get sucked into the system whether they are abused or not and held as long as possible on some social security funded bounty system that encourages the state child saving protection service agencies to hold children as long as possible or just the number of days required for the funding to application to kick the funds in the state from Washington. In Oregon the social services intentionally extend "investigations" until they get their funding grant money and in the mean time will keep children locked away in "safe" and wholesome foster family farms rather than return them to innocent parents. No mater how abusive or neglectful the State of Oregon gets the more positive glowing reviews they get from the local media. The local media reporter just read the propaganda the agency pumps out on a regular basis. The Department of Human services and local child protection offices have hundreds of people employed just to invent positive looking statistics to justify their existence and the huge sums of money consumed with the employment of social workers, psychologists, medical services, attorneys and judges. Everything is for the benefit of children. 5000 were in custody for a period of time in government custody less than 1000 of them were actually abused or neglected. Annually there are 50,000 reports of abuse and neglect and the agency is too under staffed to take care of all of the report abut all are well trained professionals the need more money and more staff for what they are doing. That is the normal propaganda that comes out and then out of the blue you find out that children are being raped and murdered by a state appointed mentor in a foster family and the local media goes on with the charade. No one is at fault. The agency social workers were not required by law back then to do a background check on people hired by or working for the system and the murder has a long criminal history of dangerous behavior. The knee jerk reaction of the legislators in Salem, the capitol of Oregon is to pass a new law to make background checks required for everyone even. Later on it takes a special law to make it possible for union member teachers in public schools to be accused and investigated of child abuse including sex abuse. Yes it took a special law in Oregon! After that the media goes on with its glowing positive reviews again. It is the big media that is pushing their progressive addenda to take over health care in the USA. These are the same people that gave us such great government controlled child care. Then the shit hits the fan again. Two children are discovered nearly starved to death in a foster home favored by Oregon state child protection services. The Children are half their normal weight , skin and bones and the immediate reaction of the child care works is to own up and say they made a huge mistake? No, they go on the defensive and they start yet a new cover up. No public employee at the union level, can ever be fired in Oregon and it is not very nice to try to hold them accountable for criminal activity either. Remember in Oregon Child neglect is a crime. Not for the state of Oregon. Not for the federal government. A few days ago a lawsuit was filed asking for 32 million dollars for the abuse of these children nearly starved to death by the state of Oregon. The state is responsible for having the duty to check up foster families and they did and they did not. The poor parents of these children may have been non abusers the way the system works. There have been cases where the parents the agency takes the children to complain to the agency that their children are being abused and neglected and the agency threatens them. Oregonians are not aware of just how bad the system is. It is and has been run by goons for years and years and they don't give a damn about child Welfare. The parents are assumed guilty before proven innocent in every case thanks to absurd federal and state law making. But the agency refused to do background checks on employees for years and years because it would harm worker's rights. Parents are not even allowed to get a second medical opinion for their children in custody. A local radio talk show host had his child taken because she had a bruise on her face from an accident. The agency was falsely accusing him of hitting her face with a frying pan which the child consistently denied. The money is good once they get a child into state custody or start an "investigation." Each investigation and custody situation employs hundreds of people directly and indirectly. The money is very good. The state of Oregon looks at the system as a big free cash cow coming from Washington dc where they have to snag as many children in the system as possible even when they are not abused nor neglected. When a 32 million dollar lawsuit comes up they hire a very expensive lawyer to defend the state and its fat purse from those evil lying children who were unfortunately abused and neglected by accident. No parent in Oregon gets the accidental is OK treatment! No way. What does this have to do with the push for national health care? Everything. These social workers , lawyers, judges, psychologist and unions are the exact same people who want to take over your health care. They say they are doing it for your welfare. NOT! Congress is talking about the national priorities for this and that. Low cost health care , Universal access, benefits for all. Then you read the legislation and their plans don't cover everyone, fine you for not having health care insurance, raise taxes on your pace maker and eye glasses. The progressive media propaganda mill keeps talking about how historic everything is with congress passing various national health care bills. The word "historic" means they favor what congress is doing and is an endorsement. When ever you hear some one of PBS or ABC talking about the health care bill being "historic" it means that health care is really one of your national rights of citizenship just like child welfare was supposed to be. When they use the word "historic" it plainly means they have a progressive socialist bias. They don't use the word historic to describe the stimulus spending bill or TARP funding because they are not sure that is as positive. These are the same people that let give the child saving industry a pass from investigative journalism. Big government promises accountability, priorities and Real Benefits and when it comes to putting children first which we believe is more important than health care since we passed that historic legislation first, we get nothing but false promises and a big fat propaganda mill that keeps the abuses and neglect going. Can you imagine what long term care will be like for you when the government takes over the health care system? You won't be treated any better than those two children who have to file a 32 million dollar lawsuit against the state of Oregon because the State of Oregon will not just publicly come clean, fire the worthless public employees who cause this harm and compensate the children directly for the harm done to them with all the unlimited access to federal funding they are gleefully funding. No. They want to pay a fancy lawyer first rather than just settling with the abused children they almost killed. I don't want my doctor as a member of a union. And I don't want to see a wellness social worker before waiting in line for 6 months to see a doctor. It is hard to imagine government being more efficient or cheaper than a completive open market system of health care. If i have to wait six months to see a doctor for a complaint that is an added cost and a big cost. That is what happens in Canada and Britain. The costs are hidden. Time is money or loss of life. After seeing how legislation designed to protect and save neglected and abused children went so bad and became a complete racket in spite of the best original intentions. I can say I don't want anyone's good intentions legislation to take over my health care options. You can't sue the federal government the way you can the the states so they will act with impunity because they have almost absolute immunity. If you have a problem with the federal government you have to go to your senator's office and talk to them but that won't do any good. You can go to a senator like Ron Wyden of Oregon over and over again and they will call the police on you to get you away from them because the big government program that is supposed to be protecting and saving is Saving children by definition no matter how bad it gets! These Senators must be in on getting kick backs in campaign funding from the same people cashing in on the racket. Private lawyers and psychologist are on the payola May be sending Ron Wyden and our other senators a check to keep the system working the way it is. The same thing happened the last time the congress considered going to a flat rate tax system , the accountant lobby started funding senators and congressmen to make sure you still need to file complicated tax forms every year. Already in the US Senate the money form big health care interests is flooding in and everyday you read in the newspaper that the Senators keep changing their minds on the role of pharmaceutical companies , lawyers and this and that. The whole thing is a scam and a racket and everyone of the well meaning senators that want national health care must necessarily know that the heart felt feeling of just doing the best thing for the American people is a big crock of nonsense with the real benefits going to special interests and not to patients except for show propaganda example patients. In oregon over 70 percent of the run away street kids come out of the state's glorious foster families that only take children "not for the money". Some percentage of these run away children are not even known by the agency to be run aways and they may still be paying the foster family money when the kid is no longer there nor even reported lost or missing. Wait till you go to the hospital after congress fixes that. You maybe left to die and you wont be reported as lost in the system somewhere because the bureaucrats will have to be making things look better than they are with constant requests for more money and man power and then going on strike if they don't get it. If they accidental cut off the wrong foot of your grandmother, they will lie about it . It never happened. You can't sue the doctor , the hospital and they certainly won't make any immediate compensation available to your grandmother. She is probably at fault. After two years of government cover ups about what really happened your grandmother will have to find a lawyer to sue the state of Oregon for 32 million dollars and they will punish her for doing so by putting her in a long term care foster family from hell where they starve her to death. So you really want to turn your health care into a government service? The State of Oregon should be liable for billions already for the harm they have done to children thanks to BS good intentions. Already the state of Oregon has a public health care plan that has proved to be BS. The state talks about changing the health care cost curve and other nonsense like that but they exclude a number of expensive medical treatments from patients getting any access to them where the state is taking a state waiver of federal funding rules to redirect limited money to wellness social workers. We are all in for health care hell once the federal government comes up with it's new plan and the state of Oregon uses it as a money machine racket just like they have with child protection care. Oh, and no mater how bad it gets the media will continue talking about how historic and wonderful and perfect the system is. No wonder Cuba has the best health care on earth! .

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