Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bitchocracy and Other Alternative Forms of Government

Bitchocracy and Other Alternative Forms of Government A Glossary of Terms for Alternative Non Traditional Non Democratic Governments Lex Loeb, Contributor Network . Professor Chowmonkey in the political sciences department at Lowtech University recently published the book of alternative non democratic governments. The book offers insight in how government can evolve under ordinary circumstances where democratic principles become less important over time. Here is a brief glossary of terms from the book to give the reader some of the juicy flavor of the book without having to read all 475 pages: Amorocracy: Rule of free love. This is the form of government devised by the sex crazed leaders who are so attractive to their subjects that the purpose of goverment is to provide for the lascivious desires of civilization as the definition of health safety and welfare. This government is run by a sort of President of love. It could become a Pornocracy if love is overly confused with sex. Some believe that the governments of France and Italy have already gone the way of pornocracy because Latin love is the principle reason for government in romance language countries. Pornocracy: See Amorocracy above. Bitchocracy: This is what ultimately would become of the form of government in the United States if Hillary Clinton ever were to become president. Some believe Susan Palin could introduce the same form of government but that would seem unlikely since Palin is more likely to turn the USA into a Republicocracy which is the real reason we call the USA a democracy since republicocracy sometimes seems to be a mouth full of a spelling. Dudecracy: Rule by the dude. This is an alternative government where some laid back dude takes over. Who's the dude man? Idiocracy: Rule by Idiots. We did have Jimmy Cater as president. The United States almost risked becoming an ideocracy back then but survived thanks to Ronald Reagan. Bibleocracy: This is a form of government based on the holy bible. Instead of a president and a democracy we have a second coming or a King Solomon. Jerkocracy: Rule by jerks. The US congress is already so flush full of jerks the country could just slip into a jerkocracy with out anyone noticing. Hypocrisy: Rule by hype. Freakocracy: Rule by Freaks. This is what happens when meth addicts unite and start running the country. Funocracy--Rule just for fun. When government believes in epicureans we become a society that seeks perfect pleasure and if not a pleasureocracy it should at least be a funocracy. Plaidocracy...Plaid...rulers who wear plaid. Potocracy: When Marijuana becomes the reason for government. If a monarchy is an alternative form of government then there is a problem with finding someone with appropriate American blue blood which is why JFK and Lady Di were so important to the American Mass media... The alternative could be a nerdopoly or a nerdocracy. If that does not work why not a shitocracy? We Americans can devise a new improved form of government after all we invented the condom, the phonograph and the algorenet. juicyocracy: Rule by fruit juice? They can have my sour grapes if they want them. This is the Pop soda nation we are talking about the land of cola wars. When the cola wars are finally settled it will have to be Popocracy. There is no alternative like an aristocracy or a bureaucracy. We already have too much of that it led us to our present state of autocracy which might as well be autocratic rule. Thanks to Professor Chowmonkey we now have a glimpse of the beneficial alternatives to Democracy let just hope it's not a bithocracy. Better than a dumbocracy. .

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