Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What Happens If The President Is Convicted And Goes To Prison? Does The Secret Service Go With Him To Protect Him?

Did you know that just because a president is impeached does not mean he can be forced to leave office? The constitution is not exactly clear on that subject nor does it provide any due process. Impeachment also is not necessarily going to result in any criminal prosecution nor any conviction of any crimes. So What happens if the president is charged with terrible crimes and gets convicted with a sentence of life in prison? Automatically, the secret service will follow the president to protect him there. The prison will prove to be in adequate and the new president will necessarily have to pass an executive order having the government purchase an entire 5 plus star hotel resort like the Biltmore or the Ritz and convert it into a one room , presidential suite hotel prison with permanent housing for the secret service protection crews and to make room for the presidential library too. To save money on secret service expenses, the president's family may have to move in with him and no other inmates would be invited even if from his own administration. Buying a resort hotel and converting it to a Presidential prison might cost tax payers up to 2 billion dollars plus annual expenses to run it of maybe 100 million. If that is not excessive enough the president will have to have a suitable chef for his special presidential / ex presidential diet which includes a 7 course mean three times a day at least once with live lobster or Caviar and prime rib. There also has to be a presidential Helicopter landing pad because that is also a requirement.

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