Monday, July 7, 2014

Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Store and Visitor Center in Milwaukie , Oregon--Over 500 Different Milled Product Available Here

Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Store and Visitor Center in Milwaukie , Oregon--Over 500 Different Milled Product Available Here Over 500 Different Milled and Grain Packaged Products Are Available Here Lex Contributor Network . Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Store and Visitor Center located in Milwaukie Oregon along highway 224 is worth visiting even if you find their products sold at your local super market because this store has an inventory of different products that is mind boggling. There are a total of more than 500 different products that the pack, manufacture and distribute some only seasonally. The Visitor Center is visible from the highway and looks like a big red barn. When you drive up to it though the gates you see it has what is probably a full size ornamental water wheel operating in front and inside it is moving all sort of gears. The actual factory is a mile away. To see an actual antique mill in the Portland Area you can look up the Grist Mill outside of Vancouver Oregon on the Washington side of the river. This mill is real just not antique. It does have the water wheel on display and big granite milling stones that may or may not be antique. These could be stones they actually use in the mill for stone grinding. Once you walk inside there is a dizzying number of different products for sale from hole grains and beans to a whole super market aisle with different types of milled flours. Chefs , Cooks and Bread makers should make a visit just for a learning experience if not to find types of grains , flours and other products not easily found elsewhere. Most super markets that carry Bob's Red Barn Product do not carry nearly as many as in this flag ship company store. Products of note include various grains like teff. Have you heard of teff? It is an ancient Egyptian grain and it is the world's smallest grain and is one that is suitable for consumption by diabetics as glutten free. There is bagged teff and various grades of ground teff including teff flour. Teff may just be one of the grains you may not have ever heard of before available at Bob's Red Barn. If you care for the Organic label this is definately the place for that too. Here are more grains available in flours, meals and mixes: ten grain flour, gluten free all purpose baking flour blend, almond meal flour, hazel nut meal flour, chestnut flour, Amaranth four, barley flour, malted barley flour , black bean flour, green pea flour, buckwheat flour, coconut flour, corn flour, various corn meals and flours,fava bean flour, flaxseed meal, millet flour, oat flour, quinoa flour , brown rice flour, sweet rice flour, , pumpernickle dark rye flour, sorghum flour, spelt flour , soy flours, Triticale flour, teff flour, tapioca, Wheat flours, Bean mixes and many more. Bob's Red mill also carries many different cereal grains and not just oat meal including some odd sounding products like: organic Kamut cereal, Peppy kernels, and millet grits. There are bread mixes, baking mixes and pancake and waffle mixes, soup free mixes, glutten free mixes. With over 500 products to name you can just go and find more with their online catalog pick up a paper copy at the store. Grains , Beans and Seeds are a whole other department of different products including all sort of rice, rice and bean mixtures and seeds. The company also produces bag ready mixes for entrées. Oats are rolled and proceed in a variety of different ways as a one more separate department of goods available. There are also baking aids, books and baking tools for sale at the store. The hazel nut and blanched almond flour meal is refrigerated because of the fat content in the grain and is great for making nut cookies , cakes and exceptional tart and pie crusts. Chestnut meal is available in season probably because it's shelf life is more limited. Fresh chestnut meal is much better tasting that dried out chestnut meal from Italy if you can find it because the dried out meal tends to be bitter tasting. The store is a popular place for breakfast and lunches that are served. There is an upper story with seating for dining, coffee and fresh baked goods. Across the street from Bob's Red Mill is Dave's Bread factory outlet store. Stop in there and taste their various bread types including the surviva nature bake brands they make. They have "day old breads " that are cheap to buy and perfectly fresh for use. If you want to make a full culinary trip you can also go further south to Oregon City and visit Tony's Smoke House outlet where various smoked fish are available. Across the street from the smoke house is a good reasonable priced green grocer with local fruits and vegetables that is quite popular with the locals. Just google these other business to get the addresses. Bob's Red Mill Store is located at 13521 SE Pheasant Ct, Milwaukie, Or 97222 or go to their website at and you can probably order by mail order with a credit card from an online catalog. Special gift boxes are availble in the catalog, .

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