Tuesday, July 15, 2014

brief history.

A Brief History of Governments and Money American Presidents Cannot Compete with the Greed of Kings and Emperors in Other Countries Mostly Thanks to the US Consitution Lex LoebContributor Network . Anyone who thinks that the economic boom and bust cycle is new to modern captialist civilization does not know very much about world history. Minor kings became great emperors with suitable financing. Armies cost money. Wars are never inexpensive. Most empires required many armed attacks to annex new territories. There is not a single instance in world history where a successful military campaign of imperial / royal expansion was not based on solid financing. Kingdoms thrived in times of great economic expansions and failed when financing ran dry. The wide spread belief that government taxes people for the benefit of the people paying the taxes is as much an absurd notion today as it was in the enitre history of civilization. It really is a myth and a fantasy to think that just because a senator or representative won an office by popular vote in a particular state that that senator or representative .

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