Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Buying a House Just for the Dogs: Another Story of American Excess

Buying a House Just for the Dogs: Another Story of American Excess Americans Are Crazy About Their Pets and Will Spend Any Amount of Money on Making Them Happy. when You See Your Neighbors Buying the Foreclosed on Home Next Door Just for Their Dogs to Live You Know Should Be Doing the Same for Your Dogs Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Would you guess that the latest trend in America is buying or building new homes just for their pets to live in? This country is going to the dogs in excess. Neighbors are snapping up inexpensive fire sale foreclosed homes adjacent to their own homes and out fitting 1000 sq ft plus homes just for their pets. Your dogs should be living in a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home too. It is a trend that you probably don't want to miss if you own pets. Touring one home out fit for three dogs to live in we find each of them has their own bed room. Dogs prefer human beds to those rag pillows on the floor. Each one has a separate individually decorated bed room in a style that meets the discerning taste of type of dog that will be sleeping there. The Kitchen is outfit for dogs and the front and back doors are punched out with special dog portals so they can go in and out when they feel like or go over to the master house to visit when they like. The fence between the houses is breached just enough to give the dogs the privacy they want but allow them to take command of the yard of both houses. The dog dining room has a typical American dining table with the legs sawed off so it is only about a half a foot off the ground. Bathrooms are converted to dogie spas. That have constantly running water in what had been shower basins for drinking and water romp areas for dogs that enjoy getting wet and shaking off the water. For larger dogs some of the toilets are just used for fresh water drinking basins since there really is no need for toilets in a home for use by dogs. The toilets are left there to preserve resale value of the house in case it is later sold to people who want to live there. Climate controls are set to what the dog likes it to be. Most dogs don't want air conditioning but they do want to have heat in the winter. Specialty services for pets provide dog house maid service on a once a week basis to clean the dog house and some larger Beverley hills dog homes have a live in staff that feeds and cares for the pets living there often in traditional professional uniforms because that kind of thing is important in Hollywood. Dogs even get their own mailing address so the post man still has to deliver mail to the dog's address. Who knows maybe some of them will be voting since the obama census may have counted them once or twice if they are thought to be democrats. Talk about animal rights and talk about Animal luxury. Dogs might even have in ground swimming pools that come with their houses. Why have a separate house for your pets? Because they stink up and ruin your home when they live in your own house. you can't just throw you pets outside so you buy the house next door for them when it's going for peanuts in a sort sale or a foreclosure. Imagine never having to clean the rugs in your own home. The dog maid comes and cleans the dog floors once a week for them and all you need to do is drop by every day and feed them or have automatic dispensers installed. The water automatically replenishes itself in the toilets so that saves you time too. You only need to flush once in a while to clean out the basin or you can get an automatically flushing toilet or one with a motion sensor. Fresh water all the time. Your dogs go on their own walks and go outside when ever they want or come over to visit when they are not happily in their own home. In the dog house living room they each have their own couch. You never have to sit in your living room and get dog hair all over you again if you can afford to buy a luxury home for your pets. Once you have a pet house set up then you might enjoy having even more pets. It's not just for dogs. Cat collectors, generally women with 100s of cats can buy the home next door and get the cat clutter out of the main house and have a cat house. People who already have a second vacation home, four or more cars, toys and more toys who love their pets should definitely consider the advantage of buying a home just for their pets if they can afford it. Pets don't particularly need wide screen wall size televisions but they might like music or something that keeps them from barking. You can get sounds of the forest and cricket chirping sound tracks and play those on endless loop in the pet house to bring in an element of nature. If you have a pet house with a separate yard you can also allow your dogs to invite over neighbors pets to visit or for longer stays. You might even be able to charge for borders or border collies. wireless web cams around the house on dog wifi can help you keep an eye on what is going on in the pet house when you are not there because dogs certainly need supervision when you are not home or when they are home alone. What if you live in a condo or a co-op? Why not buy a surplus condo or co-op apartment just for your pets? Makes more sense than all that pet mess in your own place. Why not have a Trump tower dog condo? When you take your dogs on vacation you get them separate hotel rooms already. You dogs will appreciate home ownership if you offer it to them. If you can afford to build a whole new home for your dogs you can build it more precisely the way dogs like it otherwise just buy a home next door as soon as it becomes available. Those people down the street with chickens and goats well they could go all the way and have a chicken and goat house too. The dog house in America used to be this tiny shed in the back yard today it is the neighbor's old house with kitchens , bedrooms and bathrooms. .

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