Monday, July 7, 2014

Buzz Words: Big Nonsense with a Little Media Hype

Buzz Words: Big Nonsense with a Little Media Hype Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Buzz Words are all around us. Tainting reality with absurd ideas most people simply accept as some kind of categorical truth. Buzz words bother me like flies attacking. Some of my favorite stupid buzz words are the following: Sustainable Sustainability Organic Organic Growth Natural All Natural 100% Organic Politically Correct Politically Correctness Saving the Earth Green Greening Corporate Responsibility Chill Dude Socially Responsible Compassionate Conservative Concerned Individual Stake Holder Stake Holders Feminists Those are just a few buzz words that won't go away. and there are more: Global warming Greenhouse gas A Livable planet fossil fuels carbon neutral carbon foot print Globalization Hi Tech Technology Buzz words are not new. In the united states they got a start with Yankee Doodle Dandy . There were political motto's that were essentially buzz words like "Tippy Canoe and Tyler too." We used to have terms like Being Dry for Prohibition and getting with the program. In the middle ages words like good and evil, blessed and heretic were important buzz words. In Ancient Roman times we still find coins with buzz words printed on them. Caesar Augustus was one that lasted forever. It is getting more and more absurd how buzz words get over used. You can get an Exxon annual report and have every word listed above in a paragraph somewhere; "Corporate sustainability program include organic growth issues. Concerned individuals can become stakeholders, Feminists are welcome to join. Exxon is steadily improving it's social responsibility programs. Our CEO is a genuine Chill dude. Exxon is working to save the earth for a sustainable livable planet to prevent global warming." That is what it is coming to. OK Exxon only actually has used a few of these so far and still calls its share holders "share holders" and not stake holders but it is probably coming. Every day i go shopping in a super market everything imaginable is 100 % natural and Organic. The fine print often lists "pure cane sugar" on boxes that use the word "organic" on the packaging. Hydrocarbons that make up the chemical structure of petroleum and most petro-derivatives happen to be "organic "by definition too. I go to political meetings and get political publications with so many buzz words built into them by people trying to look and sound sophisticated that the darn things are unreadable and beyond stupid. I am sick of being called a stakeholder. I am organic. but don't call me chill dude. Chill? Meanwhile people are agonizing about the livable planet. I see people tiny carts in whole foods paying more than twice as much they would pay for essentially the same products at a regular super market just because the labels have more buzz words on them. I get to the tomato's and they are $19 a pound , "100 percent organic heirloom, tilth grown on a sustainable farm to help save the planet." With all those buzz words the damn tomato's should be $190 a pound. I see people who earn less money than I do or using their State of Oregon Oregon Trail welfare debit cards to buy Perrier water because its pure and natural and French and wonder if that makes any sense at all? It s Pure Organic Cheese to me. I keep seeing the word sustainable and want to kill it. Yes kill a stupid over used buzz word. I want to kill it I want to kill it . I want to kill it. It's driving me crazy! Suddenly everything is sustainable. Everything. There is a sustainable sales pitch for this that and the other thing. Complete opposites are sustainable. Maybe we should follow George Bush's lead and go back to More basic "Good" verse "Evil" to clarify what we mean by sustainable? The word suitability is so sustainable I am fond of saying that compete stupidity is 100% sustainable. You may not agree, but I am saving the planet by writing this. I am a stake holder on earth. Chill out. Global warming is caused by popular flatulence save any actual scientific evidence. I am sure I forgot more of the chill words I should have included. Send me a reminder and I will work with you trying to kill them with you. Anyone else notice that Obama's great oratory is one chill word buzzing after another? Even McCain is getting into the buzzology. My dry cleaner is now 100% green and McDonald's is adverting Sustainable Beef. I have a sustainable beef too. I think Hollywood should do a film called " Sustainability." to celebrate everything done by global stakeholders for a planet in need. The White house needs a new cabinet level position for Al Gore to inhabit to be called the Department of Natural Sustainability." I am still trying to imagine cave men in the stone age with their most important social buzzwords. How about these: Flaming ,Chill Dude Fireized (high technology) Big Meaty everybody Rock Fun Ugh! OH! UH OH! Oh NO! (grunt sounds) Happy Sexy Save the planet Hippie Ho Yo This article is 100% Chill Dude Organic by the way. . Close

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