Thursday, July 10, 2014

Caveman Socialism/ Paleolithic Communism

A Brief Prehistoric History of Socialism The Idea of a Social Contract and Community Governance Should Be the Foundation for Government and Law is as Old as Tribal Existence. Unfortunately Altruism is More of an Anomoly in History Than Socialism that is Self Centered and Self Serving Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Socialism if it ever really existed in the spirit of human existence on this planet did not extend though most of history beyond the close knit family. As tribes grew larger, just large enough to have competition of brothers or other family members agression could successfully yield a combatant authority denied to others. Ever wondered why so many of today's politicians have give firey speaches that scapegoat this that or the other thing for all of society's problems? Have you ever noticed that few politicians ever achieve their goal of being elected or seizing power with out agression and without a very pronounced ambition? That agressive urge with all the force of being more ambitious than average people in the community is a really good reason to doubt that any successful politician is really concerned with socialism as altruism. If altruism really was the social glue among humans then why is it that we don't usually choose as leaders non agressive non ambitious leaders? Occasionally we do but most of the time it someone agressive with endless ambition that most appeals. Someone promising to make many new laws seems to have the appeal of the population more than someone who can see the need to have fewer laws. In most societies you can instantly pick out a leader in a crowd. If you don't speak the language and arrive by UFO you don't really have to go around and ask people to "take you to their leader." You can find the leaders your self with out very much trouble and it does not matter how large the city or tribe is. You can try it out yourself by getting on a air plane and traveling to some distant city or village and in relatively no time you can find the leaders. You can go to a communist country like north korea and find the leaders in a flash or you can do it in Stockholm. Leaders are special in every society and they stand out. If you observe archeologist you will notice that most of them are looking for the artifacts of the leaders of lost civilization and they usully don't have much trouble differentiating who was likely of royal class from noble to common in a very short period of analysis. In our time some of the biggest proponents of social altruism are some of the most agressive self serving individuals we know of in our entire society and yet a huge percentage of the population believes that essentially self serving agressive people are being agressive on their behalf. If you hire an attorney to win a law case you seek out an ambitious agressive one for best results because you are not looking for altruism in the courtroom and yet seeing that people will vote for obvioiusly ambitioius super agressive type attorneys for public office full well knowing they also want you as voters to know what great altruistic charitable kind socialists they are. You vote for agressive and self serving thinking that somehow this behavior results in altruism when investing power in an ambitious self serving type of person gives him the distinction of being better than average and more deserving. Going back in time you don't even need Sigmond Freud to show you that agressive behavior instantly sets up at least two classes in any social order. The big complaint by socialists is always that rich people are too agressive taking what the rest of society should share to benefit themselves but in order to dipose the rich people they need ambioius powerful reprentatives with an agressive nature to take what is undeserved and own by the rich for redistribution. The problem is that once redistribution occurs, the redistibution process favors the leader his family and his hierarchy of minons. Agressive human behavior is fundimental to basic human survival and the tendencys to reward oneself first and others later. . Close

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