Monday, July 7, 2014

Child Bamboo Destroyers

Child Bamboo Destroyers Lex Contributor Network . Dare to plant bamboo and nurture it over many years and have new children move into the neighborhood and it is very likely they will come over to trash it as soon as they are old enough. I planted timber bamboo to screen off the ugly neighbor's houses and nurtured it over many years to get it to grow. Soon After it is under successive attacks by different groups of young children. When you tell them not to do it they only bring back bigger power tools to harvest their destruction. What is the attraction of children when it comes to destroying bamboo? From past experience the only thing that might stop them once they get the bamboo killing bug is to threaten to call the police or sue the parents in small claims court for damages. You can put up a fence and that won't stop them. They want to tear timber bamboo apart which is rather dangerous because it is a sharp hard fiber that splinters when bent against the grain. That is how they first attack it. Later they come back with saws and axes to cut it to stumps.. The fascinating thing is that its the children of people who cut down everything that is green to bare earth in their back yard and then come encroaching on your space and plants, These kids are trained to want to reduce everything to green bare ground? Maybe this kids see bamboo in movies or something. They want to chop it down to make spears to spar with. They see you watering and caring for the plant and then just come in and destroy it with the parents watching them proudly. When you have bamboo these kids will not attack any other plants and they are out for total annihilation . The second set of kids just a year later than the last bamboo attacks are younger and repeating the exact same destruction as before with plants that were not attacked by the first set of bamboo destroyers. No bamboo is going to be safe . Why? What is the attraction? Why won't they stop the destruction the first time you tell them and their parents to stop? I can sell the bamboo rods or use them but not after they are bent and contorted and splintered or become play things in the neighbor's yard. I planted that bamboo so I did not have to see their houses and so they would not see mine. Maybe they really want to see mine? Should i cut every single thing down down there so they can and put flood lights on all night and a 10 foot barbed wire fence when i could other wise just have nice looking bamboo? Maybe i do need to just cut everything down to play the game because it is a game that can't be won. I told the last ones not to cut or break the bamboo and they only got worse and worse and telling the parents did not help either. Here we go again. I can expect total destruction and never an offer to pay for the destruction as usual. It will soon get even worse as the children get older because bamboo destruction instincts only grow as they get older. A lot of people are scared of bamboo because they think it will spread but this is clumping bamboo and does not spread. The bamboo cannot compete with the child bamboo destroyers even if it does want to spread. No bamboo is safe with child destroyers near by and for some reason bamboo attracts them. You need to know that before you bother to plant and nurture it. It belongs to the neighbors children to destroy any time they want to and there is no way to protect it because they will get to it when you are away for a minute. After the first menancing kids stopped I never expected a second new younger group of them to start doing exactly the same thing to finish off the plants the first one's had not yet destroyed. It is really amazing that the same thing can happen twice independently! It must be that some movie encourages children to destroy it or is it just bad parents? .

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