Sunday, July 6, 2014

Christmas Dinner with the Communists

Christmas Dinner with the Communists Lex Loeb Contributor Network . When I was growing up I lived in a house that was next door to a rich communist family in Beverly Hills. All the family members were members of the communist party and they made a point of living their lives like true communists at home in private until the time the revolution happens and the new era of communism begins. Everyone in the neigbhorhood knew they were communist because they had a Russian Soviet Socialist Republic Flag hanging in the window. They actually did not celebrate christmas but instead had Karl Marx day. Instead of a Christmas tree they had a communist tree you could see from the street inside the front window which was an artificial christmas tree spraypainted bright red with a golden hammer and cycle cross on top of the tree. One year they invited us to come to their Karl Marx day communist party which coincided with Christmas day. My mother said sure we will come after we celebrate christmas in the morning we will come over for your communist party for dinner.

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