Monday, July 7, 2014

Congressman Wiener Did Nothing Wrong: It is About Time Big Government Exposes Itself for What it Is!

Congressman Wiener Did Nothing Wrong: It is About Time Big Government Exposes Itself for What it Is! Too Bad This Story is Not About Senator Chuck Schumer! Lex Contributor Network . Congressman Wiener did nothing wrong with his x-rated email photo messaging to strangers at least not if we were living back in Ancient Roman times. Presenting oneself naked in public in ancient Rome might have been culturally shocking to ancient foreign visitors but to Romans it was as good as presenting oneself as being honest as an elected official. Roman officials not only exposed themselves in public they had marble and bronze monuments made in detailed likenesses of themselves to be permanently on display in public places. Roman power players liked to assume the poses of ancient Greek gods carved or cast by Greek craftsmen and then painted over in realistic flesh tones. Emperors including Augustus and Nero were depicted in sculpture in the nude and some of those sculptures were not only artistic but lewd and x-rated. Nero erected a gold plated colossal sculpture of himself 4 or 5 stories high that stood outside the Roman Colosseum with sun rays that radiated from his head the way they do from America's statue of liberty but in shimmering gold plate. The statue of Nero survived past the time the Romans tried to erase his memory and removed his golden place and grounds to be replaced by the Colosseum. The statue was so large it had genitalia larger than a man hanging out on public display. The statue probably survived Nero's failed legacy because he modeled for a sculpture than used his likeness to depict Hercules which was a fitting piece of sculpture outside the bloody Colosseum. Nero's huge statue kept its balance on his two legs thanks to the huge club the figure was seen leaning on above the podium it was built on top of. The Roman senators and emperors were famous for wearing no clothing in public and going off to or hosting public orgies. This is where the idea of the emperor's new clothes story actually comes from since the only thing some of them wore in public were expensive anointing oils. Archaeological remains show senator class patricians depicted in the nude in sculpture and in the back corners of museums in Rome and Naples including the Vatican museum you can see that a number of those sculptural figures were originally aroused or had interchangeable parts to allow sculptural arousing. Wiener was just being honest about his politics and showing off his political power . The question is why we don't yet have twittered and facebook photographs of the President himself floating around the Internet; It really is about time the government start exposing itself honestly. The inventory of naked senatorial statues from ancient Rome dug up by archaeologists include many examples of older men who might be mistaken for someone like Chuck Schumer or Joe Biden in the nude. Just how liberal are our liberals if they can't be as liberal as Wiener? Had the Ancient Romans had photography and the Internet just imagine how much more shocking Roman history would be today. Roman politicians wanted to be depicted in the nude to show that they had nothing to hide as politicians and they were real men just like Wiener did. American liberal democratic voters should be requiring that their candidates appear naked in public instead of wearing those ridiculous suits that make them look so conservative confusing the liberal base. Maybe Wiener has set a new precedent at least for politicians running for office in San Francisco and New York City. We just don't know enough about our candidates when they are not trying to seduce the voters with their naked bodies. Feminist ladies running for public office should express themselves in the nude when seeking office just to show the public that they can compete with the x-rated likeness of Anthony Wiener. It has already become ridiculous enough where politicians are expected to present their medical records and birth certificates to put their names on the ballot. Now that the government thanks in large part to people like Wiener wants control over our private medical records as citizens, complete access to view our net worth and can take pictures of us naked going though airport security it is time to Winterize the government. Naked politicians really are the most honest ones you are ever going to know especially when it comes to the United States Congress Liberals which is why the US Capitol Building and Congressional office buildings in Washington DC should be clothing optional areas. When they are all naked then we can't be deceived when they secretly stash all that cash in their pockets. If naked we could watch that they did not stuff the money in one of their exposed orifices. Sick of hearing the analogy of sausage making on capitol hill in washington yet? That is why Wiener should never resign and why his constituents should make sure he remains a permanent fixture in Washington DC. It is also why President Obama should consider making wiener the vice presidential replacement in the next election for Joe Biden unless or until Biden Exposes himself properly. The Wiener procedure needs to become an integral part of political life in congress and the Senate before we lose the opportunity. This would also be a sure way for conservative voters to quickly learn to tell the difference between RINO republicans and the real thing. No more litmus tests in congress . We need the Wiener test instead. Don't say "Don't be a wiener". Say I am a wiener. .

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