Sunday, July 13, 2014

Craigslist Horror Story, Unleashing Hell with an Innocent Craigslist Introduction

Craigslist Horror Story, Unleashing Hell with an Innocent Craigslist Introduction Pregnant Woman's Belly Cut Open , Unborn Baby Removed and Taken by Savage or Savages in Community Lex Loeb Contributor Network . A pregnant woman in Hillsboro, Oregon, a suburb of Portland , Oregon responded to an ad for baby clothing on craigslist and opened the pit of hell as a result of doing so. The pregnant woman was brutally murdered and her unborn child was taken from her belly. The police have not released all the grizzly details for good reason. The pregnant woman was discovered murdered and her unborn baby missing. The police opened the pregnant woman's computer files and rushed over to the woman's home advertising the baby clothing. There they found the baby while it was still alive. According to reports at first the suspect said the child was hers and then changed her story and told police that the pregnant woman had given her the child. The baby was taken into custody where it soon after died. It was not too long ago that the last Craigslist suspected murderer was caught. The local newspapers are characterizing the suspected killer as a woman who desperately wanted a baby but photos of her reveal what looks like sub human intelligence and probably severe mental retardation or autism. No doubt her court room defense attorney will cast her in that light and probably go for an insanity plea on top of that. There still maybe a chance that more than one person was involved in the crime. Details of what actually happened will probably be released over time especially if the case goes to court. A sub human creature that would commit such a horrible crime out in the community is surely not something to blame of Craigslist? She could have advertised baby clothing in a local newspaper if not craigslist or on a bulletin board at a Laundromat. Craigslist gets the blame for facilitating ease of communications not for facilitating a gruesome murder and kidnapping. The suspects ad on craigslist was anonymous but she later identified herself to meet the pregnant woman. The last craigslist murder suspect was going to medical school and was not mentally retarded and he thought he could use craigslist to get away with murder. They both must have thought they were anonymous and could get away with murder and they both were just as easily caught by police in spite of it. Criminals do dumb things all the time. A bank branch was robbed three times a few weeks ago in Portland. One of the suspects was responsible for two of the robberies And he got caught that is when he came back to the same bank to rob it a second time. Who would rob a bank in this day and age? It is a dumb idea and still people try it. The same bank branch was robbed a third time, according to tellers, by a guy making a bomb threat. Some one must want to go to jail badly. Some defense attorney should write a booklet for wanna be criminals that warns them of the consequences of each crime they might choose to commit. It should have a table showing the maximum and minimum number of years in jail they might spend if they are caught and if the death penalty applies or not. Such a booklet would warn would be bank robbers that the crime is a federal crime and not just a state crime with consequences that might robbing some other type of business less of a risk. Criminals are not always aware that gun crimes are worse than other crimes when it comes to getting justice for committing them. Maybe children in k-12 civics class should have a course on the law and what is and isn't a crime and which crimes best to avoid to prevent being harshly punished. You can't teach psychopaths or the mental retarded the difference between right and wrong or how to be moral and ethical but it might be possible to teach them some of the consequences before they commit crimes and get caught. Criminals don't generally have a sense of the statistical probability of being caught after committing a crime which is because before they do they probably commit far more crimes they have not yet been caught for. This poor pregnant woman might have thought she had found a friend to exchange baby clothes with but it was just bait leading her to the open pit descending directly to Hell. What happened at the moment of her death might have been shear terror or maybe she was quickly dispatched and then had her belly cut open and her unborn child removed? The exact details of the crime do not yet appear to be released. Pointers for meeting people in person you find on Craigslist: Always let the person you meet know that you have sent copies of their email to a friend who might be coming along with you. Meet in a public place like a Starbucks. If you go to your home do bring someone with you and have them wait outside or in the car. Never turn your back to your new craigslist friend. Do not eat or drink what they might offer you that does not come from behind a counter like at a café. If you respond to advertisements that appear to be sleazy, they probably are. Be prepared for the worst. Don't meet after dark. Don't walk into a home where the door is left unlocked for you to come in without coming face to face with someone after knocking or ringing the door bell. Don't assume anyone you meet is innocent. Assume you could become prey for a predator even if the ad you respond to is about baby clothes. A lot of Craigslist advertisements are obviously too good to be true. Amazingly the ads are often true and real bargains. If you suspect that things don't look right when you arrive for a meeting turn around and walk away. Ask for references. Trust no one. This is the same common sense you would use if you were responding to an advertisement in a newspaper or even if you happened to see it on television. The interesting thing about this craigslist murder case is that most of the national media has virtually ignored the story so far. The craigslist medical school killer story was media wild fire. Maybe there are just too many murders on craisglist today? Some people are saying that the problem is that Craigslist has become "too popular". Too popular indeed! Craigslist horror stories will keep on coming and even worse can be expected. Why? Because people set up meetings with strangers over the Internet now and not by phone. Blaming craigslist for another murder is as dumb as blaming the phone company or the Internet service provider. The crime of stealing unborn children is not a new crime that has not occurred before. Craigslist is almost incidental. The thing that gives craigslist blame in the minds of many is the anonymous nature of the ads. Clearly the ads are not so anonymous that police can't immediately suspect a craigslist link to a crime and then immediately locate a suspect. .

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