Monday, July 14, 2014

Craigslist Prostitution Ads Can Instantly Find a New Uncensored Home when Craigslist Shuts Down Its Erotic Services Ad Category

Craigslist Prostitution Ads Can Instantly Find a New Uncensored Home when Craigslist Shuts Down Its Erotic Services Ad Category The Basic Software to Create Your Very Own Craigslist Style Open Advertising Self Post Bulletin Board System Costs Only Around $19.95 At Http:www.Craigslistclone.Com Lex Loeb, Yahoo Contributor Network . Just google "Craigslist clone" and you will see that there is a quick and easy way to set up your very own version of craigslist to replace the original as a local bulletin board. Sick of the censorship on the original and sick of silly ex post facto "community standards" enforced by trolls on the original craigslist then get to work starting your own. Just go to http://www.craigslistclone/info/ and see how you can buy the software online for something like $19.95 The next thing you need to do is find a host. It is true that craigslist has become the local crime-list but before craigslist became overly popular , as it now has, it was an amazing place to post ads of any kind completely anonymously. That is all about to be lost as craigslist become the target of lawyers and regulators. The result is going to be to throw the good out with the bad. It is true that there had been some significant abuses. One abuser that is famous was a ad poster who posted someone else home as a place where everything inside was free to take. The outright prostitution on craigslist is no different that the escort advertisements found in local alternative newspapers. The photos are much deeper porn. That is not what this article is defending. In principle craigslist may have made a mistake in the first place having erotic adverting in places where prostitution is obviously an illegal activity. The problem is once the pornography starts getting censored everything does just in case prostitutes decide to advertise in the regular personal ads. They already do. That is why craigslist has agreed to start monitoring the personal advertising. Craigslist already uses censorship by allowing community bullying on the various ad categories to censor ads by having them flagged and removed. I posted an old electric typewrite on "electron's" and it was flagged and removed once or twice! In other categories like Portland arts some poor guy kept having his ad for "make your own wedding ring" flagged and removed because someone or a group of a few trolls did not like seeing that post as frequently as it appeared. This is why it is up to the escort services people to save what used to be good on craigslist for the rest of us by creating their own sites using the same basic anonymous entry order system that sets up anonymous email transponder links on a temporary basis for the life of the advertisement. Al Gore claimed to have created the INTERNET but those of us who know the true history of the INTERNET know it was the pornographers who really created the popularity of the Internet. The Internet was created more by sexual passions than by banks who wanted to start online banking services. If you recall the banks were really late in getting involved because of glaring security issues that were not worked out very well in the beginning. So it is probably the online prostitutes and the pornographers that will lead the INTERNET into a better future and not an increasingly commercial craigslist. Have a look at the craigslist clone site to create your own erotic services free advertising ad service once craigslist shuts you down. You can get a higher level listing on google with the sex key words and maybe craigslist will cease to exist when you take ads away from them. or .net might get more general for sale listings too? Someone else has certainly thought of this already besides myself. Craigslist is not the only craigslist clone type site. Craigslist clone apparently is the underlying program for London's Gumshoe site and a similar site in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Craigslist may be just making itself irrelevant by removing its dicier categories instead of just getting rid of the crime on the list? If you start a new free adversing craigslist clone site in the Portland , Oregon email me so i can start posting my ads for free stuff on that because I am afraid that when i start giving away what i have to give away it will be flagged and removed. .

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