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Crazy Things You Can Do Online You Probably Never Thought of Doing Because You Are Not Crazy

Crazy Things You Can Do Online You Probably Never Thought of Doing Because You Are Not Crazy Lex Loeb Contributor Network . There still may be a few crazy things you have not found to do online yet? If you are looking here are some suggestions: Playing for fun and not with real money at a real online casino using auto-play. The auto-play function is rather amazing because you can watch your free play money burn away in rapid spins of the slot machine like you never have seen it burn before and it costs you nothing. To play this game just go to and register but then don't download the casino platform but go directly to instant play and play for fun. It is not advised to try this with money because you can easily bet the maximum $90 pet and loose your entire free play money $3000. Much better just to find one of the slot games in play for fun and play the maximum bet and then click on Auto-Spin. In auto-spin you can select "500 spins" and make them rapid fire succession. You do this and just sit back and watch the slot machine game go on auto pilot, with a possible need to push some buttons if you get a bonus once in a while. Auto spin just goes wild doing what would take you hours and hours to do--usually loosing all your money. You could get lucky? Maybe not you? Auto-play could get lucky. Sit back and watch how a 98% plus payout online casino will chew up your entire wad of playing money in a short order of time. Auto-play can go so fast that you can hardly see both your winnings per game and the cause of the dollar figure that you won. Http:// offers a play for fun feature that has the same odds as really risking your money plus on some games the Auto-play feature with saves you time loosing your money most of the time. You can keep playing if you keep winning and break the play for fun casino bank at least in theory but very unlikely. The longer you play the more likely you are to loose everything risked and very fast in auto-play. Google, Face book, Yahoo and Dogpile can offer you hours of crazy fun too. Just search images for your name. Try your whole name with first and last and see just how many john smiths there are if you are a john smith. See which john smith is at the top of the google list. Some celebrity or politician? Try searching for just your first name and review the images just to see how common your name is or search for the most curious people with the same name. If you are daring you can even send them an email. I formed a club of face book for people with the first name "Lex" for the hell of it. Has someone formed a John Smith or Bob Jones Face book page for All the John Smiths and Bob Jones to become mutual online friends in one spot? Lex is such a rare name but not online. Rarer than Bob of course but I quickly learned that In Mexico or Brazil that Lex is a much more popular first name then here in the USA. Find a person who looks exactly like you or someone you know by posting a photograph online and requesting, anonymously of course, that you are looking for your exact look-a-like and demand that they have acting skills to impersonate you. Imagine how you could occasionally use someone who looks exactly like you to spoof your friends and family. Yeah it might cost you $40 to hire someone off craigslist strictly platonic but it could be really funny to have your clone come to your next birthday party or be doing something you would not do. Caution: in rare circumstances you could contact a con-artist who looks like you or your friend only interested in stealing your wallet and identity. You just never know on craigslist. Most stand in doubles are perfectly tame and if you look enough like them they might not even charge you because you can reciprocate. When you meet your look a like double in real life pick a neutral place to meet like a Starbucks and wear a hat and dark sun glasses to be sure that they really do look at least something like you so you are sure it is not the census taker who has long been after you. If you think you are ugly then it might not be a good idea to try this because your double might be just as ugly as you are and could insult them with your looks. Google Map/ Google Earth . Google earth is the preferred way to fly around the earth exploring it. If you have not downloaded Google Earth you are missing something very curious. Just download it and then visit New York City , Chicago or other major cities where Google has installed an online three dimensional rendering of the skyscrapered parts of the city that you can fly around. After you try that then explore regions of the world you never imaged existed like remote islands or Antarctica via the satellite maps. Some of the interlocking satellite and aerial views on Google maps or the Microsoft equivalents have a scale that is something like one inch is 500 ft or less. You can count the trees and shrubs with this clarity or go along side desert highways looking for cars that went over cliff edges and are actually visible on the maps. Most people just go as far as looking for their own house and office and then quitting using these geographic online wonder research tools. In Africa you can even locate wild elephants on the satellite maps. Which brings this to a site called Mechanical Turk on Mechanical Turk allows you to make a nominal amount of money preforming nominal online tasks for people willing to pay to have someone else do the tasks for them. One friend of mine was searching google maps ocean surfaces in satellite images to located ships that google or someone else wanted to remove from the google satellite maps. He got paid ten cents or something for each one he found. The cost of running your computer with electric power may cost more than what you get paid on Mechanical Turk but if you are looking for something crazy to do online this may be it. Just go to Mechanical Turk on the Amazon site or yahoo it and go there and register and see if you can make good money as a freelance mechanical turk. Putting something on Craigslist for Free. This is a great past time for crazy people. You probably have some piece of junk you figure no one in their right mind would ever want. Look for something in your house hold that is absolutely unthinkable for anyone ever to want and put it on craigslist "free" page. I put an old plastic laundry basket you could probably buy new for $1 or two at Walmart and got three or four replies asking detailed questions about it. Someone actually drove some distance to come pick up the damn thing. In Portland, Oregon People have started to have free garage sales in front of their houses. They put a card table up in front of their house and put the craigslist advertised free items on the table with a sign free if they want passing cars to stop. On top of the table is any kind of unwanted junk maybe an old beat up kitchen sink under the table. Put the card table far enough away from your house that the free takers don't know which house you live in. Better do a video documentary. Let everyone coming for the free stuff know that they don't object to being video taped . Then you can ask them why they want the items they are taking and put it on you tube for entertainment purposes. My excuse for taking free junk is always, "I am an artist." That explains everything if you are the one getting video taped. A remarkable industry of people making a living searching for free stuff on craigslist is something you will learn all about especially if you are giving the right kind of junk away. To be sure you are not giving away something more valuable than you originally think it is then just take your time responding to the requests and don't get back to any of them right away. Don't put your address or the address to pick up the item or your phone number or email address in the ad or you could have a circus out in front of your house or fight to see who gets what free items first. The next thing to try is to scan the free ads to see if there is anything you actually might want yourself. There is a trick to that. The free stuff that is really interesting stuff is stuff people don't know what it is or how to spell it so they don't actually list it or there is just so much free stuff they can't list it all. You are not the only one who knows these secrets. The free stuff professionals know it and chances are they were there before you ever read the ad. These people are addicts they read every single ad posted and are prepared to act on them in a moment's notice. In the car and on the cell phone thinking to themselves that the early bird gets the biggest worms. There is unbelievable stuff for free if you really want it. Find out what all your neighbor's houses are valued at by the county assessor at Just type in your own address and see where you live and what your tax assessed value is or your landlord's. There are some nice aerial maps so you can see over fences and hedges to see what might be in your neighbor's back yards or count the swimming pools on your block and figure out how many gallons of swimming pool water there are on the block. Sometimes you can see that if we did not have so many tort lawyers running around complicating life that people could pool their money and share pools in the neighborhood or build new ones at low expense--ah but the liability insurance and the liability alone makes such a dream impossible in the USA so instead of several pools getting shared on a block there are ten or twenty of them sealed off from neighbors and most of them are never used. is a free site and has other factors of real estate that can be explored. Another fun thing you can do is investigate cloud ware sites. Google knows how many times you visit each site after searching for it and records the number on some of them. When you see this happening it is an indicator that Google maybe acquiring the company that owns the website or already has. The secret behind their purchase of you tube is that Google had advanced tally of visits to the site long before anyone else did. They could immediately see the potential of owning the site and made what looked like a really rich bid for You tube. Google has probably been salivating over facebook search tally results for a long time now but everyone else has been aware of it and twitter. Twitter is probably the better candidate as a google acquisition. The tiny cloud ware programs is what they are after and you can try to find them using google the same way they do. These online infrastructure companies come up at or near the top of Google's search list. Double check their results on other search engines and try to guess what Google is going to buy next. Just go to google finance and type in GOOG for a company report on google and find out how much Cash the company has sitting in banks and you might be able to figure how much a Google Twitter Bid is going to cost them. Probably a lot more than You tube? This is crazy because you can't make any money off such speculation but you can guess the next google acquisition(s) by applying their own algorithm that puts sites at the top of their search lists. I would be willing to bet on Twitter becoming Google's Twitter . The key is not just the site being popular online but has to do with financial attributes of both companies, market timing, and how lame google's competing services are in comparison prior to an acquisition. The interesting thing about Mergers and Acquisitions with google is they publish their data in advance essentially if you can figure out how to read it. Beware: From google financial data it is not paying out dividends but reinvesting cash and substantial amounts of cash from ongoing business ventures. You can even figure out what a google top price might be for an acquisition based on x number of projected years of retained cash flow. Google is a company that may look big now but just wait to see how much bigger it will get as time rolls by. . Close

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