Tuesday, July 8, 2014


National Public Radio Needs to Be De-funded Tyranny Begins with Information Being Prohibited by the Mouth Piece of the State Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Most Americans either have no education nor memory of what it used to be like living in the old Soviet Union. In countries where few people read English most western newspapers and magazines were banned. People caught with that kind of published material even if they could not read it were subject to arrest and detainment with possible deportation to a gulag or a mental hospital. The danger of western news facts and opinions entering the Soviet Union were deemed to be so dangerous to the state that besides having censorship the government closely watched western tourists and other visitors who entered the country with a required visa so that they would not meet with or talk to people on the street who did not have special government access permits as required to communicate with foreigners. Visitors to Eastern Europe and Russia regularly were assigned agents to follow and watch them to be sure no information from the outside entered the empire. If you don't know about this you need to read a little bit about it direct from the source so you believe it actually happened. It is still happening in Russia today where the Putin Oligarchs have a tendency to assassinate journalists who report stories that alarms the state censors as dangerous to the state. Russia today is no where near as bad as it used to be but journalists are all put on notice every time one is assassinated for reporting on something the state finds embarrassing. In China little has changed in terms of information control. Again it is not as bad as it used to be but we have all scene Google being censored there. Wake up Americans! Juan Williams may not have been physically assassinated but he was "killed" or at least his job was by National Public Radio. What did Williams do? Well it was obvious. He regularly appears on the Fox News Network and George Sores money just got contributed to a variety of partisan liberal news agencies to work to undermine the influence of Fox News. Was Sores behind this particular firing? You bet he might have been. NPR was waiting for any excuse to fire Williams just because they believed he had become a sort of "Uncle Tom" appearing on Fox News as a regular opinionated talking head. NPR found it's excuse to fire Williams when he appeared on the ever too popular O'Reilly show on Fox TV and stated his opinion that he felt uneasy/ nervous when ever going on an airplane and seeing people wearing Muslim identifying clothing. Anyone who remembers 911 or those not so ancient scenes of PLO members wearing scarves over their heads hijacking and blowing up planes should feel just as uneasy as Juan says he does. Regardless of what Williams meant to say it was stated just as his own opinion. NPR lost no time in savaging their veteran newsman who also it happen is a liberal himself. NPR already allied with the biased feeds from the BBC on a regular basis on their radio programing has long been in the business of partisan news spin mechanics. Reporting from the BBC is so bad that make global warming out to be a incontestable fact and if you were listening to the BBC they b long been saying the US should become more of a socialist state like Britain and Europe have become. You listen to that BS long enough only to England and France forced by financial constraints to jettison their expensive cumbersome national health care systems and cut entitlement benefits resulting in deadly strikes and street protests in France. The BBC was gloating about how capitalism failed in the US just before all the European banks started to fail in an even worse way culminating in Greece becoming a bail out basket case thanks to the very socialist hog wash the BBC can't stop selling. Juan Williams sold out and they wanted his head for it even though he was a very slightly moderate conservative . The BBC probably sent notice to go ahead and kill Williams because of their incessant inverted pro Palestinian anti-Israel drum beat. It was as if Williams insulted Muhammad and Allah for both NPR and the BBC. In a country with the first amendment, This behavior on the part of NPR which receives federal funding in part should lead to calls for its complete de-funding. It is an outrage that NPR should fire one of their news commentators for having an unacceptable opinion. What are the federal guidelines for acceptable and unacceptable opinions or in the case of Williams just citing his own feelings. It is also time for NPR to get brand new management . The so called liberals should be ashamed of themselves taking their Political Correctness to this new level of intolerance. Yes it is intolerance and intolerance of the worst kind. They made a point to go after Williams especially because of his race . He is viewed by NPR as a black man who has sold out who should be towing their party line. What hypocrisy! This is exactly how totalitarianism and tyranny begins. I t is how it began in Germany under Hitler. The news media folded into the arms of the Nazis and then there really was only one opinion that was legal in Germany. Same crap happened in Russia. In Hugo Chavez's Venezuela the great dictator attempts to shut down or nationalize one newspaper and television station after another. This is exactly the same thing we are seeing under the Obama administration where the office of the president has systematically worked at times to exclude Fox news people from the whitehouse. It was the press corp that stood their ground and made sure that Fox reporters would still have press access to the whitehouse. Clearly that did not include NPR! The democrats have attempted to shut down AM Talk radio but worried about a severe backlash because the US Supreme Court might have caused them embarrassment if they did so. NPR is out of control. In Oregon their local broadcasting franchise Oregon Public Broadcasting is completely partisan. It is like the monolithic socialist green party on the radio and TV and they inter-mesh well with the NPR and the PBS broadcasting network.. I advise people i know not to fund them at all and helped cut their funding over the years because of their bias . In the United States the news is not supposed to be biased. Fox News is obviously biased but still not to the degree that NPR is. The only reason Fox became such a power in the news business is because of the dominant liberal media ethos. Americans wanted more than one side to the news and Fox provided what they wanted for a change. The success of Fox News is not just because of the big booby blond yes ladies although it is helping their ratings. Fox is not filtering the news though the typical dominant liberal media filters at least not by all of it's talking heads. Fox is still refreshing compared to listening to their competition. The biggest criticism is the news is no longer found on Fox because they perseverate on the same issues nonstop. Fortunately for those of us who want the news immediately we just go to Yahoo and see the headlines. Fox knows it has entertainment value that is nothing to do with news. That is probably inevitable with better news services directly available on the Internet where you can filter the stories anyway you want to. Juan William' s firing is good cause to de-fund NPR and PBS and to stop sending them private funding. You see for all those who don't like Fox TV all they need to do is change the channel or turn off the TV with NPR we pay taxes and some of that money goes to fund their intolerance on the airwaves. That is a huge difference. Hopefully Juan will end up running NPR someday after their funding is gutted. It is time for free speech to remain free speech and it is time for Americans no mater who they are to voice what ever opinions they have with out running into professional or legal trouble because of a growing Political Correctness hierarchy that is now self sustaining. That is just one step from going the way of information control in China or in the old Soviet Union. It is just one step away from it becoming a criminal act or a "hate crime" to voice an opinion. It is just one step away from citizens being arrested for speaking out and maybe then being sent to re-education camps or to psychiatric hospitals to have electro shock therapy in the old soviet union way of controlling politically incorrect speech. Read your history about the Soviet Union and the crimes that were so easy to commit that included reading illegal material or speaking improperly. It is important to de-fund NPR as soon as possible and let them compete with Fox New where they have to put their own money where their mouth is. It is only fair. Not just fair for the American taxpayers who help foot the bill but fair to what we think of as free speech. .

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