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Don't Touch My Junk...Why You Should Refuse The Full Body Scan At The Airport

Why You Should Refuse The Full Body Scan At The Airport. Full Body Scanner Technology is Untested Technology. You Are the Guinea Pig If You Go Though the Scanner Lex Loeb Contributor Network . There are good reasons you should opt out of the optional full body scan at your local airport. The government is acting the same way it did when it required asbestos for many safety reasons. Safety codes had asbestos as the preferred means of fire proofing steel structures in civil engineering and marine engineering. When asbestos turned out to have major unpleasant side effects such as a scourge of cancers in the population, the government shirked its responsibility and left any company that ever sold asbestos or asbestos related products held responsible. Not only did the government safety requirements ruin people's lives with exposure to asbestos that caused cancer and other diseases it busted many successful main stream industrial companies and their insurance providers. The costs of asbestos are still rippling though the economy . Law firms have benefited more from the fall out of asbestos than people who suffered from it. It took about 50 years to find out just how hazardous Asbestos really was. Everyone who came in contact with it was a guinea pig and did not know it. Full Body Scanning Technology is reported to have up to 20 time higher levels of "scatter" radiation than is reported by the manufacturers. Radiation is concentrated the closer you are to the source of the radiation because of the inverse square law. The most radiation received would be in or near the machines . You can be outside of the scanner and receive a significant does of radiation just standing in line near one. People employed to monitor the scans should be behind protective lead barriers of the sort you see in radiation and x ray labs. Most radiation exposure should be with in the machine because there are no lead barriers there to prevent the magnetic field generated from doing it's scanning job. X-ray radiation can cause immediate spot mutations in cells though out the body and prolonged x-ray radiation is known to cause basil cell carcinoma. Every airline flight carries the risk of radiation exposure because aircraft tend to fly above protective layers of the earth's atmosphere also by government requirement. There is evidence that air travel contributes to higher probability of cancers in large populations. Mysteries of higher levels of cancers in particular places like affluent Marin County points to a number of possible risk factors. Marin county has less air pollution than San Francisco and there is no evidence of higher radon gas there than near by so some factors are eliminated and researchers consider factors like air travel and higher alcohol consumption that might be higher in the area because of the general affluence. Add one more factor which is still something with unknown future consequences like full body scanning equipment machines at airports. Marin County people who already believe they may be more at risk should definitely refuse the full body scan and ask for the embarrassing pat down instead. Maybe you want to go though a full body scan just once if you get to see your own image for the same enjoyment you get at a carnival midway but any extended exposure is not a good idea. You don't want to have repeated exposures any more than you want to get unnecessary x-rays at a hospital. Many people know to refuse the constant demands of their dentists to take x-rays every time you visit their offices ever six months or less. The danger of the radiation unfortunate will do damage to people with the vicinity of machines and especially to the TSA screeners themselves. The reason the Obama administration allowed them to unionize was because the Obama people know that if any one group becomes the cancer epic center of the full body screening program it will be the TSA agents. Beyond the X-rays is a problem with the magnetic field. You already know that lawyers are targeting MRI machine scans and cat scan machine (CT) scans for law suits. Some of these lawsuits are due to interaction of substances put in the body to allow the scanning device to register on a digital monitor. These include dyes and other substances. What you might not realize is you maybe taking drugs that interact with the magnetic fields or your blood cells oriented because of exposure. We are yet to see people pass out and die during a body scan but it might happen if blood cell orientation in some people causes a temporary lack of oxygen transmission. The magnetic scanners might even react with substances like milk of magnesia causing cramping and severe constipation. A scanners can also malfunction concentrating radiation and causing aneurisms. No one knows yet because there has been no long term testing on large populations. The problems might not show up for ten years or even 50 . It took over 40 years for asbestos to be screen in perspective and in 100 years asbestos can even look worse in perspective as a larger component of the population and maybe several generations are affected. It took Ancient Rome over 500 years to realize that lead was possibly the major cause of decline and fall of their civilization. We know what the romans never knew. Worst of all the romans actually consumed lead on purpose as means of sweetening wine. Lead drinking cups, eating utensils and led lined aqueducts were considered the height of being rich and civilized in ancient Rome and this contributed to the demented nature of the highest imperial officers and emperors. Our society knows the dangers of drugs and we seek to elect those who are most demented by drugs like Jerry Brown so maybe our society does deserve to be radiated with dangerous levels of unnecessary radiation at airports. The same people who make the big fuss about small radiation leaks at nuclear power plants are going to wait in line to go though one of the full body scanning X-ray generating devices? We might be better off with medicating airline passengers with medical marijuana for security purposes because the present system is just as stupid and ineffective. There maybe other risks besides scatter radiation. You are probably aware that attorneys have trained Medical body scanning into one of their new big lucrative lawsuit ticket items. Both CT Scans and MRI scans are generating income for tort attorneys. The evidence that these scanners are to blame may still be scant. It is the legal system and not a scientific community except that all their judgments do require expert witness testimony. The danger of CT Cat Scans and MRI scans probably is outweighed by the usefulness of these machines to your health care . Most people will not be subject to as many of these types of scans as the TSA is requiring. The risks according to the lawsuits being filed is certain substances like dyes introduced in the body cause problems either by themselves or in conjunction with the magnetic field properties of the machines. The machines have not been in use long enough to know if there are long term damages to soft tissues like the thyroid, the liver ,the lungs etc. CT and MRI scanners also have made a large population guinea pigs over the longer term. Fortunately people tend to be older with lower expected life spans who most enjoy the benefits of medical scans. This is not true of the airport scanners. The machines can re-orient cells and molecules and might even cause orientation of blood cells such that some people going though the scanners might experience trouble absorbing oxygen in to body tissues and a few might mysteriously fall dead or suffer brain aneurisms as larger and larger populations are exposed. It may even be possible that people who have certain drugs in their systems or elevated levels of lead or other heavy metals in their bodies may suffer extreme consequences and not know it for years later. Substances Milk of Magnesia in the intestines of others could be activated in an adverse manner by the scanners causing severe in flight constipation or future intestinal cancer. There are a lot more variables as a much larger population is exposed . There is no way to tell what can eventually go wrong without long term testing and you are the Guinea pig now. You should consider opting out of having any exposure to these machines even waiting in line next to them. It is possible to buy radiation detectors and bring those with you to the airport so you know where the hot zones are and you keep your distance. Worse yet is being put through a defacto x ray machine yourself. It is something that photographers have long feared putting their film though not because it has so much radiation as to expose the film necessarily but because it has just enough to alter the images. Everything in life has risk and consequences. The question is how is substituting an unknown risk for a known set of risks going to play out in the long run. Can you protect yourself from the risks of investing on wall street by taking some of your money to Las Vegas? Certainly the government has no right to subject you to touching your body without your permission in America but the courts have not re-confirmed that yet, This strip down of the American people is designed to show them who is boss the way the Nazis tended to strip their victims coming into concentration camps. If you go to prison in the USA you are already subject to strip downs and pat downs when the prisons already know you have no contraband on you because you came from a secure jail before arriving at the prison. Strip downs and pat downs at prison are designed to show prisoners who is boss. The degradation/ humiliation is thought by criminal experts signals criminals what their status is as less than human. Prison guards themselves are never stripped or searched. The Obama administration damn well knows that the old fashioned ways of scanning people with magnetic wands and having bomb sniffing dogs can do a better job of screening for those things than these big scanners. The reason the scanners are used is the Assembly line process mentality. It is supposed to reduce TSA labor costs which is one more reason the Obama administration decided to unionize the corp. Government wants you to know you are being seen naked and if not seen naked than to have your private parts touched because they want you to know your place in the new society. Some airports offer Pre-screening facilities where you can pay in advance to provide finger prints and retina scans or have implanted chips in your body for instant identification. You even get background checks for this. You can walk right past the scanners and body pat downs if you give the government more than a national id card program would give them. What better way would there be to be a suicide bomber and get on a plane? A suicide bomber only has to get though once so why not have all their personal information on file in advance? One cannot judge the mental status of people because it constantly changes. The PLO used to high jack planes by storming airports with weapons. You think that real terrorists are going to have the civility to wait in line exposed to radiation to play the game with the TSA? No Terrorists will go right thought the arrival doors at the airport where there are no metal detectors but should be with their weapons in bags and once they get to the airport check out they will be behind anyone dressed as a police officer or in uniform . Then they will take their guns out and run right past the TSA check in area with the police officers as their hostages. They will go right to the closest gate boarding because the airport terminal monitors tell you exactly which gates are boarding now. Didn't anyone tell the Obama administration that suicide terrorists are willing to risk dying? Then they board the plane with hostages and expel any one from the plane they feel like expelling and shut the doors and try to force the pilots to fly the plane. If there are enough of them the on flight air Marshall who probably is not there because they put him or her on the international flights not on domestic flights. One flight Marshall will think twice about trying to control 6 to 10 terrorists with guns and pilots do not lock the door to the cockpit during boarding. The TSA system is thus not about security at all. It is a farce. It does have ulterior motives. The nonsense about law enforcement not recording passenger images as they pass though the full body scanner is just that --nonsense. They are looking for contraband and they are going to have to keep a record say there is an actual person with a weapon or a bomb that goes though. The whole charade is about letting the American people know they are no better than prisoners are in their own country. It is about state control. It is about the government appearing to pretend that it doing something to care for you and give you protection at the cost of your rights and personal privacy. These full body scanners will instantly detect anyone trying to smuggle gold , jewelry or currency out of the country and government does not want the country to be unprepared should they decide to declare martial law for confiscating property as the Bolsheviks did. Russians were able to escape the communists with their wealth hidden under their clothing at border check points. These machines and the body touching are designed to prevent that sort of thing because they have nothing to do with actual security. The whole system is just pretend and about keeping up appearances. TSA people came right off the streets as job applicants when the program began. Dressing them up in official uniforms does a lot for security. Yes it probably caused some would be terrorists to think twice but again the TSA did not do too much good when it came to the underwear bomber who was also on a no fly list to begin with before he boarded the plane. Now you have the choice of being exploded to unnecessary radiation or getting touched by a professional private parts toucher which will you choose? If you are stupid you instantly come to the conclusion that this is just the new reality and there is nothing you can do about it. If you are a real American you know you are going to complain and you are going to do it loudly. When people start bridging radiation detectors to airports and showing the other passengers waiting in line what they are being exposed to the system will be gone! Don't say don't touch my junk show them the radiation they are being exposed. Airline passengers should take all their clothes off and put them thought the baggage x ray scanners and then they should be able to go straight though with out having to stand near more x-ray generating machines with out a full body scan or a pat down. Government won't allow that because that would be exposing yourself and not permitting the government to subject to them that you are. They even want to touch your children. They have been doing that in public schools for years and the government always justifies it as being for the safety of the children because they naturally presume and suspect parents of neglect and abuse. It does not mater if the government agents come from the same population as the parents and are unscreened themselves. Government will always have the necessary excuses for public searches that are self justifying. It is about power and putting people in their place coupled with their own prurient interests and titillations. If the government wants to tell you that you are safer because they get to see you naked well then just get naked and don't go though the long term untested body scanners. It only takes a look at Charley Wrangle, chairman of the house ways and means committee, in the same light as the Reverend Jim Jones to see that the power hungry people of government will devise a very complicated tax system for our safety and security but it won't apply to them. Washington DC is stock full of people who believe that they are above and beyond the law at the same time they tell you that everything they do is for your care and conservation. We can't do without those nice public service people. If they want to see us naked or strip us naked or fondle us without our consent they can because it is for our own good. If it also causes us dangerous unnecessary exposure to radiation and high magnetic fields it is also for our own good. It makes no difference if terrorists can find a way around the whole stupid system as easily as it is to bake an all American apple pie it is their thought of being our saviors that counts. .

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