Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Don't waste paper recycle before you trash-recycle it. Newspaper Sharing

Newspaper Sharing Share Newspapers with Your Neighbors Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Here is a simple system to share newspapers with neighbors. Contact next door neighbors and see if they might be interested in sharing a subscription to your local newspaper. Chances are only one of you wants to clip coupons or cut articles out of the paper and if you both do than find another neighbor nearby. Read the newspaper and keep it clean. After you read it take it to the neighbor's front porch where you will find a box to put them in or a brick to put the papers under so they will not blow away. Your neighbors might get together and share a subscription to the wall street journal or the New York Times and also share it. Just remember to set up a drop system with a brick on every front porch to put the papers under and to find a way to keep them dry and you don't even have to say hello to the neighbors every time you drop one off after reading it. need to clip something? Then go buy a separate paper for that purpose. Newspapers can be shared this way for big annual savings. Other things you can do is kick the newspaper reading habit. If you need something to read on the toilet, cancel the local newspaper and save your money to get a flat screen TV / INTERNET monitor placed on the wall of your bathroom across from the toilet and never bother with trying to read a newspaper on the toilet again. Shared papers should not be read in the bathroom . That is an important rule to remember. Newspaper Sharing is becoming a popular alternative to more common wasteful practices in Portland , Oregon . Cost conscious newspapers in the community are encouraging newspaper sharing because they believe that there truly is a problem with global warming and they want to reduce their so called carbon foot print. That is why the less papers you have them deliver in your neighborhood the more trees and the more fossil fuels are also saved. Even recycling the old news print paper consumes energy that goes to waste doing so. Do your part for the sustainability of earth and remember to share. Other tips from the local newspapers is if you see free weekly papers being distributed in your community is to get a copy , read it and put it back where you got it nearly in the condition where you found it so the distributors can print less copies. There is nothing wrong with reducing circulation when you are doing it to save the planet. The best thing to remember is the brick on the front porch as a way to start sharing newspapers to save money on paying for multiple duplicates that waste resources. .

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