Monday, July 14, 2014

Dream Remembered From The Night Before.

My Dream Last Night. What Does it Mean? An Overly Technical Dream Can Blow Any Interpertations Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Last night my dream was pretty eclectic I had this dog with a silver blue nose cone face with a black mane on a leash and collar for breeding purposes. The face sort of looked like an industrial designed shark face. He was a well behaved dog unlike my actual dog real life dog. The next part of the dream is me expaining to nuclear physicists how to slow down neutrons from underground fusion reactions by vitrifying the walls of the underground implosion chamber with a Boron based material that causes neutrons to be reflected rather than absorbed into the earth such that a neutron syrup is ultimately capture and bottled. Slow moving pure neutron syrup probalbly containing some inert helium. The the dream has a fusion reactor out in space somewhere far from the earth. The point of the experimental facility is to use multiple fusion reactions to create a supermagetic field lines that actually can work to contain and modify the imposions similaneously. That idea came directly from the surface of the sun , in the dream, as I explain it...I am explaining how Lynon Larouche crazy idea of space fusion propulsion rocket science might make perfect sense with the only problem being once accellerating an object to such high velocity it is nearly impossible to slow it down. I try explaining to the hyper physicists that the star trek enterprise can go into warp light speed but they never explain how they ever get it to slow down! Then I explain to them a way that one could slow it down that would not be very kind to passengers if you did not wanted to slow down quickly. It would be necessary to reverse the direction of the thrusters to with major force applied in the opposite direction just to slow down. That problem could quickly lead the star ship to go into a roll or even cause it to blow apart because we are talking about much faster than the speed of light in the case of star warp on that stupid tv program. .

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