Monday, July 7, 2014

Dumpster Diving Classes In Portland , Oregon. Classes Begin Soon. Register Immediately.

What I Learned in Dumpster Diving Class I Took the Dumpster Diving Class Before I Opened My Own School of Dumpster Diving in Portland , Oregon, USA Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Years ago, In Chicago I befriended artists who loved going dumpster diving. I went with them one day and my first question was "Is that legal?" My second question was "are you nuts? That is garbage." The guys crawled over the edge of the big dumpster and pulled out the most amazing things. People thow out anything and everything. Dumpsters are for convience. Anything in the way is conviently dumped in a dumpster. Years passed and my dumpster diving became a habbit , sometimes an addiction. I earned my degree and by this time I was a professional. As one of my first Craigslist postings I placed an advertisement for dumpster diving classes and as I recall no less than two newspapers picked up the story. My phone started to ring because it had become hip to go dumpster diving and people were actually ready and willing to take a course. I could not believe it! I had placed the ad partly as a joke and party to see if I could find some other dumpster divers to join forces with. Then it dawned on me that I was inviting competition to my nitch . Too many dumpster divers would mean less good stuff to find so I decided not to bother teaching the course. As a result of the craigslist posting I did meet a different kind of dumpster diver, the type that was looking for food dumpsters. That was not the kind of dumpster diving I was interested in but I did learn that not all food dumpster diving is the sort of thing as the dumpsters behind fast food restaurants frequnented by the homeless and the super cheap in the community. Yes there are people who will eat out a mcDonald's dumpster not because they can't afford to eat in the best place in town but because they want to save money. There really are people that cheap and some of them are multi millionaires. What is wrong with a half eaten Big Mac? Someone at the other half so it goes.... .

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