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End of the World Armageddon Concert Party December 21, 2012 and some time soon again....

End of the World Armageddon Concert Party December 21, 2012 Buy Your Tickets Now and Save! Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Last week i received some unusual mail offering me help from an end of days counselor a financial advisory firm. Initially I thought it was just a scam until I found out about Armageddon . On 12-21-2012 the earth is doomed according to countless websites and programs airing on the discovery Chanel. Of course the end of the world on this date was long ago predicted by the Maya, Nostradamus, Steven Spielberg, various astrologers ancient and modern and they even made a movie about it.. One big earth blow out is planned and it does not mater if you have sinned or not.. If you have not sinned enough yet you may want to consider doing so because there are now less than two years left at the writing of this article. If you have not started making plans for the end of the world maybe you should consider doing so before there is no time left. Those books that list all the places on earth you should visit before you die are waiting for you visit as soon as possible. What you are not planning to visit Madagascar in the next three months? What are you waiting for? You have not sat on the Spanish steps in Rome yet or visited the holy land what are you waiting for? Even people on a fixed income should consider accelerating their spending now and not wait til later. There is no later with Armageddon coming. These are the last of days . " Make the best of them." says Stanley Nobus registered end of the world financial advisor from Las Vegas, "you can't take it with you unless you are a member of the facebook Bilderberg Society and that requires more end of days dough than most people have . Yes you can invest in Armageddon and make a huge amount of money but will you be there afterwards to spend it?" How the earth ends by midnight on 12-21-2012 is not yet known. Although Stephen Spielberg is reported as saying that you can watch the movie and find out the way he did, that is just one of many scenarios. All you have to know is that it is ending just like you knew in advance how to protect yourself with Y2K. You were prepared in advance to meet your fate. The Facebook Bilderberg Society is offering the best solution short of being the president of the United States who is recommissioning the decommissioned space shuttle to fly him and 72 virgins to the international space station two days prior to the end date in operation Adam Obama and Eves. The Bilderberg Society offers the next best thing but unless you have the billion dollars required to join the organization and a second billion dollars per person to board the Alpha-Omega Bilderberg Masonic Space Ark you probably should just consider going to the blow out end of the world Armageddon concert party on the eve of world destruction or making a reservation to go underground with FEMA At their new 2012 underground bunker. The concert party sounds like the better option for those of you who can't afford the Bilderberg Society Masonic Space Arc solution. The thing about the FEMA solution is that if it is the earth that is being obliterated why would you want to be underground? Isn't that sort of like being in the Super Dome during Katrina with FEMA in charge? Most members of congress and their families maybe going underground with FEMA so you might think that is the best option but that won't make it more fun than going to the blow out concert party. If it is the fate of the earth to be gone maybe you should just accept fate and go with the flow or rather with the blow. I personally have decided on getting on the Bilderberg Masonic Arc since i have already paid for my membership and tickets. Skeptical that the earth won't be ending, at least i get a cool trip out to Saturn and back where I get to hob nob with the Illuminati and New world order leaders. Maybe even G.S., The anti-Christ himself will join us on the flight and we can celebrate the end of the world and the end of history with endless bottles of fine french champagne watching final moments of earth and all it's poor souls expire from a safe distance. We visit the moon Europa and then return to what is left of the earth and see if we can revive it. Sorry you are not invited unless you can come up with the money. Not enough money start spending wildly now and enjoy yourself before you lose the chance. Eternity is forever after the Armageddon! Tickets to the end of the world concert party do not come cheap. Prepare buying them sooner than later or you may just have to go down to times square and count down to the end there with those who cannot afford the $6000 per person ticket in advance or $12,000 at the door. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to join in a party this big and the very last one ever on the earth until after the Bilderberg Masonic Space Arc returns to earth and we celebrate our new world order thanksgiving when our president and his 72 virgins join us back on the surface with two Russian cosmonauts from the international space station and anyone else that happens to survive possibly all of those in the FEMA Bunkers or the Swiss who plan to hide out deep in the tunnels under the Alps. Until then there is the concert party with famous musicians hopefully including Bono singing the end of the world theme song and if we are lucky and can sign Barbra Streisand the world will expire with a blast of her crooning. Want to spend $50,000 per person on a 2012 end of the line party you can travel down to one of the Mayan temples where Al Gore is expected to be preforming human sacrifices to prevent climate change after the world comes to an end. That could be a great party because it may be enhanced with LSD or other hallucinogens to create a festive mood for the new age Armageddon, When making plans for Armageddon one wants to be hire a financial planner who will be sure that all their money is used up just before the moment you won't need it any more. You now have less than two years to go on a major spending spree to use up all your saving and all resort hotel rooms and spaces will soon be booked solid. People will opt to live the final next two years on popular luxury cruise liners and they will not be building any more. If you don't make all your final reservations soon you are going to miss out and you might just have to stay home and wait out the inevitable instead of having a rush of final enjoyment of living. The location for the final days concert party celebration is not yet revealed so you should consider making open airline reservations to just about anywhere for that date now. Don't wait. Be prepared or contact FEMA and ask about how to get on the 2012 list in advance of the rush so your name and the names of people who you want to come with you are near the top of the list. Use caution when dealing with FEMA Because they also have secret concentration camps to promote the Bush-Obama mandate for American Environmental population control, Ladies who are virgins should contact the whitehouse and see if they can submit their application to become one of the 72 Obama international space station virgins. Don't eat at home again . Dine out all meals. Max out your credit cards. Blow all your money, personal and retirement savings as fast as you can. Don't bother to pay taxes. Splurge and decide whether you want to sin before you no longer can or if you want make peace with God and prepare your soul for Armageddon. It is all your choice. Better yet just become a registered alpha member of the Bilderberg Free Mason Society Illuminati on facebook. It only costs a billion dollars to join. If you think you can't afford it consider calling the secretary of the treasury and tell him that you want hyper inflation now. Ask him to quickly devalue the US dollar so that it takes a million dollars to buy a Hershey's bar. Then maybe you will be able to afford it. Oh, and by the way, since it is not a scam please send your check or money order to me c/o The Bilderberg Masonic Space Arc Project. I can use some extra money for Armageddon. .

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